K&P Authors Report On M&A Market Structure

K&P provides specialised services in ten key sectors. By focusing on these key sectors our clients can be assured that we not only provide standard legal services, but our deeper understanding, knowledge and market intelligence of the industry sectors will ensure the absolute highest level of service, enabling us to deliver legal solutions tailored to those sectors without compromising our ability to assist in areas that we have traditionally been known for, such as intellectual property, litigation, international and investment arbitration, capital markets, corporate and mergers and acquisitions, trade and distribution.

The K&P Transaction Advisory and Analysis team has prepared a report on the structure of the mergers and acquisitions market in Poland. The report presents an in-depth analysis of current trends in the mergers and acquisitions market and phenomena affecting its structure in the first half of 2019.

As a Polish law firm, we firmly believe in the strength of Poland as a leading global economy, and take an integral part in its growth. We assist foreign companies conducting business and investing in Poland, not just from a narrow legal perspective, but in the wider aspect of assisting companies through finding the right business partners, in tender processes and governmental relations and / or lobbying.

At the same time, with the Polish economy maturing, and Polish companies developing, we foresee that Polish companies will play a crucial part in the world economy for the future.

The report presents the situation on the mergers and acquisitions market in terms of value and number of transactions across particular sectors, origin of the capital, supply side of the market, type of investors, blocks of shares purchased, as well as potential events that may impact the market.

We are already seeing a wave of branches and subsidiaries of Polish companies sprouting in other European countries, Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa. Our firm is shaped to stand by these Polish companies from their inception and to provide complete assistance in the long term, to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.

It is our conviction that by having a long-standing relationship with our clients, we understand their business and industry better, we know their objectives, and in doing so we are able to adapt accordingly, but more importantly, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients in a fully trusted relationship at every step of their development.