NSAV Announces Launch of Second Decentralised Crypto Exchange

In a decentralised market, technology enables investors to deal directly with each other instead of operating from within a centralised exchange.

McapMediaWire – Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC Pink: NSAV), a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company, today announced that the launch of its second Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) will take place on December 23, 2021 and be deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), further expanding the Company’s presence in the $2 trillion global cryptocurrency market. Binance is the world’s largest centralised cryptocurrency exchange and using Binance protocol is a major advantage for NSAVDEX 2. The NSAVDEX 2 marks another major milestone for the NSAV ECOsystem and will provide our users with a colony range of DEX services. The NSAVDEX 2 will have among the highest technical specifications and standards in the DEX industry and provide users with an unparalleled experience.

NSAVDEX 2 is a permission less fully decentralised exchange (DEX) platform. With NSAVDEX 2 you can Trade, Stake, and Liquidity mining.  NSAVDEX 2 has 1 second finality and can support up to 10000 transactions per second (TPS). The NSAVDEX 2 decentralised exchange will be governed by the community (governance details to be announced) and users are able to trade digital market assets, play Lottery and prediction, and earn passive income by referral programs, subject to our terms and conditions (please inquire via our DEX Telegram). NSAVDEX 2 is scalable and individuals can access unlimited markets with the NSAVDEX 2 exchange. The NSAVDEX 2 has Inter-Blockchain Technology (IBC) in its protocol.  Besides Spot Products pair, more derivative pair such as Futures, Options, Perpetual contracts, Crypto Funds, Crypto Indies, and trade NFT’s. One platform for all Crypto products.

The NSAVDEX 2 is proud to announce the use of Binance Smart Chain, which has dual-chain architecture and empowers its users to build their decentralised apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.

Highlights of Binance Smart Chain:

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatible:

Supports all the existing Ethereum tooling along with faster finality and cheaper transaction fees.

Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) Consensus Mechanism:

Method of verifying transactions that reduces fees. Binance Smart Chain is an innovative solution to bring programmability and interoperability to the Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chain relies on a system of 21 validators with PoSA consensus that can support short block time and lower fees.

Cross-Chain Transfer:

Ability to move between different blockchains. Binance Smart Chain comes with efficient native dual chain communication; Optimised for scaling high-performance dApps that require fast and smooth user experience.

Binance Smart Chain’s Block Time:

Binance Smart Chain’s 3 second Block Time is the length of time it takes to create a new block in a cryptocurrency blockchain. A block is verified by miners, who compete against each other to verify the transactions and solve the hash, which creates another block.

The combined total of all DEXes is surging at the moment as the demand for DeFi has remained resilient. September’s volume alone exceeded $78 billion. The management of NSAV and its partners are pioneers in the Digital Asset and Blockchain industry and believe the Company can compete in the global DeFi arena.

Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim, Interim CEO and Senior Vice President of Cryptocurrency Operations for NSAV and Silverbear Capital partner stated, “Today again marks another important milestone for NSAV. Management has been extremely busy with the task of building the NSAV ECOsystem and today we celebrate the upcoming launch of our second NSAVDEX Exchange, the NSAVDEX 2, and demonstrating once again, our dynamic strategy. The Company would like to thank everyone who assisted in completing this project in a timely manner and of course, our loyal shareholders for their continued patience and support. Finally, we would like to thank the digital asset team at Silverbear Capital for their strategic perspective and advice.”

NSAV Bitcoin Company Logo

NSAV Bitcoin Company Logo

NSAV’s vision is the establishment of a fully integrated technology company, which provides turnkey technological solutions to the cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset industries. Over time, the Company plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce, financial services, advisory services and information technology.

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Silverbear Capital Inc., a leading, global investment banking firm, will be advising NSAV on strategic matters relating to the Company’s cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC Crypto Trading Desks. Silverbear will also help guide NSAV in ensuring that its exchanges and OTC Desks are continually in compliance, given the rapidly increasing regulatory environment in the cryptocurrency industry.

Silverbear Capital Inc. (SBC) has a dynamic of disciplines on a broad commercial level and practice. SBC has a strong group of Partners in a wide range of disciplines with seasoned experience in finance, management, and professional practice.

Disclaimer: Silverbear Capital Inc. does not constitute investment advice, or an offer or solicitation to sell, or a solicitation to buy, or any other investment product (nor shall any such shares or product be offered or sold to any person) in any jurisdiction in which an offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the securities law of that jurisdiction.

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbours created thereby. Investors are cautioned that, all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including without limitation, the ability of Net Savings Link, Inc. to accomplish its stated plan of business. Net Savings Link, Inc. believes that the assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements contained herein are reasonable, any of the assumptions could be inaccurate, and therefore, there can be no assurance that the forward-looking statements included in this press release will prove to be accurate. In light of the significant uncertainties inherent in the forward- looking statements included herein, the inclusion of such information should not be regarded as a representation by Net Savings Link, Inc. or any other person.


Net Savings Link, Inc.

101 Top English Business Intelligence Start-ups & Firms

Independent publication has named Advisory Excellence in a list of the 101 Top English Business Intelligence Start-ups & Firms in 2021.

The term start-up refers to a company in the first stages of operations. Start-ups are founded by one or more entrepreneurs who want to develop a product or service for which they believe there is demand.

Advisory Excellence placed 32nd in their list of the 101 Top English Business Intelligence Start-ups & Firms. The list of start-ups and firms were chosen for their approach to innovating the Business Intelligence industry and for being exceptional businesses to follow on social media.

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Business intelligence comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis and management of business information.

This follows our success in being named in a list of the 101 Most Innovative Business Intelligence Start-ups & Companies (England) by Data Magazine and among London’s Best Professional Networking Companies — To Work For and Buy From by in 2021 and among the Top UK Professional Networking Companies and Start-ups by Welp Magazine in 2020.

Our news is also shared on Google News, Street Insider, Mcap MediaWire, NewsEdge (by Moodys) and Stocks News Feed.

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Ashurst advises on the establishment of Oak National Academy

International law firm Ashurst advised on the launch of Oak National Academy, a virtual school established groups of schools and The Reach Foundation to deliver education remotely to the UK during the COVID-19 crisis.

The new initiative is supported by a range of organisations including Teach First, Google and the Department for Education.

Launched on Monday 20 April, this brand-new enterprise has been created by over 40 teachers from some of the leading schools across England, with government grant funding to support its start up. It will provide 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages, for every year group from Reception through to Year 10.

Ashurst advised Teach First and The Reach Foundation, both charitable entities to support teaching and education across the UK, on a pro bono basis on the IP and branding associated with the launch. This included advising on the availability and use of logos, trademarks, domain names and associated assets and the registration of various IP rights to ensure the protection of the brand and its associated goodwill. The team was led by IP partner David Wilkinson, associate Anouska Fabes and legal analyst manager Jessica Whitfield.

Anouska Fabes commented: “Oak National Academy is an inspiring project that demonstrates the power of collaboration during difficult times, and will provide access to valuable resources for those teachers, students and families in the UK in need of support and a helping hand. The Ashurst IP team are delighted to have worked with Teach First to contribute towards its launch.”

Technology and Information Can Unlock Justice

Technology is the continually developing result of accumulated knowledge and application in all techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in industrial production and scientific research.

Technology has the potential to unlock justice for all, according to a new report launched by The Law Society. However, it is by no means a silver bullet for change.

Information is processed, organised and structured data. It provides context for data and enables decision making processes.

For example, a single customer’s sale at a restaurant is data – this becomes information when the business is able to identify the most popular or least popular dish.

Based on an assessment of 50 initiatives and qualitative interviews with more than 45 stakeholders – the report explores whether technology is the key to unlock the potential of law, justice and rights.

It concludes that, with the right support from government, technology can be the key to unlocking access to justice innovation.

Key findings include:

  • Significant work is being done by firms, advice clinics and in-house teams to meet legal need which is supported by technology. The government has taken positive steps through the Legal Support Advisory Group and its ministerial commitments to support new forms of technology to make justice more accessible. There is, however, much more to be done – in most cases, better data management, information sharing and co-ordination is needed;
  • The consumer-facing market is less mature than the business-to-business market on legal technology adoption. Recently, resource allocation and the need for greater efficiencies have driven demand for technological solutions;
  • Online resources are the primary means of providing information to the public. However, face-to-face remains the most popular way for delivering advice, followed by mobile apps which are often used at the start of the process;
  • Barriers to technological adoption include; widespread variation, lack of access to data, inequality of resources, duplication of products, funding and regulatory concerns.
  • Innovation is being led and used by third sector, including law centres and pro bono clinics, often working with firms and universities to provide services. This is more commonly found for disputes in housing, family, employment, debt and social welfare.

The report recommends government bodies, private sector and third sector organisations that offer funds for legal technology and access to justice initiatives should agree on a set of principles to encourage long-term investment in the sector.

It also suggests the creation of an Open Source Platform for access to justice and technology and a comprehensive list of agreed solutions to overcome barriers and meet legal need.

Arc Legal expands Corporate team with new hire

Arc Legal Assistance (Arc Legal), a leading provider of legal expenses insurance (LEI) and assistance services provider in the UK and Republic of Ireland, has welcomed Kerry Knief as its new Senior Corporate Relations Manager.

Kerry joins Arc Legal with over twenty years’ experience in the insurance industry having previously worked for AXA Partners as a Senior Account Manager, managing key strategic clients, specialising in ancillary products.

Kerry’s new role will involve managing existing corporate relationships, with a focus on identifying growth opportunities with partners across Arc Legal’s ancillary product range.

Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Harvey commented;

“Further growth has prompted us to bolster our Corporate Relations team, and Kerry’s knowledge and experience in the ancillary products market makes her a great fit for us.”

“Kerry has a wealth of experience in the industry, and her appointment will help to ensure we continue to meet our growth ambitions for 2019 and beyond. She has a fantastic reputation in the industry and we are delighted to have her on board.”

Kerry Knief, Commented;

“I am very excited to be able to join the team here at Arc Legal, especially during this exciting period of continued growth and expansion. I am looking forward to hitting the ground running and contributing towards the continued success of the business.”

For more information about Arc Legal Assistance, please visit

UK lawtech not yet disruptive, new research shows

Lawtech in the UK has a long way to go if it is to reach its potential, the Law Society of England and Wales said as it launched new research into the development and adoption of sector-specific technology.

In its Lawtech Adoption Report, the Law Society explores the UK’s burgeoning lawtech sector and highlights key developments in this area and what this means for the legal profession and the business of law.

Law Society president Christina Blacklaws said: “A range of drivers is accelerating development and adoption of lawtech, from an escalating need for efficiency, increasing workloads and complexity of work to client pressure on costs and shorter turnaround times.

“Some of the most notable growth areas are legal analytics, legal project management, governance and compliance and contract management.

“Lawtech in the UK is largely focused on efficiencies and automation rather than on delivering ‘new types of law’. As such it is less mature than other fields of digital disruption – such as fintech, where there is more funding and regulatory alignment.”

The business-to-business legal services market is the most mature, particularly within large law firms, where AI and machine learning-driven applications are ubiquitous. Some of the more established areas include collaboration tools, document management, IP management and e-billing.

The business-to-consumer legal market seems to be lagging behind. There is most traction in those law firms that are delivering large-scale commoditised services, where automation is principally all about driving efficiencies. For instance, chatbots, DIY law, robo-lawyers and triage tools are all becoming more common with a greater focus on the consumer experience.

“Our research found that law firms face barriers to adoption of many lawtech solutions that are fundamental to the industry, such as risks around compliance, the partnership and billable hours models,” Christina Blacklaws said.

“After several years of start-up activity, the sector is now ripe for a wave of consolidation and later stage funding. Adopting and pioneering new technologies will give firms a strong competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving legal services market.”