Top 10 Business Schools for 2023 in The World

Other names for a business school are school of management, school of business administration, or simply b-school or biz school. Numerous business schools also conduct Executive Education programmes in addition to training students.

The Wharton School will hold the esteemed title of top business school for 2023. MIT Sloan School of Management came in third, with London Business School in a solid second place. Harvard Business School came in fourth in the 2023 rankings, ahead of Sad Business School, which came in fifth. Columbia Business School came in sixth and Stanford Graduate School of Business School came in seventh.

The Haas School of Business, INSEAD, and Yale School of Management are in eighth, ninth, and tenth place overall among the top 10 business schools.

The ranking is based on a number of factors, including the happiness of individual students, business experts, and corporate recruiters. Therefore, if you are considering improving your possibilities with a postgraduate business degree, we have the solution for you; listed below are the top international business schools that can progress your career:

  1. The Wharton School (US)
  2. London Business School (UK)
  3. MIT Sloan School of Management (US)
  4. Harvard Business School (US)
  5. Said Business School (UK)
  6. Columbia Business School (US)
  7. Stanford Graduate School of Business (US)
  8. INSEAD (France)
  9. Haas School of Business (US)
  10. Yale School of Management (US)

We gathered data and statistics for our list from publicly accessible sources, analysis, and survey. The main quality and reputational factors form the basis of the rankings:

  • Academic Standing
  • Eligibility for Admission
  • Rate of Job Placement
  • Feedback from Recruiters
  • Specialisation
  • International Influence and Reputation
  • Yearly Tuition and Charges

Are MBA Degrees Actually Worthwhile?

A graduate degree in MBA (Master of Business Administration) focuses on developing leadership abilities and understanding business principles. However, for the majority of students, an MBA offers far more than that, including a greater salary, access to career prospects, and a stronger professional network.

Some of these advantages become apparent earlier than others. Those admitted into highly regarded programmes almost immediately have access to knowledgeable personnel who can help them network, and they can anticipate a sizable pay raise after graduation. Most graduates from elite institutions make six figures on average.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Appoints Jessica Shannon

PricewaterhouseCoopers has appointed Jessica Shannon as Global Leader of its Government & Public Services practice. Jessica is a partner in PwC Ghana where she leads large-scale and transformative donor-financed projects across the Africa region.

Governments around the world face many complex issues and are constantly challenged to deliver public services in the most efficient way. We combine our domestic and global expertise to solve complex business issues and deliver innovative solutions.

She also leads PwC’s World Bank Group portfolio, working with teams in more than 70 countries around the world to address pressing development challenges.

Jessica has a long history of supporting G&PS clients of diverse size and scale to navigate complex problems, previously serving in various leadership capacities in the US and in the Caribbean. As part of PwC’s Global Crisis Centre, she led a deployed team of professionals from West Africa, United States, and United Kingdom throughout the Ebola epidemic.

She has also been extensively involved with the COVID-19 pandemic response, as well as critical climate change initiatives.

In her global role, Jessica leads the G&PS practice team, which advises clients in local, regional, national and global government and public service entities across a range of areas, including defence, security, digital government, education, international development, cities and local government, and public finance.

The practice has around 12000 professionals worldwide.

Jessica earned a bachelor of science degree in finance and international business at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and a master of business administration degree from Harvard Business School. She joined PwC United States in 2014.