Steps To Evolve A Small Business Into A Large Business

A small business is often privately owned, does not employ many people, and has a low volume of sales. You will find that it is easier to enter the world of business with a smaller enterprise.

There are fewer factors to maintain, and it provides you with an education on how to run things before you take up the main stage. However, there may come a time when you wish to expand, and there are several steps you need to think about beforehand.

Making the leap from running a small business to a large business can have huge benefits if you do it correctly. So, read on to find out the steps you must take to evolve your company.

New Legislation

It is perfectly normal for you to start your business without any additional staff. However, expansion means that there are more tasks to complete. Therefore, you will need to hire more staff to continue making a profit.

Staff management does not solely mean that you need to hire more staff to become a larger business. That would be too easy. There are additional business practices that you must consider when bringing on more staff. For example, any business that employs more than five workers must complete a risk assessment. These assessments shouldn’t take long, especially if you use an online Method Statement Template, such as this one from HS Direct. This is just one example of how many additional pieces of legislation you will need when you begin your expansion, so make sure you do your research before you make any drastic changes.

Increase Your Reach

If you have reached the point where you are ready to expand your business, it usually means that you have served as many people in your local community as possible. Therefore, your next move should be to find customers outside of this perimeter.

This step may mean that you increase your delivery radius, or that you may have to open a secondary office. However, you will struggle to perform either of these objectives if you do not let the world know of your intentions. Before you spend money on expansion, make sure that you have increased your marketing to create a customer base that justifies moving to the next level. By doing so, you can ensure that you already have a customer base lying in wait for when your product finally becomes available to them.


Starting a small business can be expensive, but it only gets more expensive the more you choose to expand. Fortunately, there are avenues that you can pursue to expand your business across the country without having to put too much of your own money on the line.

Franchising allows other parties to use your license in exchange for a small fee. This act keeps your brand operating elsewhere while you reap all the benefits. Just make sure that you set out a set of instructions to keep these other sellers on brand, and you should find expanding a lot easier when you choose to franchise.


There isn’t always a need to expand into a large business. However, if you feel like you are ready make sure that you follow the steps above to seamlessly make the transition.