Success Stories from 4 Small Companies on TikTok

The easiest method to expand an audience and attract new clients for many small businesses is through social media, and TikTok is quickly becoming a favourite. TikTok passed 2 billion smartphone downloads globally in October 2020. TikTok surpassed to become the most popular website of 2021, according to a popular statistics website.

Why is TikTok so Beneficial for Tiny Companies?

The benefits of TikTok for small enterprises are numerous. First of all, the app’s exclusive discovery algorithm gradually learns what you enjoy, so the more you interact with its content on the For You page, the more of that stuff you will see.

The app will probably share your content with users who will be interested in your brand and content, which is ideal for small businesses. No matter how many followers you have or how young your company is, every TikTok video has the potential to become popular.

TikTok Success Tales that Inspire

Although many companies utilise TikTok for marketing, only a small number of TikTok case studies have really taken off as a result of the app. All of these nine success stories serve as illustrations of how TikTok can significantly alter your social media strategy.

1. Dasha Derkach, Enchanted Scrunch

Enchanting Scrunch founder Dasha Derkach To offer a greater selection of scrunchie designs, Dasha Derkach founded her company, Enchanting Scrunch, a year ago. She began posting on TikTok after originally advertising on Instagram.

2. Andrea O., Peachy BBs Slime

Andrea and her tiny team have mastered the art of the TikTok slime account with the main account boasting 4.7 million followers.

3. Sana and Will Saleh, Lala Hijabs

Sana and Will Saleh founded Lala Hijabs, like many others, after losing their employment due to the virus, and like everyone else in quarantine, they too made the decision to join TikTok. The pair created adorable tie-dyed hijabs for fun and shared them on the app; before they knew it, they had become extremely popular.

4. Chioma Ngwudo, CeeCee’s Closet NYC

Chioma Ngwudo, a self-made CEO, co-founder of CeeCee’s Closet NYC, a connoisseur of headwraps, a speaker, a coach, and a headwrap connoisseur, is on a mission to empower and promote Black women and African culture.

Creating a TikTok Success Narrative for Your Brand

TikTok is a fantastic platform for small businesses looking to raise their brand recognition, promote community, and increase sales, whether they sell confectionery, upcycled jewellery, or have recently established a slime shop.

The top TikTok small businesses aren’t scared to take chances and experiment with different marketing strategies since they know exactly how to harness the app’s inexhaustible noises, trends, and content ideas for practically unlimited marketing experimentation.

Advisory Excellence Website Traffic Review

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Advisory Excellence Website Traffic Review

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Top Tools for Analysing Website Traffic (including Competitors)

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The Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

You must be informed of emerging trends in your sector to thrive in a cutthroat market. In fact, 72% of businesses use information from social media to make wise business decisions. How do you beat out the competition and make sure your company is taking the necessary steps to succeed? Obviously, by using social media.

Increases Brand Recognition and Awareness

One of the most crucial marketing objectives for every organisation is to increase brand recognition and awareness. Customers want to purchase recognisable brands, which explains this. Many consumers even exhibit some levels of brand loyalty, which has long-term positive effects for businesses. Thank goodness for social media, which makes developing a brand simple and successful.

Compared to traditional media, social media has the advantage of making your brand more accessible to consumers quickly. Additionally, even when people aren’t considering your brand or product, it captures their attention.

Remember to take note of your profile and cover photos. Placing your logo strategically and frequently is an excellent way to build brand recognition.

Aids in Understanding the Interests of Your Target Customers

If you want to effectively contact your target audience, you must understand their interests. You can achieve this by keeping an eye on their online discussions of particular subjects. This process of understanding your audience’s priorities and the trends they’re following is known as social listening. Additionally, by learning about their problems, you may be able to provide material that addresses those problems.

Assists in Providing Prompt Customer Service

Customers now anticipate businesses to respond to their inquiries on social media. A significant investment in customer service can create long-lasting bonds between your business and its clients. The difficulty of providing excellent customer service is still present in the age of social media.

Social media enables instant communication and client input. Additionally, companies can reply to clients immediately away. Having a social media customer care strategy is crucial since 71% of customers who had a great experience with a brand on a social media platform stated they were more inclined to suggest that brand to the people they know.

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