6 Things You Can Do If You’re Short on Space in Your House

Having an organised and tidy home can make life much easier. But figuring out how to store your stuff in a small space can be tricky. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative solutions that don’t require you to buy expensive furniture or take up too much space.

From repurposing everyday items for storage to investing in the right pieces of furniture, here are some clever home storage solutions that will help you maximise your living space without breaking the bank.

Storage Facilities

If you have a lot of items that you don’t want to store in your home, consider getting a storage facility. These can be great for seasonal decorations, furniture, or just extra things that don’t need to be kept at home. They usually offer many different sizes and are very secure. You can find storage in Sandton and Alberton and various other places. Before you commit to a facility, make sure you understand the fees and any other requirements.

Under Bed Storage

If you’re short on space, consider storing items under your bed. This is an easy way to keep things put away while also creating more room in your house. Under-bed storage containers come in various sizes and shapes so you can easily find something that fits your bed frame. You can also get a bed riser to make it easier to access the items without having to move your mattress every time. In addition, rolling drawers are great for sliding in and out from underneath the bed.

Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are a great way to add extra storage space without sacrificing floor space. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find something that fits your décor. In addition, hanging shelves can be placed in any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. You can also choose between open and closed shelves depending on what items you’re storing. When hanging shelves, be sure to use the right hardware and check that it is securely mounted.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are an easy way to hang your coats, bags, or other items without taking up too much space. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can find something that matches your décor. Wall hooks are also great for adding extra storage in the bathroom or kitchen. Just make sure that you use the right hardware and check that it is securely mounted. When installing wall hooks, try to place them on studs as this will provide more stability.

Over Door Storage

Sometimes doorways are overlooked when it comes to storage possibilities. Over-door storage can be a great way to maximise your space without having to buy extra furniture. There are many different solutions, from shoe racks to baskets. These can be placed in any room and are a great way to keep items organised while freeing up floor space. Plus, they are easy to install and don’t require any extra hardware. When installing over-door storage, make sure to measure the door and find something that fits. This will ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t damage your door. It can also be helpful to measure the items that you’re going to store so you know what size of storage you need.

Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking for an easy way to store small items like toys or books, hanging baskets are a great option. It’s an inexpensive way to add extra storage without taking up floor space. You can find hanging baskets in a variety of materials and colours so you can easily match them to your décor. Plus, they come in different sizes so you can find something that fits all of your items. When selecting hanging baskets, make sure you check the weight capacity and ensure that it is securely mounted. You should also check the ceiling to make sure it can support the weight. It’s also important to choose baskets with lids if you’re storing items that need dust protection.

By implementing these clever storage solutions, you can easily maximise your living space and keep your home organised. Whether you’re looking for extra storage or ways to make the most of your space, these tips will help you do just that without spending a lot of money. Make sure to weigh all of your options before making a decision and have fun while organising your home! With a few small changes, you can easily create more storage space and make your home feel larger. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that everything has its own place.

6 Best Automated Home Systems

Through the utilisation of hubs, the very finest home automation systems currently on the market give you unprecedented control over the smart gadgets in your home.

To further enhance the safety and convenience of your home, these hubs give you centralised management of several appliances and features, including the Internet, heating and cooling, lighting, and more.

Given this, I propose we examine the six best home automation systems available for the modern smart house.

1. Schneider Electric Wiser Smart Home System

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  • Simple integration of intelligent systems
  • Solution for the modularisation of smart and automated homes
  • Save on Energy
  • Excellent interoperability with other types of systems

The Scheider Electric Wiser App has several useful features, such as a unified app for controlling various aspects of your home, including lighting, temperature, shutters, and security systems. In connection with this, Scheider Electric Wiser App features cutting-edge technology that will assist you in lowering your overall energy consumption while retaining the same level of comfort.

The Wiser system is simple to install, in addition to being modular and adaptable. Your data and privacy are both treated with the utmost respect and are fully protected at all times. Scheider Electric Wiser App generally provides a better experience than its competitors.

2. Amazon Echo

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  • Excellent compatibility
  • It is simple to set up and use
  • Option for precise voice command input
  • Numerous positive characteristics

Amazon’s Alexa voice-detection technology is used in the Echo home automation system, which comes in various forms, including the Echo Auto for automobiles, the Echo Show for televisions, and the Echo Spot for alarm clocks. Everyone can be integrated with the original Echo or the Echo Dot, which offers a more wallet-friendly option. Because it has omnidirectional microphones and speakers, the Amazon Echo makes it simple to connect with the device from any location in the room.

3. Google Nest Hub

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  • Google Services are Integrated.
  • User-friendly visual user interface.
  • Excellent congruence between us.
  • Responsive voice commands.


  • Concerns about privacy.
  • The screen is quite small.

The Google Nest Hub provides information on local events as well as the weather, as well as traffic, and road conditions. It also responds to commands in the form of music. On the other hand, the Nest Hub is distinguished by its user-friendly graphical interface, which can be accessed via a tablet device. In addition, it is highly compatible with the other systems in your smart homes, such as the lighting, heating, and security systems.

4. Wink Hub 2


  • It is possible to automate settings.
  • Highly adaptable.
  • includes a portable application.


  • Some controls are restricted.

Wink Hub 2 is a top home automation system since it can do much. Downloading the app and linking it to your home’s smart gadgets are all required to start the setup process. Perhaps most impressive is its support for “If Then, This, That” protocols. That is to say, your smart home’s automation system can be programmed to carry out granularly tailored instructions.

5. Samsung’s SmartThings


  • Powerful battery backup.
  • The configuration process is fully automatic.
  • Mobile application.


  • The user experience is restricted.

Samsung SmartThings is a smartphone app for home automation that is compatible with other Samsung goods, such as smart buttons and sensors. It has a backup battery in case of a power outage at your house, it’s compatible with other gadgets and it can be customised using the IFTTT service. The most significant drawback is that some people may find the software difficult to use.

6. Apple’s HomeKit

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  • Excellent adaptability.
  • Top-notch hardware support.


  • Only compatible with Apple devices.

Those who are exclusively concerned with Apple products may find the Apple Homekit a suitable alternative. It may be less flexible than competing home automation systems, but Apple’s Siri voice control is light years ahead of the competition. This is a solid alternative for Apple users seeking a smart and automated home.