Vegan Food Firm Dismisses its COO

After reportedly biting a man’s nose, an executive of a vegan food firm was charged with third-degree violence and making a terroristic threat.

According to regional television station KNWA, Beyond Meat Chief Operating Officer Doug Ramsey allegedly got into a fight on Saturday outside an American football game in Arkansas.

Following the Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Missouri State Bears game in Fayetteville, the 53-year-old is accused of assaulting another man after it is claimed that their cars collided in a parking garage line.

According to a police complaint, Ramsey’s alleged victim attempted to move in front of him and made contact with one of the wheels of Ramsey’s SUV.

Before joining Beyond Meat in December of last year, Ramsey worked for Tyson Foods and McDonald’s. According to reports, he got out of his car and “punched back through the windshield of the other car” before “bringing him in close and pounding his body.”

Ramsey, of Fayetteville, allegedly “threatened to kill” the owner and “bit the owner’s nose, pulling the flesh on the tip of the nose,” according to the Washington County police report.

Following news of his detention, Beyond Meat announced on Tuesday that Ramsey had been suspended with immediate effect.

He was released on Sunday after posting a total bond of $11,085 (£9,700) on charges of third-degree violence and terroristic threatening.

The manufacturer of plant-based meat stated that Jonathan Nelson, senior vice president of manufacturing operations, will lead the operations on an interim basis.

The company’s shares, which fell 6% at the closing on Tuesday, rose 0.6% in after-hours trade.