How to Negotiate a Settlement in a Car Accident Lawsuit

Car accidents occur at lightning speed and sometimes we are in such a state of shock that oftentimes we do not even notice how hurt or traumatised we may be. But the damage to both physical and mental health can be bigger than we first think it is.

Not to mention, that if you’ve sustained a serious injury then you’ll suffer much bigger consequences in the form of prolonged recovery, expenses related to your vehicle, medical treatments, and many other things.

It’s safe to say that it can frequently be very frustrating and stressful. However, if you want to streamline everything and negotiate a settlement that you deserve, then these are the things you’re supposed to do.

Consider An Experienced Attorney

At times, people aren’t able to recognise when they’re supposed to do this (and I’m not referring to these types of situations only). If you’ve never gone through anything similar to this, then it’s of huge importance to consider having a lawyer.

That’s especially the case if you have a feeling like weren’t capable of achieving an agreement with the insurance company. But even if you have, you would still need someone by your side who is going to properly assess your current situation and figure out whether an injury lawsuit is necessary or not.

But is it easy to hunt down someone who can assist you in these instances? I honestly hope that it is, particularly if you reside in Chicago where there are lots of excellent advocates. If that’s the case, plus, you would love to find someone skilled and trustworthy, then I suggest browsing the web so you can create a list of the best Chicago car accident legal experts who could potentially help you with your case. With his/her help, the outcome is going to be far better.

Everything Is Essential

Each settlement negotiation is based on the proof you have, meaning who was the culprit when it comes to this and who wasn’t. Aside from that, you also need evidence that’s going to demonstrate the gravity of your injuries.

If you want to help your case, then one of the best things that you can do is to create a folder where you’ll put all the relevant things, such as:

  • Every file that you’ve exchanged with the insurance company
  • Copy of police report
  • All medical records (including expenses)
  • Prescription drug receipts
  • Estimates and costs concerning your vehicle
  • Pictures from the scene

Once you gather all these things, please ensure to put them somewhere safe. I know that you have a lot of things on your mind at the moment, but bear in mind that it can be very easy to lose this evidence.

I mean, yes, your solicitor can acquire anything that’s pivotal for your case for you, however, in these instances, you’ll be wasting lots of precious time. Therefore, it’s of huge importance to preserve everything the right way and, of course, to collect as much useful info as you can.

Do Not Pay Too Much Attention To The First Offer

These situations can be very complex, especially if the insurance company is eager to offer you a deal that doesn’t suit you in any way. Keep in mind that there’s no point in accepting something that the policy is not going to cover.

Before you even start this whole process, please be sure to first go through the insurance policy declaration page to determine what’s covered, what isn’t, and the payment restrictions. If the initial offer seems acceptable to you, then you should give a written counteroffer that’s below the amount of money that you’ve demanded in your first demand letter.

This will showcase that you do not want to make things more complicated than they are right now. On the flip side, what are you going to do if the first offer is very low? Who knows, maybe it’s just some form of negotiating tactic?

But since you won’t be able to tell that right off the bat, then it would be smart to ask them to explain everything in regards to their coverage decision, along with any proof that supports that decision.

Have Everything In Writing

You along with your lawyer should take thorough notes about every single detail concerning the conversation you had with the insurance company. Remind them that the settlement offer must be presented in writing.

If you’ve talked over the phone or face-to-face, then be sure to obtain a copy of the transcript that you and your attorney received.

I know that oftentimes, it can be pretty hard to negotiate a car accident settlement, however, the best thing that you can do is to give your maximum, and, of course, to implement everything that I mentioned today.