What Is Crunchbase News? We Explain Here

Although Crunchbase owns Crunchbase News, neither the firm nor the newsroom are subject to editorial control or influence. The Crunchbase research team occasionally helps to extract more difficult queries from the dataset to support our reporting.

Crunchbase offers business data on both private and public companies. Information on investments and funding, founding members and people in leadership roles, mergers and acquisitions, news, and market trends are all included in their material.

Michael Arrington created Crunchbase in 2007 as a platform for tracking the start-ups his parent firm TechCrunch had written about. TechCrunch maintained ownership of the Crunchbase database from 2007 to September 2015.

AOL purchased TechCrunch and Crunchbase as one of TechCrunch’s portfolio companies in September 2010.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation spoke on behalf of Pro Populi. AOL later agreed to let Pro Populi continue using the dataset, but they did so use the CC BY-NC licence going forward. On the Crunchbase website, a snapshot of the 2013 dataset is still accessible for download as of August 2019 under the CC-BY licence.

Incubators, partners in venture capital, and a leader board tool were all added to Crunchbase’s start-up database in 2014.

In 2015, Crunchbase went private and separated from AOL/Verizon/TechCrunch. To coincide with the spin out, Crunchbase announced the raising of $6.5 million in capital in September 2015, which was followed by a round of $2 million in November. In April 2017, Crunchbase announced a $18 million Series B from Mayfield Fund. At the same time, Crunchbase launched two new products – Crunchbase Enterprise and Crunchbase for Applications. In 2016, the company changed its name from CrunchBase to Crunchbase and released its first product, Crunchbase Pro.

Their programme contains capabilities for marketing, trend analysis, web traffic analysis, and investment analytics. They also carry start-up-related news. Their comprehensive search tool is Crunchbase Pro.