Vital Competencies That Graduate Recruiters Seek For

Have you the essential talents that businesses want in a graduate? In order to impress recruiters and land a job, you must provide examples of these crucial qualities in both your job applications and interviews.

When looking for prospects for their organisations, graduate employers will likely prioritise looking at the talents that you have included on your CV.

These are complemented by general skills and behaviours that are necessary for productive employment. These are the basic competencies that will help you be successful in your career, no matter what you do. They are the key employability abilities for your CV. Consider them your ticket to professional success. When drafting your application or CV, you’ll need to make use of your professional experience to demonstrate these abilities.

The top qualities that graduate recruiters are looking for on CVs:

Commercial Sensitivity

Understanding how a business or sector functions and what makes a company tick is important. demonstrating your awareness of the organisation’s goals for its services and products, as well as how it competes in the market.


This includes listening as well as spoken and written communication. Being clear, succinct, and focused is important. You should also be able to adapt your message to the audience and pay attention to what others have to say.

You may believe that it is challenging to highlight verbal communication as a skill on your resume but reading our guide to communication skills will help you understand how to do so and how it will impact your application and interview processes.


You’ll need to demonstrate your ability to lead, manage, delegate to others, and assume responsibility in addition to your ability to work well in a team. It involves creating cooperative working connections that support everyone in achieving personal and professional objectives.

Persuasion and Negotiating

It’s important to know what you want to do and how to go about it, but it’s equally important to comprehend the viewpoints of others so that you may both achieve your goals and feel good about them.

Check out our guide to influencing skills to learn more about the kind of companies who are looking for negotiation and persuasion abilities on your CV and the kinds of questions you might be asked.

Finding Solutions

You must demonstrate the capacity to tackle challenges and situations logically and analytically. It’s also beneficial to demonstrate your versatility in how you address issues.


Graduates must demonstrate the ability to inspire teams and other potential co-workers, even if they are not managers right away. Setting deadlines, assigning duties effectively, and setting an excellent example are all important.

Learn more about the leadership qualities that businesses look for in job candidates.


It’s important to demonstrate your ability to set priorities, work quickly and effectively, and effectively manage your time. Additionally, it’s beneficial to be able to demonstrate to potential employers how you prioritise your tasks, set priorities, and adhere to deadlines.

Determination and Drive

Employers prefer employees with a little bit of dynamism. There are many hurdles in the workplace, so you need to demonstrate to potential employers that you’re the type of person who can persevere even under pressure. and try to be upbeat.

Although you don’t have to put motivation as a talent on your resume, you will almost probably be questioned about it in an interview or on some specially designed application forms. Read our advice on how to respond to the challenging interview question, “What motivates you?”

A Capacity for Pressured Work

This is about not getting overly anxious or overwhelmed during a crisis.


You must strike a balance in the job between being self-assured but not haughty and having confidence in your co-workers and your employer.

5 Unconventional Ways to Search for Job Candidates

A job candidate is a person who is likely to be selected for a certain position or job. The last years have shown us that the work environment can change overnight, and we will have no choice but to adapt quickly to the new circumstances. Recruitment has begun to move online. And there are many modern innovative HR tools to find professionals.

A candidate is someone who has been vetted through the application process and is a strong consideration for hire. In this article, you can take a look at the most innovative ways to recruit. There are many exciting opportunities with brands such as Casino National.

Video Games

Imagine you are looking for an interesting new job and you don’t need to go to exhausting interviews with boring questions but all you have to do is simply enjoy a videogame similar to modern arcades. And it is a reality! More and more companies are using video games to recruit employees.

Gamification allows them to identify potential candidates by posing real-world problems that require certain skills. This strategy also increases brand awareness: a fun game can connect the brand with positive values and corporate culture.

Dating Apps

This HR strategy also seems to be surprising, but it works! Some creative companies create profiles in dating apps to close their positions. This method can be especially good for creative agencies and businesses to stand out from their competitors.

Internet Technologies in Recruitment

Recruiters have always used Internet resources to find professionals, but this method has become very popular. Many companies are actively seeking new hires through social media, and some of them even do it with stories on Instagram.

This is a powerful tool today to draw attention to your company. This resource will suit you if you want to introduce candidates to the corporate culture, share events and activities taking place, talk about the features and benefits of working in the company, that is, give candidates a chance to see the life of employees from the inside.

Virtual Tours Through the Office

Creating a “virtual office tour” to attract new talents and build the brand is also an innovative recruiting strategy. So, the job applicants can virtually visit working areas, conference rooms and training centres of the company they want to work for. Such tours help the participants learn the daily routine of professionals in the company and better understand its corporate culture.

Secret “Recruiters”

Any job applicant claims to be hardworking and qualified. But you won’t get to the truth until you see him in action. How can you know in advance how a prospective employee will behave? Become a “secret” agent and catch him in the act.

Companies often send recruiters to job fairs, educational institutions and networking events, but there is another strategy to find talents in more unexpected places. Secret recruiters “patrol” retail stores and look for personnel with better customer service skills. They shop around by watching the behaviour of store employees. But the evaluation doesn’t end there. Talent agents also return merchandise and see how a salesperson behaves in such unpleasant situations.


Smaller companies and start-ups often lose out on talented candidates because larger, better-known competitors have opportunities to offer applicants more interesting terms. However, famous companies also have to overcome many recruitment challenges. The innovative recruitment strategies help modern companies to stand out and attract new talents.

Innovative HR strategies also increase brand awareness and test the candidates most appropriately. So, if you find talent in his comfort zone, however, he’s not putting on a show to try to impress you, and you just need to watch how the potential employee behaves. So, an innovative recruitment strategy creates a win-win situation for both HR managers and employees, and they’re not just about digitalisation. These strategies are about a new level of business mindset and a new attitude toward the company’s potential employees.