Find Good Deals On Walt Disney World Entertainment for Your Family

Disney World in Orlando is one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. When you consider the vast range of rides and attractions on offer there it is not hard to see why. Most visitors are families although young couples sometimes visit as well. Unfortunately because of the popularity of Disney World getting tickets can be difficult and expensive. If you want to take your family there then this post will tell you what you need to know and how you can secure a good deal on your tickets.

Ticket Sites

Without a shadow of a doubt the easiest way to obtain tickets for Disney World is to use specialist ticket websites. These sites offer Walt Disney World tickets for Orlando and Paris. The best thing about them is that the developers and owners of these sites use their expertise to get customers unique discounts not available elsewhere. If you are planning on visiting Disney World then you should always be looking for discounts. Using discounts to gain entry to the park will help you to save yourself a small fortune. Anybody who has ever paid full price for Disney World tickets before will be able to tell you how ridiculously expensive getting in can be. It should be noted that you are unlikely to be able to get discounts during the park’s busiest period which tends to be in the summer.

Family Discounts

As mentioned in the previous section you should try and get discounted entry. Ticket prices to get into Disney World are obscene, to be honest. The park’s management can get away with making them so high because Disney World is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations; if you are unable to find a ticket site offering discounts then visit the official Disney World website and see if they have any promotions going on. Again, the best time to visit and get discounts is during the park’s quiet season which extends through autumn and winter and into the early parts of spring.

Timing Visit

Timing your visit to coincide with the park’s quieter season will help you to save money and have more fun. As Disney World is one of the most popular family tourist spots in the entire world even during its quiet season it is still immensely busy. Orlando has one of the best climates in all of the United States too so obviously there is never truly a season when people can’t arrive and experience sunny days and warm weather. Time your visit for a period when it is a little quieter so you can save yourself money and don’t have to wait in queues for as long as you might at other times of the year.

Park Areas

You can save yourself money on tickets by only entering specific areas of the park. Some parts of the Disney World complex cost more money, like special attractions for example. You can get a better price on your tickets by only getting part access. Full access to Disney World is expensive because it gives you entry to all of the newest attractions; you can still have a fantastic time in Disney World even without seeing the latest things, however.

Eating Elsewhere

A lot of people make the mistake of buying food, snacks and drinks in the Disney World complex. You can save yourself a huge amount of money by eating outside of the park, however. Do not make the mistake of eating inside the park because then you will end up paying massively inflated prices. Disney World makes huge profits by hiking up the price of food and drinks beyond what one would normally expect to pay in other local restaurants or stores. The only time you should consider eating in the park is if food is included in the cost of your ticket or if you are staying there and are able to access a hotel buffet.

Staying Outside

Another mistake you should avoid making is staying in the park. A lot of people cost themselves unnecessarily large amounts of money by doing this. There are fine hotels located outside of the Disney World complex. In fact, some of the best hotels in Orlando are located elsewhere. An alternative to staying in a hotel is renting a private villa. You can get great deals on private accommodation in Orlando by shopping around online and using websites like Airbnb.

Disney World is a fun place to take the kids. However, it can be expensive. Considering the ongoing cost of living crisis you should try and cut down on unnecessary expenditures which you can do by following this post’s guidance.

UAV Corp Gains Approval to Build New Drone Hangar

McapMediaWire – Gulf County, Florida has granted UAV Corp’s (OTC Pink: UMAV) Skyborne Technology a building permission for the construction of the state’s largest drone hangar. Additionally, early 2023 will see the beginning of building of the infrastructure for water, sewage, power, and a road to the hangar site (one mile) thanks to the $1,104,868 million in grant funds that was awarded.

UAV CORP - Aerospace company in Wewahitchka, Florida

UAV CORP – Aerospace company in Wewahitchka, Florida

The SMA 600 Series drone tether-airship development is expected to proceed concurrently with the construction of the 100-foot tall by 300-foot long hangar, which is currently slated for completion at the end of 2023. The manufacturer of the hangar is Legacy Building Solutions, and Winfield Construction has been given the contract to build it as the general contractor. According to CEO Michael Lawson, “The new drone hangar will be a one-of-a-kind technological centre for our client base for integration, flying tests, and training.”

Good news! We are delighted that Skyborne Technology has been granted a building permit after a difficult journey. With the necessary permits in hand, Skyborne can start building the drone hangar required for the production of the DATT SMA 600s. We anticipate that this project will bring high-paying jobs to our neighbourhood by the end of 2023, according to Jim McKnight, director of the Gulf County Economic Development Council.

Since we made the decision to settle in this idyllic corner of the world, our goal has been to expand the infrastructure of the Costin Airport to offer additional services, jobs, and investment opportunities. The county and the US government have both been working to give our company the resources it needs to make this a reality. The granting of the permission is a further step in realising our goal for the present and the future, according to Billy Robinson, Chairman.

A similar-looking hangar is planned for UAV Corp’s airport:

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp's Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp’s Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp's Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp’s Airport

Similar Hangar design to be built at UAV Corp’s Airport

The UAV Corp.

Dedicated to communication aerospace and environmental solutions, UAV Corp (UMAV) is a holding corporation for research and development. For both government and commercial clients, UAV Corp researchers are actively working to find transformative solutions to issues. In addition to sophisticated communication, drone technology, low altitude study of carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion, novel energy processes, biomass conversion, energy-efficient farming and mining management, we are working on a wide variety of themes.

In order to give its spherical and cylinder class tether/lighter than air designed drones a competitive edge, UAVs wholly owned subsidiary Skyborne Technology, Inc. has made significant investments in research and development of intellectual property and proprietary designs in areas such as reverse-ballonet technology, mooring, and hybrid propulsion. Skyborne Technology owns the airport in Port St. Joe, Florida for manned and unmanned operations, as well as a manufacturing plant in Wewahitchka, Florida. The Lighter Than Air Detachable Drone LTATDD SA-70 systems and advanced UAS capabilities are the focus of Skyborne Central America, LLC, a completely owned company, which seeks out special business opportunities in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

Statement of Caution Regarding Information That Is Looking Forward:

This news release contains a few “forward-looking statements” as defined by the relevant US securities laws. Forward-looking statements must be based on a variety of projections and assumptions that, while believed to be reasonable, are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results and future events to differ materially from those projected in or implied by such forward-looking statements. Among these are general business, economic, competitive, political, and social uncertainties; delays or failures in obtaining board, shareholder, or regulatory approvals, if necessary; and the state of the capital markets.

Such statements cannot be guaranteed to be true because actual outcomes and future occurrences may be very different from what was predicted in such statements. Readers should thus not put undue faith on forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, the Company disclaims any intention or duty to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future developments, or otherwise.


UAV Corp
Billy Robinson, Chairman
Tel: 504-722-7402

Deborah Cheek, Communications Director 850-588-1747.

6 Passenger Safety Tips To Remember When Using Rideshare Services

The growing acceptance of ridesharing platforms has significantly impacted the taxi business. People don’t mind paying for these services because they’re convenient. Every day, millions of people use ridesharing apps.

Side view of a female passenger with a face mask texting on the phone while using a carpool service app

These days, many different ridesharing applications are available, and individuals can select one depending on preferences, reputation, availability, and cost, among other factors. It’s a relatively safe means of transportation. However, it’s not completely risk-free by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, individuals shouldn’t let their guard down when using these services.

Below are some passenger safety tips to remember when using rideshare services.

1. Buckle Up, Always

Just because you’ve done everything above doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You must always wear your seatbelt. The reason is that, even if you get a good driver with a good rating, this doesn’t reduce your chances of getting involved in an accident.

Remember, accidents happen. When they do, they often occur unannounced. Ask yourself, are Uber or Lyft accidents common in Florida or your locale? If the answer is yes, you need to be careful whenever you use ridesharing apps. But if you do get involved in an accident, you’d probably need a personal injury lawyer to claim damages if there are any injuries. Nevertheless, you need to have your seatbelt on at all times because it’ll help reduce an accident’s impact.

2. Travel With A Friend If Possible

With ridesharing, traveling with someone else is always a great idea. You’re safer with someone than when you’re alone. Traveling alone puts you in a vulnerable position if something happens. So, next time you use a rideshare application, ask a friend to accompany you. Again, this is particularly necessary if you’re traveling during the night.

3. Inform Somebody

If you’re going to visit a new or unfamiliar place for the first time, it would be a great idea if you shared your trip status with someone you trust or know. This is particularly important if you’re traveling during the night-time.

Most ride-sharing apps allow you to share a trip so that the other person may monitor or track your movements. However, you could also share your phone’s actual location with that other person outside of the ridesharing application. This ensures that people can track your location in the event of an accident.

4. Verify Vehicle Specifics

Before getting inside, you must confirm that the vehicle’s details match those on the ridesharing application. Once a trip has been confirmed, the rideshare app typically provides information about the driver’s car, like the colour, license plate, model, and make. They give this information to help the rider to verify the vehicle upon arrival. It’ll also help the rider quickly identify the car in high-traffic areas.

So, as soon as the driver arrives, double-check the vehicle’s specifications. If the details do not match, cancel the ride and request another one. The car should also be in decent condition. If you observe any severe damage to the vehicle, you should probably avoid it.

Moreover, you must also verify the driver’s details before entering the car. You could also request that they show their driver’s license to ensure optimal safety. If they’re genuine, they won’t have anything to hide. As the passenger, it would also help if you confirmed that you’re the passenger, so ask them who they’re here to pick up before entering the vehicle.

5. Check Driver Ratings

Rideshare apps have the facility for riders to leave reviews on completed rides. People can give feedback on their experience with their driver. It’s doubtful that a person would give a dishonest review, even though it’s possible. However, generally, these ratings provide a clear depiction of the type of driver you’re dealing with.

So, even before you accept a ride, check the rating. The higher the rating, the better. This increases your chances of having a successful trip. On the contrary, a poor rating is a red flag, and it might be wise to cancel the trip promptly.

6. Contact The Police

Now in some extreme cases where you feel threatened, unsafe, or if danger is imminent, call the police right away. You can also try yelling out the window to attract attention if you see people close by. It could be that the driver is harassing you, or maybe he’s taking suspicious routes. Whatever the case, if you feel unsafe, get help as soon as possible and try to exit the vehicle safely.


While ridesharing apps are great in many ways, riders still need to be vigilant, especially when using them at night. Remember, your safety is a top priority. So, consider the points mentioned above when using rideshare apps going forward.

Florida Bankruptcy: 3 Signs You Need To Consult A Lawyer

In most jurisdictions, bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor. Some have experienced serious problems, such as loss of a spouse, illness, or unemployment, that hinder them from getting a job or having enough money to provide for themselves. As a result, they fail to pay living expenses and rack up debts.

If you’re dealing with a financial crisis, you can seek help from a bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer will not only offer legal advice, but they will also assist you with paperwork. They evaluate your situation and develop an understanding of your debts and assets, so they will provide you with the best plan for Florida bankruptcy.

Plus, they’re excellent negotiators. They have the expertise to negotiate favourable deals on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, or other debts. They will aid you in exploring your options and negotiating a payment plan with creditors.

Moreover, they help you file for debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code. They offer you support in filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case if you have a debt you can’t afford to pay.

Hiring a lawyer is crucial, as failure to pay your debt multiple times can lead to legal action and a court judgment if you haven’t gone through the court process or provided any proof of financial hardship or payment arrangement. As a consequence of your inaction, a creditor or lender can take part of your salary every payday until the debt is paid, based on the Florida wage garnishment laws.

Read on to learn more about the signs you’ll need to enlist the services of a lawyer.

1. You Use Your Credit Card To Pay Other Credit Card Debt

Sometimes, it’s fine to use your debt to pay another debt. For instance, you might obtain a balance transfer on a credit card for zero percent interest. You can then move that high-interest debt to that credit card and save a considerable amount of money in interest while paying one of your debts in full at the same time. However, some cases prove there’s a financial issue concerning the action of paying off credit cards with another credit card or debt.

If you’re using balance transfers to have more money to spend, it may be high time to consult a bankruptcy lawyer since you’re already spending beyond your means. This then becomes a vicious circle. You’ll obtain one debt to spend on another but will end up with having a new debt that has to be paid. You’re most likely to have a hard time repaying the debt because you won’t be able to pay off the original debt. In this kind of situation, a lawyer might advise you to file for bankruptcy in Florida.

2. You Have A High Credit Balance

Another noticeable sign you need to be aware of is having a high credit balance. It’s usual for others to rush on to get the credit cards with the highest purchasing balance, but they fail to realise that they’re actually dismissing their financial capacity.

Some believe they can purchase anything if they have the chance to afford instalments. However, this isn’t always the case. If you use your credit card with a significantly high balance for a while and think you’ll never have the chance to repay it under normal conditions, this can result in a low credit score. Hence, you should avoid further issues by consulting a lawyer to arrange things properly.

3. You Miss Your Mortgage Payments

If you’re dealing with increasing costs for bills and rising debt, you’ll have a hard time paying your mortgage. When you have missed mortgage payments, the bank will begin a foreclosure.

Furthermore, if you own the property but have a significant amount of debt with the bank, your home could become a tool for collateral damages. The bank can take away your home to make up for the debt that you’ve failed to pay.

If you’ve been reminded of your loan through phone calls or letters from the bank, you’ll need to consult a bankruptcy lawyer. Your bankruptcy lawyer can form a plan to keep your property and pay the bank through another alternative. They might also guide you through filing for Florida bankruptcy. In addition, they can work with you to figure out a way to lower your bills.


Dealing with a financial crisis is difficult and stressful. It might make you feel hopeless and helpless. But you can turn to a bankruptcy lawyer who will lead the way, find effective solutions, and ensure that you file for Florida bankruptcy correctly. So, if you notice any of these signs, you should consult a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible. With their assistance, you’ll be able to live a life of financial freedom.

Penn National Gaming Reports Fourth Quarter Revenues

Penn National Gaming today reported financial results for the three months and year ended December 2021. Penn National owns, operates or has ownership interests in 39 gaming and racing facilities, and video gaming terminal operations across the United States of America.

2021 Fourth Quarter Financial Snapshot:

  • Revenues of $1.6 billion, an increase of $545.1 million year-over-year and $231.3 million versus 2019;
  • Net income of $44.8 million and net income margin of 2.8%, as compared to net income of $12.7 million and net income margin of 1.2% in the prior year and net loss of $92.9 million and net loss margin of 6.9% in 2019;
  • Adjusted EBITDAR of $480.5 million, an increase of $115.1 million year-over-year and $81.1 million versus 2019;
  • Adjusted EBITDA of $369.0 million, an increase of $113.1 million year-over-year and $65.0 million versus 2019; and
  • Adjusted EBITDAR margins of 30.6%, as compared to 35.6% in the prior year and 29.8% in 2019.

Jay Snowden, President and CEO commented, “I am pleased to report a strong finish to another transformative year for Penn National. Our fourth quarter revenues of $1.6 billion and Adjusted EBITDAR of $480.5 million exceeded both 2020 and 2019 levels as our best-in-class operating teams continue to deliver impressive results despite the ongoing pandemic.”

Penn National Gaming expects full-year revenue in the range of $6.07 billion to $6.39 billion.

While the market for online gambling is growing and can be a promising revenue stream for Penn, analysts caution there could be bumps in the road. Two of the so-called Big Four states still do not allow sports betting. New York and Michigan recently passed laws allowing sports wagering, but California and Florida have not.

The company also owns a 36% stake in sports and pop culture blog, Barstool Sports.

Useful Pieces Of Advice To Help You Travel Safely With Your Motorcycle

A motorcycle ride might seem entertaining and thrilling, especially in places where the atmosphere is pleasant, like Florida; but the dangers one can encounter throughout it can be much more harmful than a car accident. If a motorist confronts an accident, they are likely to have more physical damage since motorcycles are not covered, minimising their protection against road crashes.

Hence, the risk of driving a motorcycle is higher, and we must take extra precautions before and while riding for our safety.

Examine Your Motorcycle For A Safe Ride

A safe ride does not begin when you ease off the clutch. The likelihood of a safe motorcycle ride depends on numerous factors that we must examine long before we go out on the road.

Choose the Correct Bike

The most important factor that predicts the safety of a ride is how good a bike is. We must choose the right motorcycle for a stable and safe journey throughout. A bike must have a comfortable seat to support your physical health by keeping your back upright. It must have low maintenance to save your efforts in their preservation. Do not forget to consider the fuel efficiency, power ratio, wet weight, and mileage for a healthy engine and functioning.

Regular Maintenance

Before setting out on an expedition, ensure that you have properly investigated every part of your vehicle. Fix an issue as soon as they come to light. For instance, loose brakes, clutch issues, broken lights, and the list goes on. Have a regular cleaning and maintenance service with a professional service provider to avoid risks while driving.

Some Useful Tips To Travel Safely With Your Motorcycle

Use Brakes

Utilise the brakes while you ride a motorcycle. Push your brakes as soon as you sense any situation that might lead you to danger. Brakes help a rider to have a quick stop when they encounter damaging situations while changing lanes, turning, or crossing a big vehicle. Maintain a safe distance from the other vehicle and firmly hold or press the brake when there is a chance of hitting them. Upgrade your brakes regularly and have a safe ride.

Stay Alert

Whenever you begin your journey on a motorcycle, ensure that you are alert and watchful, especially when you’re riding in the United States. Avoid driving when you feel drowsy and distracted. Due to the negligent practices of the riders, the dangers of riding a motorcycle in Florida, in particular, have increased over time. Many incidents that have been reported until now were the result of the irresponsible behaviour of the riders. The bike riders who lose their focus are more likely to face accidents. Have some coffee or tea before you ride on a bike or keep yourself mentally alert to avoid incidents that might have fatal consequences.

Check The Forecast

Motorcycles have more exposure to the outer environment. They do not have windshields to protect the riders from weather conditions like rain or storms, nor do they have extra shelter and coverage to prevent those situations. Hence, it is recommended to stay updated on the weather forecast before a bike rider leaves for their journey. Avoid riding a bike if rain or storm is predicted in your city.

The Use Of Correct Accessories

Arm yourself with the correct accessories for safe and sound transportation. The correct use of accessories will protect you against possible dangers and give you a safe and comfortable experience while riding. While purchasing a bike, do not forget to buy gloves and a jacket for protection against harsh weather. Wearing appropriate shoes will help you have a firm grip on the accelerators and brakes. Whereas, a good-quality helmet will protect you against head injuries.

The Dangers of Driving A Motorcycle

Lane Splitting

Bike riders have the dangerous practices of splitting lanes, overtaking other vehicles, and rushing through narrow spaces, which multiplies their chances of having severe accidents.

Zero Shelter

A motorcycle, as compared to a four-wheeler, is not covered and has zero protection from the outer environment, which maximises the risk of accidents for a bike rider.

Compared to cars, motorcycles are fuel-efficient, fun, and easy to ride. They help you soak the fresh breeze and engage directly with the scenery. However, motorists are prone to risk the minute they throw a leg over their bike, and this is why it is always suggested to stay aware of the potential risks to help prevent them in the best possible way. Stay on the safe side of driving whenever you get behind the wheel using this helpful guide.