The 5 Ways Smart Security System Helps Your Business and Home

A lot of people understand why homes and business premises need the integration of security systems on the surface level. Unfortunately, not many people put enough thought into the kind of systems they have.

They don’t even stop to think of how it provides protection. It’s more about having something to protect the organisation and not understanding the optimal business security integration solution.

For modern organisations, having the best alarm systems means having security integrated solutions. Security systems in the past were highly compartmentalised. A start-up may have integrated access control systems, intrusion detection, and a CCTV camera. However, all the different components did their jobs independently of each other.

With a custom integration security, you can get the various wireless alarm systems and bring them together in a centralised hub. Apart from making it easier to manage, the different parts of security systems can work together to offer high level protection.

How Smart Security Systems Help Businesses and Homes

Installing, alarming, disarming, paying a monthly fee, and handling false alarm situations are some of the factors tied to monitored security systems. This can cause you to wonder if home security systems are worth the inherent hassle.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to smart security systems for homes. Some of those factors include how the security system will benefit you and the family. Read below to understand why.

Reduced Electricity Bills

The latest smart home technologies have become increasingly integrated with commercial security systems. By integrating these systems into your business, the monitoring systems will help to reduce electricity consumption. Smart locks and thermostats will enable you to manage your space and security. This can be done without anyone having to step outside.

From a thermostat, a temperature and lighting access, the home alarm system allows you to access your building from your device. With such technologies, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your lights when you leave the office or home. That’s because you can turn it off from your phone no matter where you are.

Cut back on your electricity spending by closing shop using remote monitoring security services. Vivint security packages can add an additional layer of security in your home or business premises. Smart technologies like Vivint smart home security are also beneficial to your business. Installing a commercial or home security can be beneficial to you, your loved ones, your tenants, and business.

Improved Safety and Productivity

Home alarm systems and wireless business alarms can improve safety in various ways. Surveillance cameras for business security integration, for instance, are some of the most effective deterrents against crime.

An access control system can be an effective measure to exclude those with heinous intent from your business premises. This can help make for a safer workplace for your staff.

Workplace safety is very crucial. But what you may not know is that it’s an effective way to boost productivity. That’s because employees are happier when they know that the work environment is safe and happier employees are more productive.

Protection Against False Claims

You have probably heard of a case where a business was targeted by a false claim. In some of the cases, it’s usually an attempt by the claimant to get payment from the businesses’ insurer. This can even be from an angered employee or a client getting back at the business for something the employee holds against them from the past. Their target may be to damage the reputation of the business.

Remember that false claims can be damaging, and they can also be difficult to disapprove. But if you have integrated security systems, you’ll likely find the evidence to fight false claims.

Video footage is an obvious piece of evidence that can be used to disapprove a claim. There are also other records that can be used to prove that the events did not happen as described by the claimant.

Protects and Secures Business Assets

The protection of assets is one of the most important factors for businesses. Whether physical or digital, security systems for homes and commercial buildings can do just that. With layered protection, you can make use of security monitoring consultants and 24/7 remote monitoring.

From online to real-life, security systems for home and commercial buildings can protect your assets from cyber-crime. They can also protect your assets from employees and many other threats.

With customised cameras, monitoring systems, and fibre networks, you can keep tabs on everything and everyone. That includes employees, machinery, digital infrastructure, and other belongings.

It’s Easier to Manage an Integrated Security System

It’s easier to manage and control integrated security systems from one program. You don’t have to move from a burglar alarm system to a CCTV camera. Then move to the access control method if you intend to review an incident or make a report about an activity.

With everything being in one place, it will be easier to manage your business’s security system. Moreover, these integrators also make it possible to manage and control the security system remotely. A lot of these security systems and integration are adaptable with smartphone applications. They are also compatible with desktop computer programs.

You can be away from your business and still check the video surveillance camera’s review to access reports. You can also receive custom alerts about alarm concerns.


The integration of security systems may be expensive. However, the benefits far exceed the additional investment.

It gives you home and business enhanced protection that’s easier to manage. The systems can also be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. Apart from that, smart security systems integration saves you money in the long run.

Remember that with smart home security systems, you can control them using smart devices. With your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to gain access from anywhere. You can check the security cameras either at home or in your business and control them as well.

With your home and business secure, the peace of mind is worth the investment you indulge in.

Modern Equipment That Every Care Home Should Have

Deciding to move an elderly relative or friend into an assisted living complex can be difficult. However, a care home can provide senior citizens with some of the best years of their lives. Every one of these homes is unique, so you will need to arrange several viewings before you pick the correct facility for your loved one. But how do you make such a complicated choice?

Every care home will come equipped with the necessary apparatus to support your relative, but there are some additional factors that can swing your decision. As such, you should look out for some of the following equipment to decide whether you have found the best care home possible.


The modern age is all about digital technology. Emailing has quickly become one of the most popular forms of communication in recent years, and the technology has expanded to include video calls in real-time. Therefore, any of your elderly relatives will need access to a laptop to keep you informed about their well-being.

It would be expensive to provide every care home resident with a personal laptop, but these individuals should have access to these machines whenever they need it. Make sure you ask about computer access when looking around a care facility to find out how often you will be able to communicate with your elderly relative.


Almost every care home will have an entertainment routine for its residents. These activities encourage socialisation and exercise among the elderly population, and you should receive a detailed list of events when you start looking around the place. However, no one wants to be active all the time. That is why it is important that the care home has at least one communal T.V for its residents.

A T.V can give an elderly person a chance to relax, but these devices can also keep them up to date on current news and events. Television may have a bad reputation; however, one of these machines can help you stay connected to the modern world.

Rising Beds

When new technology is first introduced, the price tag is normally sky-high. That is why it was uncommon to see rising beds in the average care home. Times have changed; however, it is more common than not for every resident to have access to one of these beds when living in a care home.

A rising bed can make getting in and out of bed a lot easier, and it provides the staff with better access to their residents. While you may not think that your relative needs a rising bed right now, they may need access to one in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to find a care home with this type of technology installed now rather than later.


Just as beds have come a long way in the last few years, so too has chair technology. the average care home should now provide its residents with more than just a chair. Instead, these facilities now have access to some of the most scientifically beneficial chairs in history.

The right kind of chairs for nursing homes should include several factors. Firstly, these seats must be durable. You don’t want to keep replacing this equipment after a resident has a nasty fall. Secondly, these chairs need to be supportive. An ergonomically designed chair can prevent all manner of physical deterioration issues and help your residents with mobility. Lastly, a care home chair can now be fitted with certain patterns to help those with dementia. Contrasting shapes and patterns can stimulate the mind, keeping it active for longer. Also, these chairs are more recognisable to residents, which allows them to know that they are in a safe place when they see their favourite chair.


CCTV is another invention that has a bad reputation in modern times. Unfortunately, this equipment is necessary for some care facilities, no matter your views on the technology.

The staff of a nursing home is responsible for keeping their residents as safe and secure as possible. However, these individuals cannot be everywhere at once. Sometimes, a person’s best interests involve finding out what they may have eaten or where they may have been throughout the day. Staff can easily find out the answers to these questions by reviewing CCTV footage. This technology can provide them with an accurate log of everything that has occurred under their roof, adding an extra layer of safety to the care of its residents.


There is no definitive list of equipment that every care home should have so long as they can keep your loved one safe and happy. However, the technology listed above can go a long way to improving the quality of life of your loved ones, so make sure you consider these details when searching for the right care home.