4 Efficient Ways for Businesses to Make International Calls

International means between or involving different countries. Communication is an integral aspect of every relationship. In the business world, it’s not only vital but the core of everything. Communication can be a challenge if you have business partners worldwide.

A few years back, making an international call would cost you an arm and a leg. With the advancements in technology, this situation has changed.  But still, a phone bill can be outrageous if you’re not using the right technology.

Most businesses can’t afford these exorbitant costs because it impacts their profits. Regardless of your telecom company, you can’t avoid hefty costs. But all thanks to technological advancement, it is no longer exorbitant to make an international call.

There are various options organisations can leverage when making an international business call. The variety of apps available in the market make it easy to make free or inexpensive international calls.

But if you’re in business once in a while, you’ll need to dial international landline numbers. Unfortunately, some of the free apps may not allow you to place a call on a landline or mobile number.

Thanks to some Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps, they don’t limit you to only the free apps. You can make calls to landlines or mobile numbers at an affordable rate.

Here are some of the app’s businesses can leverage to make cheap international calls:

1. Talk360

Talk360 is a useful calling app that businesses can leverage. Apps like WhatsApp or Telegram require a steady internet connection to work. Also, the recipient and the caller both need to have the apps installed.

But with Talk360, the recipient doesn’t need the app or an internet connection. When making an international call, you can call landlines, smartphones, or regular phones.

The good news about Talk360 is that it gives a one-minute free trial. So, it’s easy for you to determine if the app will suit your business

Besides, you can use the app to make cheap calls everywhere worldwide. This includes countries in Africa like, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. If you’re in the US, or anywhere else in the globe, you can be calling Nigeria for free using Talk360.

Like many other international calling apps, Talk360 uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The VoIP service makes it easy to connect callers to receivers online. Therefore, you can use Talk360 to make calls to both internet and classic telephone network receivers.

However, you’ll need to install the software on your phone if you’re making calls. The good thing about Talk360 is that you still can make inexpensive and high-quality international calls, whether you’re calling a smartphone or a landline.

2. Skype

Skype is a popular Microsoft online calling and messaging platform. The free online video and voice calls are the ones that made it more widespread. The recipient and the caller should have a Skype account to enjoy their free calls.

The app works on various platforms, and you can use it to send in-app messages. Making an international call to a landline or mobile phone will cost you a small fee. You can leverage the two options available for payment: Skype Credit or a subscription.

Skype Credit is ideal if you don’t frequently make calls to landlines. It acts as a pay-as-you-go service for Skype. You are only required to pay when you’re making calls. Download the app, purchase credits, then key in the desired number and the correct country code.

But a subscription would be best for your business if you frequently call abroad. Monthly subscriptions will give you unlimited international calls.

You’ll have to pay Skype connection fees, besides the direct and subscription payments. The amount varies for different nations. Each nation has a unique call rate.

On Skype’s website, you can enter the country you want to make your call to, to know the rates. However, you shouldn’t be worried as Skype is relatively affordable compared to regular international phone calls.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has at least 2.9 billion active users globally. And 12.5% of all these people use messenger to communicate with one another.

Today, most businesses understand the value Messenger has on global communication. Therefore, Messenger is snowballing as an effective tool for communication.

Facebook is popular because of its messaging abilities. Today businesses can leverage Messenger to make free international calls. All you need is a steady internet connection for the call to be effective.

You can download the app on Apple or Google Play store. By clicking the people icon, it will display if your desired contact is available on Messenger.

But first, ensure that your recipient adds phone numbers to their profile to enjoy free calls. The beauty of this app is that you can make cheap calls even when you’re in transit. Additionally, Messenger is easy to use, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy.

4. FaceTime

The FaceTime app is undoubtedly one of the favourite apps among Apple users. Unfortunately, you need an iPhone or iPad, among other apple devices, to use this app.

If your iPhone has an iOS7, you may make free or cheap premium quality calls to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, or globally.

Just ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection for the calls to be premium. However, if you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection and you’re only using mobile data, it is safe to make only audio calls. This is because video calls will consume an enormous bandwidth making it costly.

Ensure you have the most recent Apple software to enjoy their free international calls. Besides, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Facetime app. You only need to log in with your Apple ID and password to make a call.

Even though it’s limited to Apple users, it has a 15.6% global market share. So, there’s no doubt that some of your business partners may be already using the Facetime app.

Final Thoughts

Most businesses are leveraging the global market. So, you must ensure you can make international business calls to enjoy opportunities.

In today’s world, it is imperative that you find effective ways to save money on international calls.  Thanks to advancements in technology, this is now a reality.  Talk360, Facetime, Messenger, and Skype are some technological apps you can always use to make international calls that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

How Cloud Computing Works And Why Should Businesses Switch To It

Cloud computing is software that allows users to access files and applications over the internet, often through a web browser. Cloud computing providers use their servers to store data and host applications, making them more efficient than traditional servers.

They also let companies share resources like storage space or bandwidth with other organisations. In this way, cloud computing can help businesses save money by reducing their spending on technology infrastructure. Cloud computing provides advantages for companies that have already invested in computers and networking infrastructure (such as large corporations).

However, smaller companies may find it harder to implement because they do not have the same resources at their disposal—or even know what those resources are!

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a data storage solutions software over the internet rather than your computer. This type of computing has been around for years but only recently became popular in businesses because it allows corporations to store large amounts of information online, which they can access anywhere at any time.

Cloud providers offer varying levels of services at different prices. Some cloud providers will give you access to their servers for free; others charge per use or transaction (like Google).

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing is managing data in its most efficient way. It is a network of servers interconnected to the internet. The servers store data and applications, which users can access from any device.

When you use cloud computing, you store your data on servers. The data can then be moved from the server to your client or other devices through a network connection. You can also transfer data from your client device back to the cloud!

When you use cloud computing services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, these cloud servers store all your files on their servers. You can access your data or cloud applications when needed without downloading them again whenever you open up an app or browser window. Instead, cloud servers send you an URL which tells the location of your file or app that you need to access on their servers.

What Are the Different Types of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a broad term for delivering IT services over the internet. There are many different types of cloud computing, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

Private Cloud Computing

A private cloud is only available within an organisation, meaning only those who work with the company can access it. The private cloud is not open to the public. It is also not secured outside of a business setting—which means you will not find any security features like firewalls or intrusion detection software in this environment.

Private clouds stores data securely without using the internet (or at least, not very much). They provide high levels of security without requiring special hardware or software requirements; you need some space somewhere where your applications could run before, they move onto another part of their infrastructure when needed later down the road!

Public Cloud Computing

The public cloud is available to everyone with Internet access; anyone can use it on any device at any time. Public cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Data within the cloud can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model provides scalability, reliability and elasticity by eliminating the need for users to buy or lease hardware.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid clouds combine the best of private and public cloud computing. They are more secure than public cloud deployments but require more management effort. Hybrid clouds offer greater flexibility than private clouds but at the cost of increased costs and complexity. You can use a hybrid cloud solution to deliver applications across multiple data centres within and between organisations with different businesses or shared mission objectives.

How Do Businesses Benefit from Cloud Computing?

In addition to the many benefits cloud computing can offer individual users, businesses can reap significant rewards by switching to this new technology. Here are eight ways your business benefits from using cloud computing services:

  1. Increased storage capacity and flexibility – With cloud storage, companies can quickly increase or decrease their storage capacity as needed without significantly investing in new hardware. This flexibility can save you both time and money in the long run.
  2. Improved collaboration and communication – Cloud-based applications allow employees to collaborate on projects and share files, regardless of location. This collaboration improves company communication and overall efficiency.
  3. Enhanced security – When companies store data on the cloud, it is more secure than keeping it on-premises. Companies offering cloud services have invested in the highest-level security measures to keep data safe, ensuring that your data is secure and in good hands.
  4. Pay-as-you-go pricing – With pay-as-you-go pricing, businesses only pay for the services they use. This pricing scheme can save a significant amount of money compared to traditional licensing models.
  5. Increased scalability – As your business grows, cloud computing can scale with you. Your company will no longer need to invest in additional hardware or infrastructure during expansion. You can use the existing infrastructure that your company already has in place.
  6. Improved disaster recovery – Cloud computing can keep your business running in a natural disaster or power outage. You can store your data safely in a remote location, and only those authorised to use it can access it anywhere with an Internet connection.
  7. Increased flexibility – Cloud computing allows businesses to be more flexible in their operations. Employees can work remotely, and companies can deploy applications and services quickly and easily.
  8. Competitive advantage – By using cloud computing, businesses can gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Those not using the cloud could find themselves at a disadvantage regarding speed, agility, and innovation.

Businesses of any size can benefit from switching to cloud computing for their data storage and applications. Overall, there are many advantages that companies can enjoy by switching to cloud computing. Services, such as increased storage capacity and improved collaboration, can help businesses to save time and money while increasing efficiency.

The pay-as-you-go pricing model can also help companies to save money in the long run. In addition, cloud computing can give businesses a competitive edge over their rivals. Those not using the cloud could find themselves at a disadvantage regarding speed, agility, and innovation.

5 Essential Tips to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

The Internet has made it possible for people to socialise with each other with its wide range of networks spread all over the globe. Undoubtedly, the new age of technology and the internet has drastically influenced our lives by bringing innovative ways of connecting and sharing. So why not put this service to productive use?

Digital marketing is the answer to growing an online business from scratch. From the timelines of social media to the web pages featured on Google, there are many ways to reach customers. Digital marketing strategies apply to every small to significant business, making it an ideal option for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

However, online marketers may know about their business. But following the right strategy would be beneficial to keep their head in the competitive online market. In this article, we will share 5 essential tips to grow your business with digital marketing.

5 Essential Tips for Growing your Online Business:

Let’s discuss how you can grow your online business with digital marketing. The following tips apply to any online business to give you a kickstart in the online marketplace.

1. Create a Prominent Social Media Presence

The most accessible digital media marketing approach is probably via social media platforms. Besides being a simple approach, it’s also the most effective method to grab the targeted audience, as millions of people are scrolling through their social media daily.

Social media grows every day with new accounts. So, it wouldn’t be wise not to use this platform for advertising your online business. Many online businesses have grown through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Currently, both of these platforms have introduced their marketplaces which allow buyers and customers to interact with each other to make deals.

The best way to boost your presence on social media platforms is with the help of influencers. These individuals have millions of followers, meaning they get thousands of views every day. You can reach out to influencers who are relevant to your business. For example, if your online business is about gaming consoles, you may want to approach streamers to promote your brand.

2. Perform Competitor Analysis

When heading into a marketplace, you have to sense the competition first. Your competitors are your rivals in making sales. Therefore, you got to learn what kind of products they are selling, what region they are targeting, and what type of audience they are landing on their webpages.

To make accurate competitor analysis, you can take assistance from the tools like Ahrefs, which provides you complete details on the domain age, etc., of the website. By performing the competitor analysis, you can learn about the targeted audience, and thus you can direct your marketing campaign in that direction to boost your online sales.

Competitor analysis can also give you a brief idea of what kind of content they post online. Plus, you can also fetch the details about high-quality backlinks, which provide an essential boost to your online business platform.

3. Publish Unique Content

This tip is interrelated with our second point, where we discussed competitor analysis. Once you have learned about the type of audience you have to target, the next step is to create the worthy words that would give your brand a voice.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business online. By providing informational content about your online industry, you can let the audience know how your business stands out from the others. You can always approach a blogger to share a review about products and services provided by your online business.

But to get the leads from your competitors and get the audience’s attention, you must make sure your content is as unique as possible. You can use a plagiarism checker free of cost to evaluate the uniqueness of your content. Search engines like Google have stated the uniqueness of content as a significant ranking factor, which is why it’s essential to check duplication before publishing content online.

4. Keep the SEO Factors in sight

Search engine optimisation is the key to promoting your online business, giving you the boost to secure higher spots in search engine page results. SEO is a collection of many factors, including keyword research, internal and external linking, meta titles, and descriptions. So, everything that essentially fulfils the requirements of search engine publishing guidelines fall under SEO.

You can use various tools like Google Analytics and Google Keyword planner to build the appropriate SEO strategy for your website. Featuring the right set of long-tail and short-tail keywords is the ultimate key to securing the spotlight from Google search engine crawlers.

5. Go for Email Marketing

The last but not minor tip is about the email marketing strategy. This approach is a bit too direct, but it works effectively via your existing customers. The idea is to send the new offers, discounts, and arrivals from your online business via email to the current customers who have subscribed to your newsletter.

This information can be gathered from the visitors who land on your online business’s webpage. You can feature a pop-up message about your newsletter subscription where visitors may input their emails so they can get updates about offerings from your online business.


In this rapidly growing era of technology, almost everything has gone digital, and the same concept can be followed for marketing strategies. The idea is to find a practical approach to reaching customers by making sales online. But every growth process requires an effective strategy.

This article featured some of the most effective tips to boost your growth via digital marketing. The tips we shared apply to all sizes and types of businesses as long as they have access to the internet. We hope this article guided you well to grow and establish your online business with digital media marketing.

How to Approach Questions Strategically in Business

Asking questions is a particularly effective method for unlocking value in businesses because it promotes communication and learning, encourages creativity and performance enhancement, and fosters rapport and trust amongst team members.

Additionally, it helps reduce corporate risk by revealing hidden traps and dangers. However, few business leaders view questioning as a skill that can be developed or examine how their own responses to questions could improve interactions.

Some people have no trouble asking questions. The right question is always on the tip of their tongue due to their inherent curiosity, emotional intelligence, and aptitude for reading others. However, most of us don’t ask enough questions or pose them in the best way.

The good news is that we naturally develop our emotional intelligence by asking questions, which results in a positive feedback loop whereby we become better questioners. In this article, we explore how the questions and responses we give to others might affect the course of discussions by drawing on findings from behavioural science research.

In order to get the most out of our interactions—for both us and our organisations—we provide advice on the appropriate type, tone, sequencing, and structuring of inquiries as well as what and how much information to disclose.

You won’t get if you don’t ask.

Why do we hold back so much? There are numerous causes. It’s possible for someone to be egocentric and eager to impress others with their own ideas, tales, and thoughts (and not even think to ask questions). It’s possible that they are apathetic; they don’t care enough to inquire or think the responses will bore them. They might have an overinflated sense of their own intelligence and believe they already know the solutions (which sometimes they do, but usually not).

Perhaps they fear that if they ask the wrong question, others will think they are impolite or stupid. However, we believe that the main barrier is that the majority of people don’t realise the value of excellent questioning. If they did, they would use more commas and significantly fewer periods to conclude sentences.

Record Month for Advisory Excellence as Readership Soars

As the company continues to innovate, Advisory Excellence has set new monthly records. Between August and September 10, articles on our website had 56,998 unique visitors. SaaS platform SEMrush collected the data.

SEMrush is often used for keyword research and online ranking data, including metrics such as search volume and cost per click.

SEMrush is often used for keyword research and online ranking data, including metrics such as search volume and cost per click

The technique of increasing the quantity and quality of search engine traffic to a website or web page is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). It has been proven that content marketing is a powerful SEO tool. The more regular and high-quality content you produce, the better.

During the past year, we have seen more than double the number of visitors as more and more people seek out our fact-based, data-driven insight and analysis. In addition, we’re leading the way in social media engagement.

Why not follow Advisory Excellence on social media?

For businesses seeking to reach media channels and outlets around the world, Advisory Excellence provides cost-effective content marketing and distribution services.

Creating interesting and regular newsworthy content is endlessly possible for businesses. Our team can assist in the publication of thought-leadership articles, such as opinion and analysis pieces, which will enhance your practice’s profile.

You may wish to include the following topics in your press releases:

  1. Opening a new business
  2. Relocating or opening a new office
  3. Announcing company expansion
  4. Launching a new product
  5. Announcing a product update or new product feature
  6. Rebranding or updating your company name
  7. Celebrating a company milestone or anniversary
  8. Launching a new website
  9. Supporting a non-profit or cause
  10. Volunteering
  11. Receiving a donation
  12. Participating in a national or local event
  13. Launching a new campaign
  14. Receiving an award
  15. Announcing financial earnings results or forecasts
  16. Sharing monthly sales reports
  17. Releasing a thought leadership piece from an industry expert
  18. Announcing an acquisition or merger
  19. Hosting a webinar
  20. Promoting an upcoming event
  21. Announcing an accomplishment
  22. Receiving a certification
  23. Introducing a new hire
  24. Announcing an internal promotion
  25. Announcing a new partnership or collaboration
  26. Issuing a letter to shareholders
  27. Offering a free training or resource

We use the strength of online social media and our dependable, cutting-edge distribution strategies to help promote your message widely.

We concentrate on content SEO to make sure you are constructing world-class experiences, matching SERP intent, and providing solutions for the end user. We think that placing emphasis will most likely provide Google with the long-term solution they’re seeking for.

Today, submit your news release online to our wire to attract new clients.

6 Tips When Selecting An ATS Software

Applicant tracking software (ATS) plays a critical role in any organisation. It helps streamline the human resource processes, especially during talent acquisition. In simple terms, it helps organisations identify and hire the best employees in the job market. Thus, you can consider implementing this technology to manage job applicants in your organisation.

Job interview online service or platform. Idea of employment and hiring procedure. Recruiter searching for a job candidate. ATS. Flat vector illustration

However, not every ATS software in the market can be suitable for your business. And selecting the wrong computer application won’t add value to your business.

Therefore, ensure you install the right ATS software in your business systems by implementing the following tips:

1. Choose An ATS Software That Leverages Social Media Platforms

Over the past few years, social media platforms have become integral to running a business. For instance, business owners and managers use them to find employees for their enterprises.

You also need to note that many job seekers spend most of their time on social media finding employment opportunities. Therefore, posting job vacancies on social media enables you to connect with many job seekers. That increases your chances of hiring top talents on the market.

Therefore, you should consider selecting an ATS application that leverages social media platforms. As a result, you’ll be able to post jobs on social media channels without hassles.

2. Select ATS System That Integrates Well With Your Existing Automation Tools

Consider automating all processes to enhance the growth and success of your enterprise. So, apart from the ATS system, you’ll have other automation tools on your business website. And that’s where integration comes in. It ensures the new ATS system works harmoniously with other computer programs, promoting your company’s overall efficiency.

Besides, ensure any ATS system you select is compatible with your computers and enhances business efficiency.

3. Purchase A Scalable ATS System

Today, you might be running a start-up or a small business. That means you only need a few employees to assist in running the business. For that reason, you might be tempted to select any ATS software you find on the market without asking whether it’s scalable or not.

Acquiring a non-scalable ATS system can cost you less than a scalable one. However, it’ll cost you more money on your business in the future. For instance, such software won’t support the

growth of your company. As a result, you’ll be forced to purchase and install a new system in the future when your recruitment needs increase.

Therefore, ensure you select a scalable ATS system. It will grow with your enterprise. And it’ll help handle the growth of your recruitment now and in the future, which enables you to save a lot of money in the long run.

4. Find A User-Friendly ATS System

You want to install an ATS system in your business to simplify your recruitment process. With that, you should find a user-friendly tool.

One of the reasons you’d want to find user-friendly ATS software is to make work easier for your recruitment personnel. They should take the least time to learn and quickly work with the new system that enhances their experience. As a result, they’ll be more productive.

Apart from the hiring team, the selected ATS system should also promote job seekers’ experience
to increase your chances of finding the best employees on the market.

5. Find ATS software With The Right Features

There are several types of ATS systems on the market. However, they all come with different features. And the selection will majorly rely on what you want to achieve with the software.

Ensure you find an ATS system with the right features, such as social sharing, interview schedulers, sorting applicants, and onboarding tools.

6. Install ATS System With Sufficient Security Features

Cybersecurity attacks are a major concern among business owners. That’s because such attacks can lead to the loss of data. And when you lose data, you might not be able to run your business perfectly. Therefore, you can consider purchasing ATS software with good security features that ensures hackers don’t compromise your company data.

There are several security features you should consider when selecting your ATS system. These include auto clean, automatic update, authentication capability, data encryption, firewall protection, etc.


There are different types of ATS software on the market. As a result, most business owners find it challenging to identify the right one. Therefore, they end up installing tools that don’t adequately serve their companies. For that reason, you can implement the tips above to help find the right ATS system for your business recruitment process.