Swiss Private Bank Recognised for Advisory Excellence

A Swiss private bank has been recognised for advisory excellence. In light of increasing standards within private banking, a clear definition of the services delivered to clients is necessary.

An efficient delivery of these services requires an optimisation of the processes and organisational adaptations as well as state-of-the-art information technology systems.

The world of private banking is changing. Increasing expectations of clients, changing regulatory requirements in applicable jurisdictions, as well as innovation among competitors all force private banks to precisely specify their market positioning.

A clear definition of client services is an essential first element in providing advisory services of consistently good quality. Well-organised and standardised advisory processes come next, followed by a well-thought-out delivery model for the monitoring of client portfolios.

The project scope included analysis of client needs and specification of new service packages in the area of non-discretionary mandates.

To enable an efficient delivery of client services, the processes within mid- and front-office were optimised and supporting information technology systems engaged. These measures took active account of both global and local regulatory requirements, thereby promoting excellence not only on the client side but also on the legal and regulatory side.

Finalix AG Overview:

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