How to Improve Business Sales Through Your Website

There are many ways to increase conversions and sales through your website. Make sure your website is well-designed and simple; it needs to be designed for people and search engines. Feel free to include video content as long as it’s not heavy, and update your payment process.

Simplify Homepage

It’s often assumed that the more products you put on your website, the better your sales will be, but it doesn’t always work that way. Companies that put fewer products on their website with more sales copy enjoy higher conversion rates. It gives you a chance to dig into product details.

There’s another reason you should simplify your homepage; it’s easier for customers to navigate and better for search engines to rank. User experience is an important metric in search engine optimisation, so make sure your products are easy to find and your website is well-optimised.

Video Conversions

You might have read about video content on websites. It can slow down the site and impact the loading speed, another key metric in search engine optimisation. On the other hand, video content can be an excellent selling point; it increases customer processing rates on the site.

When it comes to video content, you need to find the right balance, enough video to sell the products but not enough to slow down the website. Companies sometimes use a short sales video to accompany the copy demonstrating the features and benefits of the products for sale.

Capture Emails

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels; it allows businesses to market to customers directly and offers one of the best ROIs. The trouble is you need to collect enough emails to target the customers and offer them a reason to return to your site and buy something.

There are several effective ways to capture email addresses. One of them is to use gated content that asks for an email address to continue reading an article or to access an area of the site. Opt-in forms are also effective, or email acquisition at the payments page during checkout.

Payment Processing

If you want to increase sales through your website, you need to make sure you have an effective payment processing page. These days, customers expect to pay for their goods and services in a few clicks online; they also expect the payment process to safe and secure.

Not only do you need a streamlined payment processing page, but you need one that caters to all currencies. Find out about payment processing for international businesses to streamline your payments page for customers at home and abroad. This helps to boost website sales.

Trustworthy Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful new commodity online, even when they are not entirely accurate. That said, there is an awareness of false and semi-false reviews amongst users, and it’s always better to have genuine reviews on your website. Follow up sales with a request for a testimonial – you might have to offer something in return – and use the information to boost website sales.

Grant Thornton Sells Premier Advisory Business to 1825

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s largest professional services networks. The wealth unit, which has £1.7bn of assets under advice, consists of 100 employees, including 34 financial planners, all of whom will be joining 1825.

The business deal, which has been rumoured for a few weeks, is reportedly an attempt by Grant Thornton to distance itself from potential conflicts of interest, and to “streamline its focus”.

Dave Dunckley, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Grant Thornton United Kingdom, said, “As we increase our focus on our strategy to provide high quality audit, tax and advisory services to our core markets, it is clear the wealth advisory team’s growth potential would be best delivered by a business focused solely on the financial advice market.”

In the wake of proposals from the Competition and Markets Authority, and from the Kingman review, the accountancy profession in the United Kingdom is under increasingly sharp scrutiny. Grant Thornton in particular has come in for criticism over its audit work on Patisserie Valerie.

Last week the firm announced a major overhaul of its audit arm. The changes include a new Audit Quality Board, a £7m investment in people and technology, an independent review of audit at the firm, and new centres of excellence in London and Birmingham.

The business deal is expected to be completed in Q4, 2019 and the terms remain undisclosed.