Increasing Foot Traffic Within Your Business

If you have a retail premises, be that a garage, a retail store, a salon, a clinic and more, it’s good to make sure you service enough people each day to keep your operational costs accounted for and your profit margins healthy.

That sometimes means accepting more people through the doors, and generating drives to achieve that outcome. That said, this can sometimes have an effect on the service you provide. Consider the training gym example – machine weight circuits where one gym attendee could enter, complete a full training circuit and then go home allowed gyms to increase the footfall within their premises without overpopulating the space, and that became a vital investment.

It’s good, then, to consider how you might replicate that kind of win-win situation without diluting your service. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve that and more:

Make Payments Easier & Cleaner

It’s important to make payments easier and cleaner to deal with. If someone brings a product to your front desk, retail credit card processing should be available to pay for it with a simple swipe of the card or phone. You may also use portable card units so shop experts can easily take payments then and there. When you have the ability to offer a quick onboarding service and completely remove the time it takes for someone to select and own a product, then you give them a reason to leave the moment they’re satisfied. This in itself can increase the footfall traffic in and out, and prevent issues like unnecessary queues going forward.

Navigable Premises Layouts

It’s always good to have your physical premises as easy to navigate as possible. Not only will this increase footfall traffic as customers or clients can easily find their way to the products or services they need, but you will be able to evacuate them safely in the event of a fire. You can achieve this by making sure signposting offers a logical route throughout the building, that evacuation routes are clearly marked, that the building is well lit and routes like aisles or rooms are clearly marked and free from obstructions. If you have an open space like that of a warehouse, make sure the partitioning is clear and spacious enough for comfortable two-way traffic. This will achieve the best result.

Adequate Exterior Utilities

To the extent you have control over it, it’s important to make sure the exterior layout of your premises is conducive to your goals here. A place to park bikes, a smoking area away from the main entrance (which will prevent the issue of people walking through a cloud as they come in), being part of the parking scheme of a public lot, or even just using exterior signposting so people can find your entrance more easily will help you invite people in, and that increases the flow of people.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily increase foot traffic within your business, ensuring more customers attend your prime location without lessening their user experience.