What Is GlobeNewswire? We Explain Here

GlobeNewswire was a division of Nasdaq, Inc. from September 2006 to April 2018, when Nasdaq sold its Public Relations Solutions and Digital Media Services Businesses, including GlobeNewswire, to West Corporation (now Intrado).

The company, formerly known as PrimeNewswire, changed its name to GlobeNewswire in 2008 to more accurately represent its global reach.

They provide the media, the investment community, individual investors, and the general public with business press releases, financial disclosures, and multimedia information.

In order to tell a more comprehensive brand story and foster greater engagement with the media, investors, and clients, GlobeNewswire introduced Media Snippets in June 2018. These tools allow companies that publish press releases to embed a carousel of images, audio, video, and live streaming into their press releases and web pages.

2012 saw the launch of GlobeNewswire’s Streaming Media Player, which lets users switch between videos and slides while keeping an eye on a number of news sources.

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