What Is British Dragons’ Den? We Explain Here

Dragons’ Den gives several business owners the chance to pitch their various business ideas to a group of five wealthy investors known as the “Dragons” and ask for money in exchange for a share of the company.

The premiere episode aired on BBC Two on January 4, 2005. The show started airing on BBC One in 2021 after 16 seasons on the network. The format’s proprietors, Sony Pictures Television International, who own the international distribution rights, co-produced the show alongside BBC Studios Factual Entertainment Productions.

The contestants either need capital for their ideas, which they consider to be viable and possibly profitable businesses, or they are already running successful businesses but require more money for marketing or growth. They must mention the amount of money they need from the Dragons during their introductory pitch.

The contestant has the option to continue talks, accept any offers, or reject them. If a dragon does not want to commit the full amount requested, they can offer a portion of it, allowing the other dragons free to do the same.

This may result in the candidate receiving financial support from multiple Dragons, giving them access to a wider spectrum of skills. But in order for this to happen, the candidate frequently has to consent to give up more of their business than they had originally anticipated.

Quitting The Conversation

When a dragon hears the pitch but decides against investing, they must say they’re “out,” which means they’re quitting the conversation. The Dragons frequently make fun of competitors for a variety of reasons, but mainly for overvaluing their own businesses.

The section includes images of Manchester’s three most well-known cotton mills from the Industrial Revolution—Brunswick Mill, Murrays’ Mills, and McConnel & Kennedy—and their utilisation upholds the program’s warehouse motif.

After the first series, the production had to relocate due to construction next door. In a vacant warehouse called Wool House, filming for the second season took place. With the need to build a portion of the window wall and the stairway leading to the lower floor, it was production designer Laurence Williams’ first set.

During the following few episodes, a further shift to Tanner Street was necessary due to the owner of this warehouse turning it into apartments. The production designer had to create a complete set on the film stage, including a staircase that plummeted down into the underground tank.

Except for an episode of Series 10 that debuted on October 28, 2012, when there were only four dragons because Hilary Devey wasn’t feeling well, there have always been five. This happened for the first time ever in the history of the show.

Who Is Businessman Steven Bartlett? We Explain Here

Steven Bartlett is one of Social Chain’s co-founders. He started showing up as an investor on the BBC One programme Dragons’ Den in 2022.

English-born Bartlett was born in Botswana to a Nigerian mother and an English father. His mother dropped out of school at the age of seven and was illiterate, while his father worked as a structural engineer. At the age of two, his family relocated to Plymouth, England, where he grew up and went to Plymstock School for secondary education as well as a sixth form. He went to Manchester Metropolitan University to study but left after just one lecture.

Bartlett and Dominic McGregor started Social Chain, a Manchester, UK-based social media marketing business, in 2014.

He started a podcast called The Diary of a CEO in 2017 and has had Liam Payne and Tom Blomfield as guests. It is the most-downloaded business podcast in Europe as of 2021 and boasts guests including Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and former health minister Matt Hancock in addition to British businesspeople Ben Francis, Lee Chambers, and Grace Beverley.

He appeared in the 2019 episode of the Channel 4 series The Secret Teacher, going undercover as a teacher at a school close to Liverpool.

Social Chain

With a total reach of over 200 million millennials across its platforms and an outstanding worldwide client roster that includes Apple, McDonald’s, and the BBC, Social Chain is an award-winning and incredibly inventive social media marketing business. In order to focus on their business, Steve Bartlett and Dom McGregor, two young entrepreneurs, dropped out of college and founded Social Chain in 2014.

Approximately 10,000 goods are currently available through Social Chain AG’s Core Brands, Brand Chain, and MAXX Group sectors. By doing this, we deliver the “Digital first – direct to Customer” items right to customers’ homes.

With other locations in New York, Manchester, Stapelfeld near Hamburg, London, Gallin, and Los Angeles, the company’s headquarters are in Berlin

The Diary Of A CEO

The Diary of a CEO takes readers on an unfiltered journey through the incredible tales of those who have shaped society, attained greatness, and produced works of literature.

Steven embarks on a curiosity-driven quest to unearth secret truths, unlearned lessons, and significant insights that will make his and the audience’s lives more fun, successful, and satisfied by sitting down with some of the world’s most influential individuals, experts, and thinkers.

The Diary Of A CEO stands out because it is so unvarnished, open, and emotional, living up to the word “Diary” in its title.