DLA Piper announces launch of Compliance Atlas app

DLA Piper is pleased to announce the launch of the Compliance Atlas app, a mobile solution built to meet the policy needs of modern-day companies.

Often, policies and related documents are difficult to find on the intranet or are not accessible for field-based employees. After DLA Piper generates these policies and documents at a client’s request, the Compliance Atlas version of the documents delivered to the client allows it to aggregate them into a single application that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Links throughout the Compliance Atlas integrate with other elements of the company intranet, directing employees to additional resources, such as to the compliance hotline for reporting potential violations.

“The Compliance Atlas provides practical advice in a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate format, enabling employees to access crucial company documents in a matter of moments and prevent compliance breaches. Everything from the logo to the colour scheme is fully editable from a dashboard within the app, so clients can customise the look and feel to best suit their needs,” said Daniel Garen, a partner in DLA Piper’s Litigation and Regulatory practice who spearheaded the creation of the app. “This product is especially ideal for highly regulated, high-risk industry clients in sectors like healthcare, life sciences, telecom, energy and financial services.”

Once delivered, the Compliance Atlas is fully editable and owned by the client. The interface is very similar to industry-standard word processing applications, and users may edit the content without contacting DLA Piper. However, if a client chooses to create an entirely new section or to make substantial edits, firm lawyers are available to assist and provide legal advice related to such changes.

DLA Piper’s Global Governance and Compliance group has unparalleled experience helping clients with international operations meet the evolving – and sometimes conflicting – expectations of regulatory and enforcement agencies. With compliance-focused lawyers in more than 75 offices around the world, DLA Piper has the global breadth, local knowledge and industry experience to guide clients in all aspects of designing, implementing and managing compliance programs, assessing and mitigating risk, remediating compliance issues and running internal investigations.