3 Reasons Why Networking Is Vital for the Business Professional

You have probably heard the old saying that “It’s not what you know but who you know,” and often that is used in reference to nepotism. However, when seen in terms of networking, you can never have too many contacts or meet too many other professionals within your line of work or a related field.

1. Every New Contact Is a New Door Opened to You

Whether you are looking for new employment opportunities or businesses in your market to partner with, networking can open doors for you that you may have never known existed. With that said, consider for just a moment a market as huge as that in Southern California. The state itself is the most populous in the United States, with a population of 39.24 million people as of the 2021 census, and the bulk of that in the southern end of the state.

It would serve a business professional well to attend as many conferences and workshops as possible with a healthy supply of business cards on hand. You never know when that one contact will open new markets for you or put you in touch with the perfect employer with an opening in your profession.

2. The Perfect Way to Find and Work with a Mentor

Speaking of Southern California, it is obvious that the competition is stiff in a market like Chula Vista, for example, which is home to about a quarter of a million people in San Diego County. Anyone looking for a mentor in this area may find it difficult to meet the “right person,” however, the one thing you would have going for you is the reliability of high speed internet in Chula Vista.

This means that it isn’t always necessary to find local conferences and workshops because today’s fibre optic connectivity means that you could network through social sites like LinkedIn and stay reliably connected 24/7. What better way to find and work with a mentor than one you can meet up with instantaneously as the need arises?

3. Opportunities for Expansion and Partnering

For business owners and directors, networking is most often a critical step in expansion. Not only can you bounce ideas off peers and get input on new markets or product lines of interest, but you can also get feedback on things you’ve tried with less-than-optimal results. There may be something you’ve missed along the way that could be the difference between success and failure when seeking to expand.

Networking is also a highly effective way to meet other businesses interested in forming partnerships. In fact, networking enables you to build relationships before entering into a contractual partnering agreement. This is especially true of those contacts you meet up with often through social networking and video conferences.

A Word on Growing Your Network

This brings us full circle back to the idea that it’s often about who you know rather than what you know. You never know when you will meet that one person who has answers to questions you’ve been pondering or is the perfect fit as a mentor. Believe it or not, your network is never too big, so keep making those contacts!