How Will Regulation Affect Cryptocurrency?

Since the beginning of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been both praised for its potential and criticised for its lack of regulation. Some believe that regulation will help to legitimise cryptocurrency and attract more mainstream investors, while others worry that too much regulation will stifle innovation. So far, governments have taken a variety of approaches to regulating cryptocurrency, and it’s still unclear what the most effective approach will be.

In the early days of Bitcoin, many people were attracted to the currency because it was seen as an unregulated Wild West. However, as Bitcoin has become more popular, governments have begun to take notice and consider how to best regulate the currency. Some countries, like China, have outright banned cryptocurrency exchanges, while others have been more welcoming. Japan, for example, has legalised Bitcoin and introduced regulations that are designed to protect investors.

The United States has taken a more piecemeal approach to regulation, with different agencies taking different stances. The SEC has cracked down on some ICOs that it believes are violating securities laws, while the CFTC has allowed Bitcoin futures trading. It’s still unclear how the US will approach regulation in the long run, but it’s clear that the government is taking cryptocurrency seriously.

Cryptocurrency regulation is still in its early days, and it’s hard to predict how it will develop. However, it’s clear that regulation will have a big impact on the future of cryptocurrency. Investors should pay close attention to developments in this area, as they will likely have a significant impact on the value of their investments.

What will be the impact of regulation on cryptocurrencies?

Safer Crypto Ecosystem

The SEC has been clamping down on ICOs and crypto exchanges, and this is likely to continue. This is good news for investors, as it will create a more regulated and safe environment in which to invest. However, it remains to be seen how this will affect the price of cryptocurrencies.

The SEC’s actions are designed to protect investors from fraud and to ensure that companies comply with securities laws. In the past, there have been many instances of fraud in the crypto world, and the SEC is working to put an end to this.

The SEC has already shut down several ICOs and exchanges, and it is likely that more will be shut down in the future. This will make it harder for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, but it will also make the market more stable.

More Stability in the Market

The SEC has been providing more clarity lately on its views of cryptocurrency. In March, the SEC issued a report that concluded that digital assets like Bitcoin are not securities. This was a relief to many in the industry, as it removed the possibility of crypto being heavily regulated like other securities. If you are familiar with cryptocurrency regulations, you will know how SEC and crypto lending regulation are getting a lot of attention now. Some time ago, the SEC charged two individuals with running a fraudulent crypto lending scheme. The SEC alleges that the defendants promised annual returns of up to 45%, but instead used investor funds to pay for their own expenses and make Ponzi-like payments to earlier investors.

This case is important because it shows that the SEC is taking an active interest in regulating the crypto lending space. This is good news for investors, as it will help to create more stability in the market. With clear rules and regulations in place, investors will feel more confident about investing in crypto. This will lead to more capital flowing into the space, and ultimately to more innovation and growth.

So far, the SEC has been slow to act on crypto. But the recent cases show that the SEC is starting to take a more active role in regulating the space. This is good news for investors and will help to create more stability in the market.

Increase Investor Protection and Confidence

How will SEC regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms affect investors? The SEC’s decision to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms is a positive step for protecting investors. By doing so, the SEC is providing more clarity and structure to an industry that has been notoriously opaque. This will help increase investor confidence in the space, as well as provide more protection from fraud and other malicious activity.

In addition, the SEC’s decision to require registration of cryptocurrency exchanges will help to level the playing field between these exchanges and traditional securities exchanges. This will make it easier for investors to compare apples to apples when choosing where to invest their money. Overall, the SEC’s regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms is a positive development for the industry and will help to increase investor protection and confidence.

Stablecoins May Face Greater Scrutiny

The rise of stablecoins has been one of the most talked-about trends in the cryptocurrency space over the past year. These digital assets are designed to offer all the benefits of cryptocurrency, without the volatility that has come to be associated with Bitcoin and other major coins.

This stability is achieved by pegging the value of a stablecoin to another asset, typically a fiat currency like the US dollar. Tether (USDT), the most popular stablecoin in the market, is pegged to the dollar on a one-to-one basis. While stablecoins have been incredibly popular with investors and traders looking for a way to hedge against volatility, they have also come under increased scrutiny from regulators. One of the key concerns that regulators have with stablecoins is the way in which they are managed and operated. Because stablecoins are designed to maintain a consistent value, there is often tight control over their supply. This can be compared to traditional fiat currencies, which are managed by central banks that can print more money as needed.

The SEC’s decision to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms is a positive step for protecting investors. By doing so, the SEC is providing more clarity and structure to an industry that has been notoriously opaque. This will help increase investor confidence in the space, as well as provide more protection from fraud and other malicious activity.

In addition, the SEC’s decision to require registration of cryptocurrency exchanges will help to level the playing field between these exchanges and traditional securities exchanges. This will make it easier for investors to compare apples to apples when choosing where to invest their money. Overall, the SEC’s regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms is a positive development for the industry and will help to increase investor protection and confidence.

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Wallets and How They Work

Cryptocurrency wallets are devices, physical mediums, programs or services which store the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency is a decentralised digital asset, meaning it does not have a central authority like a government, company, or bank that can issue more of it, freeze accounts, etc. Instead, it is decentralised and managed by its users.

The first cryptocurrency was introduced in the year 2009, and the market is still growing at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, it can be a little tricky to understand and adopt the new technology. Crypto-assets are becoming an increasingly popular way to invest, especially with the recent boom in the price of many digital currencies. However, investing in crypto assets comes with a lot of risks.

In this article, we will help to learn how to choose the right crypto wallet and set it up securely on your digital device. Let us get started!

Here you can find top cryptocurrency wallets reviewed and ranked.

What are cryptocurrency types?

When you already know what a cryptocurrency is, you should also get familiar with its types. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and now it is on top of other altcoins because of the privacy, scalability, and functionality it supports. You cannot find the best cryptocurrency to buy because that question is very subjective, and there is no the best one in the market. The different types of coins are Ethereum, Terra, Solana, XRP, Tether, and many more.

When you research and choose the one you plan to buy, also think about a wallet to save it.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

Crypto wallets are the means by which we store, secure, and manage our digital assets. A bitcoin wallet is where your digital bitcoins are stored, and your cryptocurrency transactions are verified when you trade them (and other cryptocurrencies). Just like a regular wallet holds physical currency when you are not using it, a cryptocurrency wallet is where you store your digital currency. As a secure place to store proof of ownership, cryptocurrency wallets can take the form of physical hardware or software installed on your smartphone, computer, or cloud.

They offer a wide range of benefits to users, from the ability to take financial freedom into your own hands to the opportunity to participate in global economic ecosystems without depending on centralised institutions like a bank to do so.

Where to store a cryptocurrency

Many cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to store cryptocurrencies in a wallet on the exchange, and some people leave them there. Please note that there is a difference between storing your cryptocurrency on the company’s exchange and in a Coinbase wallet. With this wallet, you cannot buy cryptocurrencies using traditional currencies, so you will need to transfer your cryptocurrencies from a non-custodial wallet.

This is considered one of the most secure types of crypto wallet, but it lacks the convenience of a hot wallet that could allow you to quickly trade and transfer your crypto funds.

What is a non-custodial wallet?

While a non-custodial wallet can be complex and expensive, it will keep your crypto assets safe even if your computer is hacked. Most non-custodial wallets (wallets that you fully own) offer downloadable software that you can use to protect your private key and crypto-assets. Also, you can use a non-custodial wallet to take part in more complex DeFi transactions and support a hardware wallet if you want to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies securely.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies for beginners, it may make sense to start with an escrow wallet, such as the one offered on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency wallets

Exchanges allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but you still need a wallet that acts as your personal digital address and contains all the cryptocurrencies you trade with. If you are interested in using cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, you need to create a crypto wallet. Everything aside, the first step to getting into the Cryptoverse is to create a crypto wallet to store all your cryptocurrencies in one place securely.

Just as you need a wallet to protect your money and credit cards, you also need to know where you will store your cryptocurrencies.

Final words about cryptocurrency Wallets

If you dabble in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can get away with storing your private keys in a software wallet. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets are online and sometimes offline storage platforms that encrypt your private key, protecting your crypto assets. Crypto Wallet provides secure storage and storage of your cryptocurrency wallets and private keys, giving you access to your assets so you can store, send and receive tokens and digital coins.

Do not forget that crypto wallets are the safest way to store your cryptocurrencies!

Expert Advice On How To Invest For Retirement With Cryptocurrency

It’s been a turbulent year for cryptocurrency. But it’s not too late to invest, and if you do so wisely, there are great opportunities ahead. Investing in cryptocurrency is an unconventional strategy for retirement savings.

A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network that is not reliant on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it.

Here’s how to do it right:

1) Get Educated

The most important thing is to know how it works and why it’s such a compelling investment. Cryptocurrencies are so popular today because they’re decentralised and anonymous entities that exist apart from any governmental control. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin offer investors a unique opportunity to put their money in something totally different than the traditional stock market. Also, investing in cryptocurrency can be profitable because it tends to be more volatile than the stock market. This means that compared to investing in traditional stocks, cryptocurrency has higher potential returns. However, for an investment to be successful, it will depend on how much you’re willing to risk and what returns you require. You should arm yourself with more knowledge about this topic to fully understand your investment. The more knowledgeable you are, the better your chances will be of maximising returns while minimising risk.

2) Start Early

If you want to get the best returns on your investment, it’s better to start early. If you do not have much money right now, don’t be discouraged. You can begin by buying cryptocurrency using what little money is available, or trading forex with small amounts of currency for practice before investing in larger quantities. Another option is to buy fractions of cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrencies, the smallest unit is called a ‘Satoshi’, which is one hundred-millionth of a bitcoin at today’s prices. It may not sound like much but it will add up over time and soon you’ll have a more substantial amount that can be traded for more profit.

3) Invest Through Your 401K Plan

One of the best ways to invest is through a 401K. As long as you have an account, it’s easy to transfer funds from your 401K to cryptocurrency investment. This means you’ll be using your retirement savings with money that wouldn’t normally be accessible. You can also take out loans against it, but not without penalty. However, it should be noted that any 401K funds are limited to certain types of investments, so keep this in mind when making the transfer.

Another option is to invest through an IRA. This can be done using special cryptocurrency accounts, and it’s relatively simple to set up. Again, the limit will depend on what types of investments are allowed in that particular account.

4) Do Not Invest More Than You Can Afford To Lose

You should never invest more than you can afford to lose without jeopardising your daily life. It’s important to think like this because cryptocurrency is notoriously volatile and can go up and down in price very quickly. If you invest more than you can afford to lose, it’s impossible not to worry about losing money as soon as the price drops. You should only invest what you’re willing to sacrifice for your retirement savings.

5) Remain Diverse

It’s important to not put all your eggs in one basket. This is especially true for cryptocurrency, which holds the possibility of radical highs and lows. You should never put all your money in one cryptocurrency because if it fails, you stand to lose everything. While you may be tempted to invest in Bitcoin if you want to sleep well on your way to retirement, diversify your portfolio. This can also mean investing in stocks, bonds, and other traditional investment vehicles in addition to cryptocurrency. Diversification is the key to success when investing in cryptocurrency and other assets.

6) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Are you confused about how to invest in cryptocurrency? Are you unsure of what strategies to use for the best returns on your investments? That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. You can ask professionals or experts that are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency for advice. They may be able to guide you through the process, point out mistakes, and help manage your portfolio. It’s important to retain the services of someone with investment experience as they may be able to provide you with information that you don’t have.

Cryptocurrency is a new type of asset, and it’s been receiving a lot of attention from investors. For some, it has proven to be a worthwhile investment for retirement savings. Hopefully, the tips found here will help you set up a portfolio that will give you the highest returns.

ICOA Closes 240 Million BGBF Acquisition

In business, a takeover is the purchase of one company by another. In the UK, the term refers to the acquisition of a public company whose shares are listed on a stock exchange, in contrast to the acquisition of a private company.

McapMediaWire – ICOA Inc. (OTC PINK: ICOA) (“ICOA” or the “Company”) a publicly traded Nevada company currently entering the DeFi, Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse space through multiple acquisitions, announces the closing of its acquisition of BGBF, South East Asia’s 1st insured Bitcoin Fund.

The terms of the LOI have been finalised and legal sign off has been completed. As such, the Company’s management has elected to move ahead with the closing of its BGBF acquisition in a transaction valued at USD 240000000.

As part of the acquisition, ICOA is acquiring 100% of BGBF in return for RESTRICTED PREFERRED shares of ICOA.

“Months of work have finally come to fruition. BGBF is now part of the ICOA Family. We know our shareholders and investors were eager to hear this news. We could not be happier or more optimistic about this latest development. The team has been hard at work laying the foundation for what we intend to make ICOA into a strategic and thought leader in the Crypto, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse space is what we aim to become. With the continuous support and advisory of Dr. Vin Menon and his team, we expect iBG and BGBF to become a name brands in our industry.” said Hadria Wong, CEO of ICOA Inc.

We invite shareholders and investors to follow our social media handle on Twitter for daily updates on the latest developments.



ICOA Inc. is a publicly traded Nevada company currently entering the DeFi, Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse space through multiple acquisitions. ICOA entered the DeFi space with its first acquisition of IBG Finance and expects to close the second acquisition of BGBF in December 2021.

About BGBF

BGBF Company Logo

BGBF Company Logo

BGBF is South East Asia’s First Insured Bitcoin denominated Fund. The Fund provides Bitcoin exposure to investors, while offering insurance coverage & underwriting for public offering security insurance (POSI), striving to deliver safe and secured investment.



This press release contains forward-looking statements that can be identified by terminology such as “believes,” “expects,” “potential,” “plans,” “suggests,” “may,” “should,” “could,” “intends,” or similar expressions. Many forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from any future results implied by such statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, our ability to continue to enhance our products and systems to address industry changes, our ability to expand our customer base and retain existing customers, our ability to effectively compete in our market segment, the lack of public information on our company, our ability to raise sufficient capital to fund our business, operations, our ability to continue as a going concern, and a limited public market for our common stock, among other risks. Many factors are difficult to predict accurately and are generally beyond the company’s control. Forward-looking statements speak only as to the date they are made, and we do not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made.


Contact: Erwin Vahlsing

3 Reasons to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2021

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a collection of binary data which is designed to work as a medium of exchange where individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledger which is a computerised database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership.

1. It Has Never Been Easier To Invest

The prospect of making the leap into cryptocurrency can be a daunting prospect at first. However, times have changed and there is now much more information out there to enable investors to quickly navigate the world of cryptocurrency without many of the previous barriers to entry. Coinbase has a huge network of around 10 million investors and is one of the most popular platforms at present, allowing investors to easily purchase Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin to name a few.

2. The Long Game

As with any investment, you need to keep focused on the long-term viability. If you become obsessed with short-term loss, every variation in price will have you worrying that you’ve made the wrong investment decision. This could cause you to panic sell at a lower price than you bought it for, when in reality, holding until the price recovers, and then went even higher, would have been the more sensible move. The cryptocurrency-market is volatile and price fluctuations will always happen, with some more concerning than others. The recent crash made even the most hardened investors a little hot under the collar, but two weeks later Bitcoin bounced back with predictions of higher price surges in the coming months. You should always be looking at investments over the longer term (5+ years), as this is where the true gains are likely to be made.

3. Digital Currencies Are The Future

Bitcoin has led the way so far with its domination of the cryptocurrency market and it may be the most recognised coins. The moment to reap the largest rewards from Bitcoin has already passed, with those who invested in the unknown coin many years ago having made eye-watering returns. Investors who are looking for those big returns must expand their horizons by investing in alternative coins such as Ethereum and Litecoin, which are two very promising cryptocurrencies. At this point, it is worth noting that with any investment of this kind, the risk remains extremely high and you must be prepared to lose the entire investment. It is therefore only advisable to invest what you are happy to lose, and what is affordable. The road to cryptocurrency-investing success isn’t guaranteed, so it should only form part of a wider portfolio of varied-risk investments. You should also seek independent advice before making new investment decisions.

Advisory Excellence is an international network. With over 1500 members around the globe, we are ready to help you wherever you are in the world.

Want To Start Trading Crypto? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Do you want to start trading crypto? As the number of people using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. continues to increase, more and more online exchanges are opening up where you can buy and sell these digital currencies.

If you’re interested in trading cryptocurrencies, there are some really useful tips that will help get you started in the right direction.

1. Alternative Platforms

When it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies, there are a number of things that you need to take into account. For instance, is there a large enough market for the crypto coin that you’re interested in trading?

In addition, what kind of fees will you have to pay when moving your capital from one exchange to the next? Another thing that you’ll need to do is research what alternative platforms are available. A lot of people that are just starting out might not know that it’s possible to trade with no fees, which as you can imagine is a huge advantage. In other words, there might be a better platform for your crypto-trading needs than those which are the most popular.

While you shouldn’t go to just any site offering benefits, it’s always a good video to look at what people are saying online about different platforms, and make an informed decision from there.

2. Location And Regulations

The legislation that surrounds cryptocurrency is constantly evolving. In some countries, there are next to no regulations when it comes to cryptos, while in other countries there are a number of restrictions.

If you want to do anything with cryptos, it’s important to make sure that you’re not breaking any rules by trading where you live. For instance, as of recently, there are reports that China has banned all crypto transactions – mining and trading included! Because it’s still a relatively new thing, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest regulations if you want to stay on the right side of the law.

A good idea is to check the news daily concerning cryptocurrency and see what’s been going on in countries all over the world. If you keep an eye on everything, you’ll have a lot more of an advantage over those who don’t.

3. Bitcoin And Altcoin

There’s a pretty good reason why Bitcoin is such as hot topic at the moment. It has the highest market capitalisation (the total value of all tokens on circulation), and it drives everything else on the market. That being said, if you’re going to be trading any cryptocurrency, make sure that you’ve figured out which one will be most profitable before you get started.

Even though Bitcoin has the highest market cap, it’s still not something that everyone can get involved with because of how expensive it is to buy. The best thing to do when you’re starting out for cryptocurrency trading is to study coins like Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and Stellar – in addition to Bitcoin – and the currencies in general. By doing this, you’ll have the best chance of making the most money in the shortest possible time frame. Having a more diverse portfolio is a good way to hedge your bets and increase the potential gains of any trade. Because if you put all of your money into one thing, and it goes down, then it’s going to take even more out of your wallet than if you had diversified earlier on.

If you’re looking at the cryptocurrency market, then it’s important that you’re careful when it comes to altcoins. While some people are trying to make money on them, there are others who want to get their hands on your money. A lot of the time, these cryptocurrencies will simply disappear with your money – and there’s nothing that you can do about it. However, if you want to make the most out of trading altcoins then you need to find high-quality coins that are likely to go up in value over time. The reason for this is that there are thousands of different altcoins out there, but only a few of them will stand the test of time.

4. Blockchain And Mining

When it comes to mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there are a number of factors that will impact how much money you’re able to make when you set up your own mining rig.

One of the biggest factors is location, as you’ll need a lot of cooling if you don’t want to burn your house down. In addition, it’s important to note that the cost of electricity will have an impact on how much money you’re able to make from mining. Furthermore, there are a lot of other costs that people simply forget about, like software and hardware costs. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re looking at the profitability of mining any cryptocurrency.

However, if you invest in mining hardware and cloud storage, then this is one of the most profitable things you can do at the moment. The reason for that is that it’s not like any other business – which usually involves a lot of upfront costs before the business itself becomes profitable enough to run.

5. Security

Not everyone is in the same boat when it comes to security, but no matter how good your security is there are always going to be risks when you’re trading cryptocurrency.

Because of this, it’s important that you understand what the threats are before deciding whether or not you want to get started with trading cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest threats out there is the risk of losing your private keys – so make sure that you keep them as safe as possible. One thing that you can do to help with this is to always double-check that your computer and web browser are protected and updated with the latest security patches. If they aren’t, then hackers will be able to steal everything from you in no time at all.

However, the biggest threat is still the fact that crypto exchanges are vulnerable to attacks. For example, if you’re exchanging Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency through your web wallet or Ethereum in digital currency exchange, then you have to be wary of hackers getting access to your account. One way in which you can try and stop this from happening is to use multi-factor authentication on your account, as well as encrypting your private keys.

In a lot of ways, trading cryptocurrency isn’t all that different from any other industry where you have to be wary of things going wrong. However, unlike traditional businesses which rely on physical assets and people working for them, cryptocurrencies rely on technology and the internet. However, if you’re careful then it’s possible to trade cryptocurrency without having to worry about things going wrong. The best way to do this is by investing in the right equipment and keeping your private keys as safe as possible. Then you can use a trading platform to increase your chances of success even more, which makes cryptocurrency trading a very attractive proposition!