Methods That Doctors Use To Detect Hidden Illnesses

Hidden illnesses do not exhibit externally visible signs or symptoms. The human body is a strange place, one that is full of intricate processes and functions. If something goes wrong with your body, it will normally let you know by displaying a series of symptoms. Doctors can usually use these symptoms to diagnose the problem to help cure you or manage these issues. Sadly, there are times when things go wrong, but your body has no way of telling you. This is known as a hidden illness.

When you have a hidden illness, it is important to get diagnosed as soon as possible. that is why scientists have perfected procedures that can help identify these problems. Here’s how.


A medical stain injects the patient with methylene blue and eosin compounds. These liquids will flow through the body and get caught up on any fungi, parasites, or bacteria living on your bodily tissue. A simple smear is then administered to discover if the stain has picked up on any of these irregularities.

These stains are used to pick up on any early infections. You may have to go through a medical stain if you are exposed to an airborne pathogen. If the disease is found early, the doctors can begin fighting the hidden infection with medicine before symptoms appear.

Sanger Sequencing

Some of the most common hidden illnesses are inherited from parent to child. This means that they are caused by a genetic disorder. The symptoms of some of these illnesses, such as Huntington’s disease, do not show up until later in life. Fortunately, there are tests that can be administered to determine whether you are a carrier of the genetic disorder.

Sanger sequencing is a procedure carried out by a company like Source BioScience. These individuals can use their equipment to search for breaks in your DNA structure, something that will indicate the presence of the Huntington’s gene. Therefore, you can receive a diagnosis long before you are affected by the disease.


Microscopy is an electric utensil procedure that is used to observe small objects within the body. these can be performed to look at your cell structure and tissue to find any abnormalities. An abnormality in the cells could be an early sign of cancer, and cancer is easier to recover from if it is caught sooner. These microscopies may occur if you have unexplained symptoms or reach an age where a specific type of cancer may affect you.


Your immune system is designed to fight off pathogens that will make you sick. It is this system that displays symptoms to alert you of your current state. Unfortunately, anyone with a compromised or missing immune system is not going to receive this message. Therefore, every illness is hidden from them which is extremely dangerous.

An immunohistochemistry procedure seeks to provoke the immune system so doctors can work out how damaged the system is. Only after this exercise can they begin to learn more about what is affecting the patient.

A hidden illness is nothing to be concerned about in today’s age of technology. Now that these procedures exist, it is rare to suffer from a hidden illness for too long.