8 Areas in an Office that are Prone to Collect Dirt

Employers usually think about two things—profit and productivity. One other thing every employee should think about is cleanliness in the workplace. An unhygienic office space brings down office morale. Another problem that comes with keeping the office space unclean is health issues. Employees will get sick frequently.

A sick employee is of no use to anyone. It is the employer’s responsibility to protect employees from environmental hazards in the workplace. They should keep the office space clean and protect employees from potential diseases that could come as a result of an unclean office.

When it comes to cleaning, employers don’t have to do it themselves, obviously. They can just hire a professional. Office cleaning companies like Compass Cleaning Solutions can clean the office in every nook and cranny. They know where the dirt accumulates the most and clean it effectively.

8 of the Dirtiest Areas in the Office

Some areas of office spaces collect more dirt than other areas due to various reasons. These areas are where the cleaning companies will focus most. They are:

  • Desks
  • Door Knobs and Other Handles
  • Bathroom
  • Break Room
  • Copiers and Other Machines
  • Handrails
  • Reception/Common Areas
  • Carpets


An employee’s desk may look clean to the naked eye, but in reality, it is not even close to being clean. Some employees eat snacks at their tables. This is one of the main causes of office desks being unclean. Also, most employees don’t clean their tables in the morning when they log in. Desks should be cleaned with water or chemical solutions to get rid of the specks of dirt completely.

Door Knobs and Other Handles

Literally, everyone touches door knobs and handles. Bathroom door knobs, tap handles, refrigerator handles, etc., are some of the dirtiest places in an office. Not everyone’s hands are clean. Touching a door knob/handle and touching your nose or face is the formula for getting sick. This is a place you should focus on when cleaning.


This is a no-brainer. Bathrooms accumulate dirt regardless of whether they are in the home or office. Bathrooms should be cleaned regularly. Not just the toilet but the floors, walls, and doors too. Dirt can pile up on walls, too. Of course, professional cleaning companies know this and will focus on it.

Break Room

The break room is the place that employees go to when they need a mental break from work or when they want to snack. Since it is a place used by everyone, it becomes very dirty very soon. Even the vending machines in the break room become unclean and should be cleaned.

Copiers and Other Machines

No one thinks twice about cleaning the machines in the office. One of the dirtiest things in the office is keyboards. You cannot see the dirt inside a keyboard that easily. Just turn your keyboard upside down and tap it on the backside. You will be shocked. Like this, other machines and their components are also prone to collecting dirt.


Handrails in the staircase are another area that should be focused on when cleaning. People tend to keep their hands on the handrail when climbing stairs. Maybe before COVID-19, not cleaning the handrails was fine, but now it is definitely not okay.

Reception/Other Common Areas

Areas where non-employees often visit should be cleaned with care. You never know what disease the visitor carries. It is better to be safe than sorry. Reception areas, lobbies, waiting halls, and corridors should be a priority while cleaning.


People walk on carpets with the same shoes they walk on the road. Carpets are a hub for dirt. Carpets are where all types of dirt party. The problem is that carpets are not something you change every week. It will be there for a long time. Professional cleaning services know how dirty carpets can be. They will clean it even if you don’t ask them to.


Employees should feel safe when they work. An unclean office doesn’t achieve that. Employers must make an effort to keep the workplace clean. Hiring professional cleaning services is the best way to do that.