Is Buying Used Forklifts Worth It? Find Out Here

Forklifts are a common necessity of almost every warehouse, building site, or construction area. Forklifts are one of the most durable vehicles that you can find on the market today – simply because of what they are made for. They can handle tough working conditions day in and day out for years with no trouble at all. If cared for, forklifts can be in good operating condition for up to ten years. Over time, machines wear down and it’s time to upgrade. If you require a new forklift but don’t have the budget for one outright – purchasing used or pre-owned is a great option. Forklifts are readily available on the market, especially if you are looking for a pre-owned model. So, is buying used forklifts worth it? In this article,  we’ll discuss the pros and cons of buying used forklifts.

Pro: Used Forklifts Are Cheaper And Many Great Deals Can Be Found

If you are looking for a forklift but don’t have the budget for one, purchasing a pre-owned machine is a good option.  There are many used forklift models available on the market at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. Some companies may even offer to sell or lease their used forklifts as an alternative to scrapping them outright as they still have good life left in them. Some websites aim to simplify the buying process by matching you with dealers near you as well as those that are delivering forklifts all across the country, based on your preferences. This way you can easily get in touch with a reputable dealer and make a deal for your machine.

Con: Used Forklifts Have A Higher Risk of Breakdowns And Malfunctions

As compared to new forklifts, used ones have a higher risk of breakdowns and malfunctions. As time passes on, new parts wear out and need to be replaced just like any other machine on the market. Sometimes these parts may not be readily available on the market anymore which could result in long downtimes until they are found or ordered from overseas suppliers. You will also have to consider that if something breaks down on a used forklift that there is no warranty from the manufacturer versus a brand new one which would come with a warranty. In addition, while some used forklifts may be available for sale with a warranty, many of these manufacturers will not cover the machine’s parts if they are defective.

Pro: Used Forklifts Are Reliable And Can Work Just As Well As New Ones

Another great benefit of purchasing a used forklift is that they are reliable and function just as well as brand new models. These machines were made to last for years without issues, so even if it has been in use for quite some time chances are it’s still good to go. Many forklifts that have been on the market for years will still be able to carry the same weight capacity as their newer counterparts. With the proper care and maintenance, these machines can be as good as new. Just make sure you have the mechanics check it out before you buy, so that you know if anything needs to be fixed. You should always do your research and speak with a forklift dealer before you purchase to ensure that you get the most out of your money.

Con: Used Forklifts Have A Lower Resale Value Than New Ones

One of the cons associated with buying used forklifts is that they have a lower resale value than brand new machines. This is especially true if you are purchasing directly from a manufacturer or dealer, as opposed to online through websites. If you plan on reselling your machine at a point in time to purchase a new model, be sure that you will get more money out of it when selling it privately versus going through another dealership or manufacturer – this way you can recoup some of the investment cost from your initial purchase. The amount of depreciation depends on how much mileage was on the machine as well as its overall condition.

Pro: You Know What You Are Getting When Purchasing Used

Another great benefit of purchasing used forklifts is that you can be sure of what to expect when making your purchase. If you are buying directly from the manufacturer or dealer, then chances are they will run a diagnostic check on the machine before selling it to you. This way you know if anything needs repairing and whether it is covered under warranty or not. Most dealerships do not want their customers having issues with their equipment, as this could cause them to lose business from dissatisfied buyers. Also, most used forklifts still come with a standard warranty which covers certain parts for one year or more depending on how long the machine has been in operation at the dealership.

While buying a used forklift may have its cons, it is highly dependent on the situation. If you know what to expect and how the system works, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t consider buying a used machine instead of a brand new one. It will cost less, thus creating more money in your budget for other necessary equipment or improvements. So if you are looking for a reliable machine to make your business run smoother, used forklifts are usually the right way to go.