The Future of The Metaverse in 2023

The Metaverse continues growing; despite not being fully established, its economic growth aspires to reach 800,000 million dollars by the year 2024, achieving this goal thanks to the merger between technology and company investments to promote this new platform. More information go to sign up.

It could be said that the Metaverse managed to position itself during this 2022, reaching brilliant moments of the stages of fall that it was also able to go through, motivated mainly by the failures of Mark Zuckerberg with his proposal of virtual worlds that failed to satisfy the needs of the niche.

These alarming projections have cost the young millionaire a large part of the income from his platform, unlike the bets on the Metaverse of Hyundai and Epic Games, the first with its metal mobility project and the second with the development of the Fornite Metaverse.

Although the digital scenario is not optimal for cryptocurrencies due to the crypto winter, this has not diminished users’ interest in the management and projection of what will be the Metaverse.

We are facing an uncertain scenario regarding the number of users who will be able to follow this ambitious project of many technology companies, which is undoubtedly curious because there are currently several platforms that have focused on representing what the content could contain in Metaverse.

The Price of Hardware May be Acceptable for Users

One of the main elements involved in introducing the Metaverse by technology companies to their users is done from the perspective of acquiring virtual reality tools they create. They hope to raise the capital invested with the marketing and sale of the same.

From the moment the possibility of virtual reality was raised in 1984, the first virtual reality viewer was also released, which was quite expensive to be purchased by the middle class of the United States; this ranged between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars and was called Reality Build for two.

It is not an inconvenience except for the creators and not for the users; as a result, anyone can currently enter any marketplace or online store and purchase this type of viewer for at least 500 dollars.

A More Public Metaverse by 2023

Many of the platforms we find today in the metaverse environment are designing appropriate strategies that allow the most significant number of opportunities and possibilities for the public to participate in a virtual space to socialise with each other.

The approach that Zuckerberg initially had with Meta is being carried out today by Fortnite, where the intentions of the owner of Meta have not been able to materialise, leaving disappointment among his followers.

Still, without a doubt, I fertilise the ground for those who take advantage of it and achieve that the users today are familiar with the virtual reality environment.

Meta urgently needs to comply with his followers with the plans he offered and ensure that they are executed correctly today; Meta would be on top since there would be no need to look for another metaverse other than Meta.

Fortnite Runs the Real Metaverse

For the year 2023, the projections of the Metaverse are optimistic because many netizens are waiting for whoever offers the best virtual world that satisfies their needs and where the interaction and commercial and financial operations are of the magnitude that has been provided.

Large companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and even Microsoft have bet heavily on the development of the Metaverse and the boost that it will give to the use of technology from the perspective that no other emerging technology has done.

Each of these prestigious companies has made significant investments in the Metaverse, which undoubtedly creates competition for who bets the most on the future of the Metaverse.

Possibly Microsoft could take the lead after announcing its interest in acquiring one of the most famous video game creators known as Activision Blizzard, which to date is the one that has created virtual worlds most similar to what is expected to offer the Metaverse within ten years.


The possibilities of increasing the public towards which this virtual world is directed and the companies that want to be part of it are positive, with the main characteristic of making virtual reality spaces much more inclusive and fun.