What Is Legal Cheek? We Explain Here

The most popular legal website in the UK is called Legal Cheek. Each month, the website attracts over 250,000 unique users, which translates to about 750,000 pageviews.

With over 300,000 followers across Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, Legal Cheek also have a sizable social media following. Along with a sizable social media following, it also offers a careers section with information about law firms and barrister chambers.

Additionally, Legal Cheek have a network of campus ambassadors that includes almost all of the UK’s university law schools as well as the top law schools in Ireland, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The Legal Cheek app includes over 200 independently authored profiles of the top law firms, chambers, and vocational law schools in the UK together with all the most recent breaking legal news headlines.

Legal Journalism

Alex Aldridge, a former Guardian journalist, founded Legal Cheek in 2011. The company was once based out of Aldridge’s London residence. Aldridge has experience in the legal field because to his barrister schooling.

Before beginning his career in legal journalism, Alex completed the Graduate Diploma in Law programme at the former York campus of ULaw.

He is currently one of the most recognisable figures in legal journalism after contributing to prestigious publications including The Times Law, Guardian Law, and Legal Week.

Aldridge acknowledged there had been a “lawsuit” in a follow-up interview and promised to give “accountability” more thought.

Media outlets in the UK have highlighted Legal Cheek, including the BBC, The Independent, The Telegraph, and others.

As of 2022, Legal Cheek employs Tom Connelly and Aishah Hussain as staff writers in addition to a number of columnists, including CJ McKinney, a former Full Fact reporter.