Social Media Videos: The New Way To Engage Customers

Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or TikTok, creating and sharing information and professional, educational, and inspirational videos on social media platforms is a rage and is creating a revolution in the business world.

Brands on social media accounts posting videos about their products and services and resolving customer queries and concerns online are doing much better than brands that stick to traditional marketing techniques.

  • Facebook alone has almost 2 million users who are active daily on the platform, and 98.5% of users are active on their mobiles. 
  • 90% of people on Instagram are following a business on the channel. 
  • 79% of people have confirmed that quality content posted on social media channels strongly influences their purchasing decisions. 

So, what are you waiting for?

It is high time you go on to these mind-blowing platforms and start sharing fun and creative branding videos to grow your business.

Choose Your Platform Well

Before we delve into ideas for social media videos, you must think of critical video-making ideas and choose the right channel. YouTube is the leading social media platform that rules the world as it is the second most searched engine.

Explore various ideas and don’t post the same kind of content as viewers get tired of seeing the same things. Videos are quickly gaining a foothold on Instagram Reels, IG Live, and IGTV (videos that exceed 30-second reels or the normal one-minute video time limit).

Regardless of your industry, videos can promote your business in new and effective ways. Creating and editing social media video content doesn’t have to be done by a professional but by using effective software and the right editing tools.

9 Ways To Create Enterprising Social Media Brand Videos

Here are some of the finest ways to use social media videos to sell your products or services.

Form A Relationship With Your Audience

Your audience must form a connection with your brand on social media channels.

How many times have you tracked a specific brand on Facebook or Instagram and surfed through the content posted by them? This kind of accelerated vision should be your focus while creating videos to form a solid relationship with your potential customers.

You can highlight your business ethics by reflecting on your working style through behind-the-scenes posts or creating a new storefront video across your channels.

Informational videos created by employees sharing tips or celebrations can form strong relationships with customers. Photo collages, product reviews, leader interviews, educational content, etc., can shoot your views and highlight your brand.

Show your product in action and speak directly about it, reflecting how your viewers can put it to better use. With 54% of social browsers using social media for product research, businesses that show customers how to get the most out of their products can increase sales by educating people instead of selling to them.

Create unique content and post transparently on your product range, solving the challenges your business customers face.

Promote and Offer

People love offers. Post a challenge, a quiz, or a game and offer valuable promotional advantages to your viewers. Give them some benefits of watching your brand videos on social media handles.

Offering a good discount, freebies, subscription deals, and other promotional offers is a great way to attract viewer attention.

Post Customer Experiences

One amazing way to help you stand out and move ahead of your competitors is to share customer experience with your leads.

There could be a hundred like you on the platforms, so why should people choose you?

Highlight your USP through customer ratings, reviews, video testimonials, and live customer experiences so that potential consumers know what’s in store for them.

Make People Laugh

Why would a person spend hours on his mobile, watching continuous videos on Instagram or Facebook?

Entertainment is the keyword here.

People generally scroll over videos that can be cringy, sad, or too emotional. Excessive marketing and serious product-related videos can also put the viewer off. Therefore, creating humorous, entertaining, and interesting videos is important to increase engagement with existing customers and increase your follower count.

Create something that your viewers can share with others.

Edit Your Videos Professionally

Create and edit your engaging brand and product videos using a video editor with built-in templates for various kinds of promotional social media content.

Edit your videos the right way – customise the contrast, lighting, colour, background, and final look of the video before you post it.

Check voice quality and background music and adjust it according to the brand promotion on your social media accounts. Remember to use only royalty-free music when posting on any platform, or else your video can get rejected.

Use the perfect resolution and screen space to master the right video-making technique and create impressive social media content.

Authenticate Your Videos Using Your Brand Voice

Authenticity affects branding as it’s the business that’s communicating with your people through videos, not you. Brand your videos well using the right logo, fonts, text, meaningful brand-related context, and colours, and make them recognisable among your audience.

They will keep returning for more once they start associating you with branded videos on social media channels. The idea is to get them subscribed and garner maximum likes, comments, and shares on your business videos.

Go Live

You can make important announcements by going live and hooking your consumers to something really important for them. Announce a new product launch, an educational webinar, a great offer on the way for them, or anything that your brand is coming up with.

People love innovations and creativity.

Create Your Social Media Calendar

If you’re planning to make brand videos, you must consistently showcase your brand’s mission, products, or services.

The purpose is to offer your potential customers an unforgettable experience and prompt them to share your content with their followers, which also increases your exposure.

Post content that shares the same values as your brand. Plan your posts, post about recent events or what’s happening in your customers’ lives and increase the value of the content for your followers.

You must be selective about when, how many times a week, and which social media channel you should post on frequently.

Use an effective video editor to decide the variations in your posts, as it is advisable not to stick to the same kind of style or content on these channels. People like variety, so give them a lot and keep them coming back for more.

Sell Your Products

Social Media videos are a key source of inspirational shopping. However, promotional videos should be a small fraction of your social media content but should be extremely effective and engaging.

You should make your viewers proud of being the first few to own a specific product. Include high-quality images and pricing information in the post.

Make sure your messaging is mobile-friendly and products are easy to buy.


As people flock to social media platforms, you cannot ignore this cornerstone to market your business and brand videos.

You must dedicate your time, effort, and resources to create meaningful videos for various social media channels and reach out to where your audience lives. Instagram and Facebook reels are great places to test what your viewers like to see.

Perfection is not the key – but consistency is when creating and posting social media videos. Plan your video posting timeline well, follow professional video-making and editing procedures, and craft an impressive video for your followers.