Is Starting a New Life in Phoenix a Good Idea?

Have you been contemplating a move to a new city? If so, Phoenix may be the perfect place for you to start a new life. The desert city is the jewel of Arizona, offering opportunities for adventure, career growth and a high quality of life that few other cities can match.

It is also close to many prime locations and tourist attractions in the Southwest region. Phoenix offers a thriving economy and job market, with major industries including technology, healthcare, finance and manufacturing. Here are some reasons why starting a new life in Phoenix is a good idea.

Thriving Local Economy

Phoenix has an expanding economy that has been on the rise for several years. The city’s major industries encompass diverse areas such as technology, healthcare, finance and manufacturing providing a myriad of opportunities for career advancement and financial security. Phoenix also comprises various entertainment venues and sports teams which add to a lively job market within the tourism sector.

Many Neighbourhoods to Choose From

From Mesa to Scottsdale, Phoenix has a diverse range of neighbourhoods to choose from that cater to different lifestyles and budgets. So, if you apply for a home loan in Phoenix, you will have a variety of options to choose from and can find the perfect community to suit your needs and preferences. Location is also a major factor in choosing the right neighbourhood, and Phoenix offers easy access to highways and public transportation for those who need to commute to work or explore the city.

Abundant Outdoor Activities

Despite the need to manage high temperatures, Phoenix provides abundant outdoor pursuits all year round. With its breath-taking landscapes and constant sunshine, visitors can explore a diverse range of activities such as rock climbing, biking trails, water sports or golf courses. The golfing scene is especially significant in Phoenix given that this city offers tourists exceptional access to an array of outstanding facilities catering for all levels of playability.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other large cities in the United States, Phoenix has a relatively low cost of living. It is why many from California and other expensive cities are flocking to Phoenix for the affordable lifestyle.

Nonetheless, the surge in home values denotes that it is prudent to seek counsel from a reliable real estate agent to obtain lucrative bargains. Phoenix’s affordable cost of living leads to financial security and an enhanced lifestyle for anyone moving into the city. With options suited for young adults starting their careers, families with kids or retirees hoping for peaceful days under sunny skies, everyone can find what suits them best in Phoenix.

Great Weather All Year

Phoenix is also known for its beautiful weather, with sunshine almost every day of the year. In fact, Phoenix boasts an average of 299 sunny days per year, making it an excellent place to enjoy outdoor activities and a more active lifestyle. A 75-degree Christmas, anyone? It does get hot during the summer, but with access to swimming pools and air-conditioned spaces, you can still enjoy all that Phoenix has to offer. Phoenix is undeniably a great place to live, work, and play.


Phoenix is a fantastic city that caters to all interests. With its numerous outdoor recreations, reasonable living expenses and pleasant climate throughout the year, you’ll find everything you need here. Although it was once deemed unsustainable in the past, Phoenix has made significant headway in promoting sustainability through policy implementation aimed at effective resource management. If you’re searching for an exceptional quality of life with plenty of possibilities, then Phoenix should be on your list to consider.

Starting a new life in Phoenix can be made easier by securing a home loan. To get started, you may want to enlist the help of an excellent real estate agent who will assist you in navigating housing options and making informed choices on your dream house while providing support throughout the buying process. With mounting prices for existing homes, it might also be worth exploring options such as building custom houses which cater to both needs and budgetary constraints.

This approach allows great flexibility and minimises competition from other buyers looking at pre-existing residential units. At any rate, don’t miss out on all that Phoenix has to offer- take advantage of every opportunity! It’s time for an elevated standard of living characterised by endless possibilities!

Cyber Enviro-Tech Has Submitted its S-1 Registration Statement in Full

McapMediaWire – The Scottsdale, Arizona-based, publicly traded Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. (OTC: CETI) is happy to report that its S-1 Registration Statement, which was submitted to and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 19, 2023, is now complete. Now that CETI is a fully-reporting public corporation, it is required to submit quarterly reviewed financial statements and annual audited financial statements.

CEO Kim D. Southworth believes that this will boost investor confidence in the veracity of our financial statements and company activities, which are now included in our quarterly and annual filings.

The company was able to develop and test its technologies while keeping the mineral rights to its pilot oil field in west Texas by raising more than $2.3 million. With the use of its water filtering, injection, and reservoir improvement technologies, CETI will be able to show that it can increase oil output through the deployment of these early oil wells.

Cyber Enviro-Tech won’t be employing any hazardous chemicals, which will allow it to lessen the environmental impact of oil well maintenance. The Alvey Ranch serves as the foundation for establishing different revenue streams. When this initial Pilot Program is successful, CETI will attempt to collaborate with existing operators of stripper wells to boost their production capacity and boost the Company’s revenue.

Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. – Innovative Leader in Water Science Technology

About Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc.

Water science technologies are combined by CETI, an organisation with a focus on the environment, to make water use and consumption safer, more effective, and more affordable. The oil and gas sector is the focus of our opening discussion. The company has the capacity to address a broad range of water contamination problems brought on by the extraction of oil and gas. The Firm also uses cutting-edge, unique tools and procedures to boost oil output.

We achieve this by utilising technologies from the fourth industrial revolution to greatly simplify the mechanics of oil extraction while drastically lowering labour costs, minimising the need for water trucks, improving oil recovery, and enabling real-time activity monitoring using metrics and instant data.

Forward-Looking Statements:

Forward-looking statements are any statements in this press release that do not relate to historical fact. Financial forecasts, management plans and objectives for current and future operations, the development, obtaining of regulatory approvals, and commercialisation of the Company’s products, or any proposed services, systems, licencing agreements, joint ventures, partnerships, or acquisitions by the Company are all examples of forward-looking statements.

Such forward-looking statements do not intend to forecast or guarantee future performance, and actual events or outcomes could differ materially from those projected.

The inability to secure additional financing, the impact of significant new or changing government regulation on the industry, existing or increased competition, the outcomes of arbitration and litigation, stock volatility and illiquidity, and the Company’s general failure to effectively implement the Company’s plans are all factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from any projections. The Company disclaims any need to revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances that may happen after the release date.

Contact Information:

Winston McKellar,
Dir of IR/PR
Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc.
6991 E. Camelback Rd., Suite D-300
Scottsdale, AZ 85231

Why Buckeye, Arizona Homes are a Hot Real Estate Buy

Buckeye in Arizona is quickly becoming one of the best places to live. First, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. A major reason for this is that Buckeye has a low crime rate. This, so, makes it one of the most attractive places to consider. Here are more reasons why homes in Buckeye are a hot real estate buy.

Affordable Housing Compared to Major Metro Cities

Even with the city’s rapid growth, Buckeye still has affordable housing. The prices of properties depend on land size, house size, and location. An outstanding element is there is a home option for all family sizes. This means you’ll not lack an option suitable for you.

The median price for homes in Buckeye is around $385,000. Additionally, prices of homes between 1600-2400 feet go from $300,000 to $400,000. This is cheaper than homes in major metro cities such as New York. The average home in this major city goes for about $745,000.

You can further take the comparison of home prices in Buckeye vs. Los Angeles. Notably, Los Angeles, California, is 62% more expensive than Buckeye. The median price of homes in this metro city is about $998,000. This is significantly higher compared to New York City.

Proof that Buckeye housing is affordable doesn’t end there. This emerging city still wins when it comes to Buckeye vs. Austin, TX. The median price of homes in Austin, Texas, is around $624,000. From the comparisons, Buckeye is ideal if you want a low-cost area close to major cities.

Popular Master Planned Communities

Attributing to Buckeye’s growth are the master-planned communities; Verrado and Tartesso. These communities have various housing options, including custom-made and community homes. Also, the area has top-notch indoor and outdoor amenities. Here’s what each community has to offer.


The common features of this community are a pedestrian-friendly main street and friendly neighbourhoods. Also, Verrado boasts of the best recreational amenities, such as golf courses and education opportunities.

A plus of this community is it has different home structures to cater to each family’s needs. Available housing options include lofts, single homes, and custom homes. The prices of the homes differ depending on the style and size.


If you are more inclined to modern living, this is the best community for you. Tartesso homes for sale also enjoy some remarkable community amenities, such as a huge neighbourhood park. The park has soccer and basketball fields. Other sports activities you can enjoy are; baseball, volleyball, and tennis. These features ensure that life is never dull for your family in Tartesso.

Convenient Highway Access

The growth of Buckeye also has improved infrastructure to support it. The city is strategically on Interstate 10. The highway connects California to New Mexico via Arizona and Phoenix.

This allows you to live in Buckeye and work in an adjacent city. You can also access highways in a short duration as the Interstate 10 and loop 303 are at least 15 minutes apart. Loop 303 connects cities like Yuma, Phoenix, and Tucson.

Using loop 303, you can access a safari park, Wildlife World Zoo, and several industrial parks in Glendale. Due to the easy commuting and fast transportation of goods, industrial development in Buckeye is always growing.

Great Buckeye Schools

As a parent, one crucial element is your children’s future. If you plan to move to Buckeye with your kids, they get assured of quality education. The city has schools for kids of all ages. They include a variety of elementary schools, high schools, and middle schools.

Furthermore, depending on your financial position, there are different schools to suit your budget. The education institutions available are private, public districts, and public charter schools.

Buckeye schools are ideal as the student-teacher ratio is 20:1. This is what leads to higher graduation rates. Top-rated schools on Buckeye include; Verrado Elementary, Tartesso Elementary, Buckeye Union High, and Verrado High.

These schools spread across the city. Your task, therefore, is to choose a school that is closest and is suitable for your child.

Lower Cost of Living

Besides affordable housing, the cost of living in Buckeye is 5% lower than the national average. The utility prices are 4% lower than the national average, while gas prices are 8% lower. The low cost of living is also evident in food and groceries, as the prices are 3% lower than the national average.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about shouldering hefty expenses if you have a huge family.

Access to Healthcare

The rapid growth of the small city also implies a rise in demand for healthcare services. Amazingly, Buckeye has this sector covered as it has various hospitals across the city. Furthermore, the city’s healthcare services costs are 2% lower than the national average.

As stated above, Buckeye is close to major cities. Thus, you can easily access nearby hospitals if you need superior medical services.

Job Opportunities and Recreational Sites

Buckeye is one of the best places to move to because of the many job opportunities. This is due to the city being home to several major employers, including Amazon and Walmart. Also, being a growing city means many job offers for residents. You, thus, can provide for your family.

Also, there are many fun things you can do in Buckeye. Buckeye Lake is one famous recreational site in the city, where you can enjoy fishing and boating. You can also enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the lake as it provides a beach area.

Fantastic Climate

Besides major developments and affordable cost of living, Buckeye has a climate that is hard to beat. This is because the city has mild winters and sunny skies. Buckeye is the best option whether you are looking for a vacation home or a residential one.

In addition, the growing city is close to the Grand Canyon, which will make your experience more interesting. With the great weather, there are many outdoor activities in Buckeye. With several premier courses, you’ll also enjoy golfing.

While enjoying the sport, you will enjoy the majestic views of the White Tank and Estrella Mountains. On sunny days, you can go biking and hiking in the spacious parks.

Low Crime Rate

When looking for a place to move to, the crime rate is a crucial aspect to factor in. The city is a safe zone and more so has a crime rate of 15 per 100 residents. These numbers mean Buckeye has the lowest crime rate in the Phoenix metro area. Thus, you can mingle with your neighbours and move around without fear.


Evidently, Buckeye is the best place to buy a home because it has a high liveability score. The city is affordable and has the best community amenities. Moreover, there are many housing options that will suit your family size.

Besides being close to major cities, it has the best infrastructure, making commuting faster and easier.