6 Easy Things You Can Do to Get the Perfect Smile

Everybody wants to have the perfect smile. Many people might say the perfect smile is simply teeth that are straight and white, but it actually goes beyond that. There are several other aspects of someone’s smile that our brain assesses without our being conscious of it.

Perfect smiles radiate joy, confidence and health. Your smile plays an important role in the happiness of your everyday life.

Below is a list of 6 easy things that you can do to get the perfect smile:

1. Teeth Whitening

Certain types of stains respond better to whitening than others. If your teeth are yellowed due to smoking, or drinking coffee or wine, you’re likely to see results.

2. Crowns or Veneers

Some teeth just don’t respond to chemical whitening, even when it’s done by a dentist. The fix here might be a crown or veneer. These are thin coverings, often made of porcelain—a crown wraps the whole front and back of the tooth, while a veneer covers the front and about a third of the back. You should ask to see work the dentist has done before.

3. Lip Botox

So your lip lifts up a lot so there’s a disproportionate show of gum tissue versus actual teeth? A potential fix for this one doesn’t actually have to do with the gums. It might involve a unit or two of Botox on each side of your upper lip.

4. Facial Exfoliating

Dry, cracked, chapped lips will quickly undo the benefits of your expensive dental work. They’re easy enough to fix, but slathering on lip balm doesn’t address the core problem. You need to get rid of that dead build-up before you moisturise. The best way to exfoliate? Try sugar.

5. Clear Braces or Invisalign

Buck teeth are upper front teeth that are too far forward. And the fix is the same as for any otherwise-fine tooth that steps out of line: braces. Fortunately for adults, there are clear braces, like Invisalign. And there are new ways to make them work faster.

6. Tooth Implants

If you are missing a tooth, then an implant can be created to fill the spot. Costs are approximately double that of a crown, because you pay both for the implant’s anchoring post and the tooth-like sculpted part. Invisalign can help the new addition get acquainted with the surrounding teeth.