Hogan Lovells Commits to Legal Apprenticeships in The UK

Hogan Lovells has joined a number of other prestigious law firms in publicly committing to support Norton Rose Fulbright’s new vow to recognise United Kingdom legal apprenticeships as an equitable route to a legal profession.

You can become qualified for a legal profession and avoid school loan burden by taking on an apprenticeship. You’ll receive early hands-on experience while earning money, if that isn’t enough of a win.

29 businesses in the UK have signed the pledge. They promise to hire and develop talent in accordance with a set of principles to guarantee that trainee solicitors will be treated equally throughout their careers as those who went through the traditional training contract route.

Participating Law Firms

Participating Law Firms

It was established to draw attention to the firms’ dedication to apprenticeships and to raise awareness of the fact that less conventional routes to certification, such training contracts, might be just as effective at obtaining a degree.

This is a sample of the law firms that provide apprenticeship programmes; it is not an exhaustive list. Please understand that openings do not always exist year-round. Search the website of a law firm you are interested in to see whether it provides apprenticeships and is hiring.

Public Commitment

Hogan Lovells thinks that law firms making a public commitment to recruitment and development principles is a strong statement. This further proves the value of the legal apprenticeship route as an alternative to more conventional paths to certification.

Hogan Lovells publicly commits to these recruitment and development objectives by signing this promise. This ensures that the legal apprenticeship route is just as beneficial as a conventional route to qualification.

School dropouts or career changers looking for an alternative to education are the target audience for the bulk of law apprenticeships. However, not all legal apprenticeships just accept GCSE or A-level results.