The Best Ways to Increase the Number of Likes on Your Instagram Posts

Do you want more likes on your Instagram posts? Lately social media services have been developing the tendency of hiding signs of approval from the audience – it all started because many people are paying too much attention to how many thumbs up this or that has gathered.

They start to chase the likes and forget about the quality of the content as it is, it leads to general degradation of social media and trends in it. This is why Instagram has been trying out the option where they hide the number of likes from people: everybody can choose whether they want their audience to see how many thumbs up they were able to gather, or not.

Mostly, people still prefer to keep their likes visible – somehow it adds to their reputation and their weight as bloggers or brands; and this is why the rush for likes is still present and quite active. For newcomers this is straight hell, as they do not have enough people to support their content and are being left out on gaining enough signs of approval.

But this is actually fixable, and you can easily change the situation for the best by using several tips and tricks that we are going to give you in this article.

  • First of all, you can try to gain more likes by using the right hashtags and locations that will help with showcasing your posts to more people. Users still search for many things by using hashtags, and if you collect them the right way and put them in the descriptions to your photos and videos, more viewers will be able to come and check out your content. We would recommend collecting tags starting from the broadest meaning that characterises your posts to the narrowest one – include locations and neighbouring interests to your tags and you’re going to see how more people will be noticing your posts from that moment and on.
  • The next helpful tool of attraction is a reel – yes, the format of short videos is now conquering the world and Instagram is not an exception. If you want more likes on your posts, you should be filming and posting reels – many people are noticing today that they are gaining way more thumbs up, comments and even followers because of the fact that they have started to post these short clips in their feed. The thing is that reels are being shown to people from all around the world because of some special algorithms that Instagram exploits to circulate those videos around. People are seeing them, and if they are interested enough, they are clicking on the icon that leads to the creator’s profile. Easy as that. And totally free!
  • If none of those methods are working the way you wanted them to, you should be switching for the paid tools: for example, you can definitely buy likes on Instagram and spare yourself lots of time and efforts that you were previously spending on trying to get more thumbs up. However, if you decide to do that, you need to keep in mind several very important points.

You just have to make sure that you are taking on real thumbs up. If those are going to come from fake pages and bots, you are risking ruining your reputation and make people suspect you of using paid services. Whilst there is nothing bad in that, many people still somehow have that stereotype that using development tools is bad and not fair.

To prevent uninformed people from bothering and asking questions, we would recommend checking the quality of the services shown: there are companies that give their clients a chance to buy real Instagram likes and you should strive to find them.

Plus, decent companies often give their clients nice bonuses: for example, packs of free likes to try the services out and other beneficial offers that help with reaching the aims that they have and saving some money in process. If you are interested in those, take your time to research, or, if you do not have the time, use the links that we have given you in this article – these will surely do the work.

Be slow and thoughtful with what you are doing with your page, and you are going to get all the positive changes coming at you in no time!


Increasing the number of likes on your Instagram posts requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses content quality, audience understanding, engagement tactics, and a data-driven mindset. By consistently delivering value, fostering engagement, and adapting to the ever-evolving Instagram landscape, you can effectively boost your likes and establish a strong online presence. Remember, patience is key, and results will come over time as you build meaningful connections with your audience.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Directly Affect The Media Industry

Many media companies from around the globe are anticipating the affect that artificial intelligence (AI) will have on the way they do business. The dynamic nature of technology trends demands its continuous evolution from publishing to a digital media company. Progress has been made in terms of content, as well as in terms of technology used to gather and publish information.

Artificial intelligence now possesses a larger pool of data to work with and automate so as to generate reports and other forms of content.

But How Will AI Affect Your Business?

Data Collection

Content in media is generated in all visible media formats. Relevant keywords, sentiments, and entities, along with topic classification is computed. Image classification is used for face detection or finding important parts of an image. All this data is then used to build a knowledge graph for ease of content search, recommendations, and relevant content syndication.

The second part of data collection is around collecting time series data on what content is consumed by the end user. This helps the algorithm match user interest with content meta data.

Insights Utilisation

The insights obtained from text mining allow for trends to be identified and leveraged in order to solidify a target audience and appeal to their interests. Historical analysis of trending content helps the editors focus on the topics they would want to write and distribute across social media. By serving relevant ads for a target audience, the ROI for the advertisers can be improved resulting in increased revenue for the publisher.

High performing advertising campaigns then become templates for future campaigns and low-performing ones can be analysed for their defects.

Customer Feedback

Algorithms can also help formulate responses to questions posed by customers. A direct outcome of this report would be the ability to weed out fake news that may be published by backlinking their sources and exposing their inaccuracies.

Smart artificial intelligence would be able to perform these semiotic analyses to determine accuracy.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence is reshaping the media industry in profound ways. From automating content creation and enhancing audience engagement to enabling data-driven decision-making, AI is a driving force of transformation. However, careful consideration of ethical implications and the need for human oversight are vital as the industry navigates this evolving landscape. As AI continues to evolve, media companies that embrace its potential while upholding journalistic integrity are poised to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.