The Best Student Initiatives and Projects of 2022

Student initiatives are limited-duration projects led by one or more students in a variety of fields such as culture, education, sport, the environment, solidarity, health, civic engagement or the fight against discrimination.

The world is fast-growing into a hub of technology and innovation. The younger generation, especially, has shown time and again their ability to innovate and come up with new and creative solutions to existing problems. Not only that but they also come up with solutions while keeping social construct, environmental impact, economic feasibility, and inclusivity in mind. Education today has evolved into a system where students are constantly encouraged to think outside the box, and they are often rewarded for their creativity. Hence, it is absolutely no surprise that many students are moving towards entrepreneurial initiatives and creating their own start-ups in order to make a large-scale impact.

An Overview of Student Initiatives

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Students who are in a stress-free environment where they don’t have to worry about multiple assignment deadlines can then start working towards innovation. In this article, we look at some of the most innovative student initiatives and projects in different domains. Today we will look at some creative student projects for 2022.

Fluid Pavilion

University Name: Cornell University
Course Name: Special Topics in Construction ­From Sheet To Form
Professors: Martin Miller and Sasa Zivkovic
Students: Charisse Foo and Hanxi Wang
Country: USA

The fluid pavilion is a project that comes under the niche of science and technology – particularly under material science. In this project, students expose plastics of specific chemical composition to heat in order to make them change their shape. The objective of this project is to see if the plastic is able to retain its new form even when the source of heat is removed. This project demonstrates the ability of plastics to change their form while being subjected to an external stimulus such as temperature, pressure, or any other force.

Frame Gathering Pavilion

University Name: College of DuPage, Illinois
Course Name: Arch Design + Build
Professors: Mark A. Pearson and Mark Rose
Students: Rachel Banaszewski, Joseph Barba, Paul Berkowicz, Jude Cann, Ralph Dabu, Patrick Desamito, Francois El-Bittar, Eric Hurtt, Jacquelyn Johnson, Tala Kadro, Alexander McWhirter, Andres Pinto, Alex Schneider, Kevin Smith, Jose Zarate, Kevin Zeng
Country: USA

Occupying an area of 300 sq. feet and costing approximately $8000 to build, the frame gathering pavilion is an architectural design project, created by a group of 16 design students. The frame gathering pavilion gets its name from the five frames of different dimensions that have been conceptually placed adjacent to each other. The way these frames have been designed allows students to gather in the space and explore the surrounding area. The design principle behind this project is the framing of space, ideologies, and experience. This project allowed students to design and push the boundaries of modern architecture to create minimalist structures.

Flex Nebuliser

University Name: University of Leeds School of Mechanical Engineering
Course: BSc Product Design
Tutors: Dan Trowsdale, Dr. Raymond Holt, Dr. Briony Thomas, Rafeeq Chaudhry, Dr. Lisa-Dionne Morris, Dr. Hau Hing Chau, and Dr. Omar Huerta
Student: Emma Leeds
Country: USA

A nebuliser is a piece of medical equipment that converts liquid medicine into mist form. This medicated mist is inhaled by patients who are suffering from respiratory ailments as a form of treatment. The major challenge with existing nebulisers that are available in the market today is that they are very bulky to carry and difficult to use. A Flex Nebuliser addresses this shortcoming in a standard nebuliser through its portable design, low weight, and adaptability. The passage between the mouthpiece and medicine chamber in the Flex Nebuliser is made of a flexible material so that any patient can easily adjust the device according to their comfort. This innovative product has become more relevant in today’s times, especially after the pandemic, owing to the nature of COVID treatment.

A Few Final Words

The reality in today’s world is that students are innovating around the clock. They are constantly thinking about environmentally sound and economically feasible solutions to address problems faced by the world – be it in the field of technology, economics, design, culture, community, or more. Millions of student innovations are not recognised due to a lack of exposure to the innovation. This article only talks about three out of thousands of students’ projects that are on their way to changing the way we view the world today. We hope that all student projects get the recognition they deserve and that the hard work put in by young minds pays off in a big way for them one day.

About the Author – Diane Sherron

Diane Sherron is a guidance counsellor who works with students from universities across the United States. Being from a liberal studies background, she has a fair idea about different domains including science and technology, engineering, economics, commerce and business management, art and culture, history, literature, and more. This puts her in a great place to guide students from different academic backgrounds. A writer by passion, she uses her spare time to write about students’ projects in the hope to help them get more recognition for their work.