How To Maintain Security in The Crypto World: Explained

In recent years, more people have begun to invest in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets such as NFTs. These digital assets are considered a high-return investment, but they remain to be largely unregulated and involve a lot of risks. Thus, you must take steps to protect yourself and your investments from potential losses. Anything from scams, hacking attempts, and other malicious activities can affect your finances at any time.

In a world driven by innovation and digital transformation, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a revolutionary force, changing the way we think about finance and investments. However, with this newfound financial freedom comes an array of security challenges.

Whether you are an experienced investor or someone who is just learning the ropes of crypto trading, it is vital to keep your crypto safe from these threats. Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain security in the crypto world:

Only Use Trusted and Legitimate Exchanges

Crypto users must only use reliable and legitimate exchanges to avoid fraudulent activities. Do your research on the exchange you want to use, read user reviews, and compare fees before making a final decision. Make sure that you are also aware of any potential hidden costs as these can sometimes be higher than advertised fees.

Falling victim to a fraudulent exchange can lead to serious financial losses so it is important to always be vigilant. Generally, exchanges that use a proof of work (PoW) mechanism are considered to be more secure than those that use a proof of stake (PoS) technique. This is because PoW requires more computing power and resources from the user and is therefore harder to hack.

Store Your Crypto in An Offline Cold Wallet

A cold wallet is an offline storage solution for digital assets. It offers the highest level of security since it is not connected to any network or internet service. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to gain access. It is also recommended to store the private keys of your wallet in a secure location. You can use an encrypted hard drive or USB stick to make sure that it stays safe from potential threats.

Monitor Your Account Regularly

As an investor, it is important to be aware of any changes in the value of your digital assets and track your account regularly. Track all transactions and look out for any suspicious activity that could indicate a potential hacking attempt or scam. It is also important to keep up to date with the latest news related to crypto trading. This can help you make informed decisions when investing in digital assets.

Use Strong Passwords and Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

When creating a new account on an exchange or other crypto service, make sure that you use a secure password and enable 2FA whenever possible. This will help protect your funds from potential hackers who might otherwise gain access to your account. Additionally, you should also keep your login details safe and never share them with anyone else.

It is important to use strong passwords for all accounts associated with your crypto assets. A password is the first line of defence for your account. Strong passwords are those that are complex and difficult to guess, a combination of several alphanumeric characters and symbols. It is also recommended to avoid using the same password across multiple accounts and to regularly change your passwords.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are not as secure as home networks because of the number of users who can access them. Thus, it is recommended to avoid accessing any accounts related to your crypto assets on these networks. Also, if you must use a public Wi-Fi connection, make sure to only access websites that are protected with encryption.

Don’t Store Large Sums in One Wallet

It is always a good practice to spread out your funds over different crypto wallets and exchanges. This will help minimise the risk of losing all your funds in case one wallet or exchange gets hacked or becomes inaccessible due to technical issues. Plus, it is easier to track and manage many wallets compared to a single large wallet.

You can also use multi-signature wallets. These wallets provide an extra layer of security since they require the approval of multiple users before any transaction can be made. This feature makes them ideal for enterprise-level accounts or other situations where finances are managed by multiple people.

Familiarise Yourself with The Best Security Practices

In addition to those listed above, it is essential to understand the basic concepts of crypto security. You should be familiar with the various methods of protecting your assets from potential attacks. This includes understanding how different types of wallets work, setting up two-factor authentication on all accounts, being mindful of phishing attempts, and keeping all software up to date.

For iPhone users, a good example of maximising technology for your security is by using guided access on your iPhone. Guided access locks the phone to a single app, so you can be sure that your wallet is always protected. Additionally, you should pay attention to the news related to crypto security. Always read new updates or changes to stay informed about potential threats.

Final Word

The importance of security for crypto assets cannot be overstated. Investors must take all necessary steps to protect their digital funds. Remember, no security measure is fool proof! The best way to protect yourself from threats is to stay informed about the latest trends in cyber security and crypto protection. By following these simple steps, you can make sure that your crypto assets remain secure.

Maintaining security in the crypto world is essential for safeguarding your investments and financial future. By following these crucial steps, you can navigate the crypto jungle with confidence, ensuring that your journey in this exciting landscape remains both secure and prosperous. Remember that vigilance and continuous learning are key to staying one step ahead of potential threats in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

Aspects of A Franchise Agreement – Part Two a Franchisee’s Obligations

The franchise agreement sets out the various obligations of a franchisee during the term of the franchise agreement. Such obligations include:

Payment of All Fees

Franchisees must ensure that all royalties, marketing fees and any other fees payable under the franchise agreement are paid in full and on time.

Operating the Business in Accordance with The Franchise Agreement

The franchisee must operate the business in accordance with the agreement and any further requirements of the franchisor including complying with the branding, customer information and reporting requirements.

Not to Prejudice Goodwill or Intellectual Property of The Franchisor

Intellectual Property is one of the biggest parts of a franchise system and franchisees are only permitted to use the intellectual property for the purpose of operating the franchised business. Some franchise agreements set out obligations for the franchise to advise the franchisor if it discovers a third party that may be infringing the intellectual property and assist the franchisor in any proceeding.

Marketing Obligations

The Franchisor will conduct marketing for the entire network. However, the franchisee must also conduct marketing within its territory in order to grow the business. The franchisee cannot rely on the franchisor marketing alone and marketing in its territory may also be a requirement under the annual business plan.

Compliance with Minimum Performance Criteria

Franchisors will set out minimum performance criteria in the agreement. These are targets for the franchisee to achieve in order to grow the business in the territory. Any minimum performance criteria should be feasible given the market circumstances. If the franchisee does not comply with these obligations, the franchisor will consult with the franchisee to set out a remedial plan. Any proposed minimum performance criteria should be discussed and agreed with the franchisor.

Acting in Good Faith Towards the Franchisor

This is one of the most important obligations of a franchisee. All franchisees must be open and honest with the franchisor. They must not do anything which they know will be a breach of a franchise agreement.

Comply with Post Termination Obligations

Certain clauses survive termination of an agreement. These clauses include the use of the franchisor’s intellectual property and confidential information as well as restraints regarding working in a similar business.

In conclusion franchisees must ensure that they comply with all of the terms of the agreement. Failure to comply with the obligations set out above may be grounds for a breach of the agreement, or, in the case of repeated breaches, termination of the Agreement.

If you would like further assistance regarding your franchise agreement, please contact Stewart Germann or Khushbu Sundarji at Stewart Germann Law Office.

The Essential Ingredients for a Viral App

The best achievement in iTunes and Google Play is a viral app. Customers are eager to spread this software via social networks, email, chat, and word-of-mouth on the Internet. Because word-of-mouth marketing is significantly more effective than any form of paid advertising, it is like rocket fuel and represents the best possible outcome for an app developer. People simply disregard the ubiquitous advertising clutter.

Ads are useless, and they are also too expensive for developers. However, since mankind began using rocks as tools, people have been exchanging stories. We were made to share content online.

However, gaining greater traction for your app than celebrity rumours require much more than simply adding Twitter and Facebook buttons. It necessitates developing a social interaction strategy for your software.

Viral: What Is It?

Interacting with people and encouraging them to participate are key components of virality. Viralness is not a marketing tactic that can be put into practise after launch. It must be planned out and included from the start of your software.

Your programme must satisfy these four tests in order to succeed:

  • It must possess something worthwhile to impart.
  • It must make it simple for users to join and share with others.
  • Users must be rewarded for sharing and given incentives to return.
  • The software must offer users additional value when they use it more frequently.

Your app must, first and foremost, include a gem—something worthwhile to share. It may be a five-mile run, a wonderful wine, a turn-based game, a piece of writing, a playlist, or an image. It needs to be transferable because it is your customer’s tiny source of pride.

Users get a pleasant fuzzy sensation when they share their tiny treasure, which keeps them coming back to the app. They will enjoy and receive more appreciation from the app as they use it more frequently. The value only increases as the app’s user base expands.

Asking yourself a few questions will help you determine whether your app contains any gems:

  • Does my app have a useful contribution to make?
  • Does it merit spreading?
  • How will users be compensated for sharing?
  • How come users would desire to share?
  • Why would they want to share with their friends?
  • How will my app encourage users to continue sharing over time?

Viral App Models

When a user develops something and publishes it, the traditional viral flow begins, which encourages friends to find the hidden treasure and download the app so they may participate:

Using this strategy, adding buttons so that users may share their works on Twitter, Facebook, email, and SMS is the most obvious way to promote social engagement in your app. For instance, the Faces app allows users to create amusing portraits of friends that can be sent via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Unfortunately, this strategy wastes a lot of potential because few users choose to share content, and even fewer of their friends actually view it, let alone click the link and download the app.

You must actively involve your audience if you want to go viral. For them to obtain greater value from your software, each time they use it, the experience should build on the one before. And that value ought to increase as the audience grows.

Think about Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. The first time someone uses one of these apps, nobody realises their true worth. However, you gain more from Twitter the more you put into it.

Strategy Principles

Before you come across something called the viral coefficient, you don’t need to delve too deeply into viral principles. According to him, exponential growth results from viral coefficients above 1 and little to no growth from viral coefficients below 1.

The time it takes a client to download the app, use it, and recommend it to their friends is a crucial component that is lacking from this method. The secret is to encourage people to send invitations to their friends as quickly as you can. How do you go about that?

Simply using their address book to spam their pals is a quick and dirty solution. However, this would go against your stated philosophy of treating your consumers with respect and would ultimately backfire. Try the five guidelines listed below as an alternative.


In conclusion, creating a viral app is a complex endeavour, but by incorporating these essential ingredients, you can significantly increase your chances of success. Remember that going viral is not solely about luck; it’s about offering genuine value, fostering user engagement, and employing strategic marketing tactics. Keep iterating, stay attuned to user feedback, and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape to increase your app’s chances of achieving viral status in today’s competitive app market.

How T-Shirt Marketing Can Grow Your Business

All scales and sizes of businesses worldwide should take advantage of diverse marketing strategies to grow their brand. After all, it’s the marketing’s job to make customers know your products and help them make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, some traditional and digital marketing methods can be pretty costly.

Trending and blogging, viral content. Portrait of cheerful brunette man with beard in white t-shirt smiling and holding big hashtag sign over head. indoor studio shot isolated on orange background

If cost is your concern, why don’t you try out t-shirt marketing? There’s a great website that you can learn from about custom t-shirt printing. While this marketing concept is no longer new, it has been tested and proven to generate great results for any business. Large companies that go back decades of history still continue to execute t-shirt marketing for good reasons.

Don’t miss out on the efficacy of t-shirt marketing. Find out the ways they can help in growing your business.

1. Effective Branding

New businesses start up every year. Due to the numerous brands that end-consumers face daily; it could be challenging for them to recall every brand. Therefore, companies have a hard time attracting their target audience’s attention. This is where t-shirt marketing comes in. Companies are using custom t-shirts to promote their products and grab the public’s attention.

Brand awareness and attention can be increased by putting brand information on custom t-shirts. You can include all your contact details on the shirts so people can easily contact your business. This approach to communicating brand messages is more informal and friendly. And people wearing your custom t-shirts anywhere and anytime will ensure brand exposure.

2. Cost-Effective Marketing

T-shirt marketing is an affordable way to promote your brand. It’s not surprising how other traditional advertising mediums and even digital marketing can be too pricey for small businesses. TV ads are priced too high, and there’s no even actual assurance of their efficacy.

T-shirt creation, production, printing, and distribution costs are minimal compared to the costs of expensive marketing methods. You’ll be offered with lower costs, especially when you can get great deals with a custom t-shirt printing company. There are many cost-effective options for using t-shirt marketing.

Your t-shirt design can be printed on-demand through print-on-demand sites. You can find bulk prices when you order large volumes. And if you use lesser colors in your design, it might lower the price even more. Simple designs will also be cheaper to print than complex designs.

3. T-Shirts Have High Demand

There is no better promotional item than a T-shirt that stands out as an exclusive piece of clothing. Promotional items never go out of style. And basically, everyone loves wearing t-shirts. They’re extremely useful, wearable, and timeless. Everyone can continue wearing them, especially if your t-shirt quality can last for years.

4. Increase In Brand Retention

Custom t-shirts also grow brand retention among users. Like brand awareness, they can easily recognise and retain your brand in their brains when they keep seeing the same shirts used by people everywhere. They will get to know about your brand and can even share it with their friends and colleagues.

5. Boost Customer Trust

Being trustworthy to your target customers is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your brand won’t be overshadowed by the competition as long as you establish trust with them. In doing so, you’ll also build brand loyalty and earn their patronage. No matter what products you launch, chances are these loyal customers will continue to support your business. When you use t-shirt marketing, you can boost your company’s and brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness.

The secret goes to the quality of your custom t-shirts. People will more likely perceive you as a legit and authorised company when your shirts are made with great grade quality. As for the prints of the company logo and design, you should also have them professionally printed by reputable vendors. The quality of your products will shape your customers’ perception of your business. And this applies both to the products you’re selling and the t-shirts you’re distributing as a marketing strategy.

6. Generate Buzz Among Users

The right t-shirt can be a great conversation starter, especially if the design piques their interest. Use a unique t-shirt design to generate buzz among your consumers. Your small business can also benefit from t-shirts in this way. One great idea is to use t-shirt marketing as a merchandise giveaway. You can hold competitions such as sharing your videos or content online and give candidates your branded shirts as rewards.

In doing so, you can hit two birds with one stone. Aside from increasing your social account followers, you also award them with branded shirts they can use and wear everywhere. Ensure that your target participants find your t-shirt appealing and attractive, so they’ll be more inclined to participate in your campaign.


Every business must apply the most effective but cost-practical marketing strategies. While there is a plethora of marketing gimmicks to use, the best and most unique way to promote a brand is through t-shirt marketing. Businesses can customise t-shirts to meet their needs and distribute them to customers for long-term brand exposure.

Advisory Excellence Performance Review

Advisory Excellence would like to give you an inside look at how our backend analytics are calculated and how we gather data to provide our visitors with the best experience, content, and recommendations. Any effective website must have good website performance because it is the first thing that all visitors encounter.

Google Analytics is a tool that collects data from your websites and apps in order to provide reports that provide business insights.

The image above reveals that our website was visited by 20,228 people through Google during the month of October.

If you frequently use the internet, you are familiar with slow websites. The effects range widely, from consumer delight to the company’s bottom line. Let’s discuss the speed standards that your website must meet and why doing so is crucial.

Website Speed

Speed is no exception to the rule that all website design decisions should promote a great UX. There is no set standard for how quickly a website must load.

The phrase "content performance" refers to marketers' efforts to quantify the impact of their content on their target audience.

The graphic above shows that during the month of October, 184.8K people interacted with our published material.

Getting visitors’ attention as soon as the page loads is one of the key objectives of website design. All of this, however, is meaningless if your website takes a long time to load initially; impatient consumers are very likely to abandon. According to research by Akamai Technologies, a page’s bounce rate more than doubles for every two extra seconds it takes to load, and 53% of mobile users will leave a page that takes more than three seconds to open.

Content SEO

The effectiveness of your website also influences where you appear in search results. Google has used page speed into their ranking algorithm since 2010. It made the similar announcement for mobile pages in 2018. This is one way the search engine recognises websites that offer better user experiences.

Data on advertising success might assist you in determining the "sweet spot" of exposure. This is the optimal number of impressions required for an ad to have the desired effect.

The graphic above shows that our published material reached 2.8 million individuals between 9 Sep and 7 Nov 2022.

Page speed still has the potential to affect your website’s position in search results, as well as traffic, conversions, and sales. For instance, if Google determines that your website and the website of a rival are equally relevant to a query, the quicker website may rank higher.

Ask our rivals to demonstrate theirs for you. The answers will surprise you.


Regular performance reviews are a potent tool that can catalyse the growth of your product or service. From harnessing data-driven insights and fostering innovation to enhancing customer satisfaction and employee engagement, the benefits are far-reaching. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement through these reviews, you position yourself to not only meet but exceed customer expectations while thriving in today’s competitive market landscape. Embrace the power of performance reviews and unlock the full potential of your product or service.

7 Ways To Boost Product Visibility And Sales

While you are in the mall or walking down the street surrounded by shoe and clothing stores, bakeries, pharmacies, and jewellery stores, you are showered with almost invisible lures that can easily make you spend your money. Colourful, flashing signs, scents of fruit, flowers, vanilla, and delicious food, sounds of birds, waves, or relaxing music; these are just some of the traps that are set right where you are, and that’s to spend more.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online business, boosting product visibility and driving sales has become a paramount goal for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. With the digital marketplace becoming increasingly competitive, it’s essential to employ effective strategies that not only enhance your product’s visibility but also lead to tangible sales growth. In this article, we’ll explore seven impactful and proven ways to achieve these goals.

Read what tricks are the best of the best to attract customers to their store, impress them with a product and, of course, improve their sales.

How Do Colours Affect the Higher Cost?

Each colour evokes a certain emotion, which is why a whole branch of psychology deals with this phenomenon. And sellers know this very well. It can be the colour of the product itself or sorting a group of products by colour because they have a stronger emotional impact on the consumer. Colours have different associations and encourage people to take action. A colour we can single out due to its enormous effects is the colour red, which is used for current discounts and sales because it encourages people to take action and spend more money. It’s similar to other warm colours such as yellow and orange, which is why SALE signs are often highlighted with these colours. In addition to that, blue instils confidence in consumers, and green creates a balance.

What Are Shelves For?

Although you might not know it, whenever you’re shopping, the first thing you notice on the shelves is what’s in the middle. But have you ever wondered if the products were placed there by accident? Shelf placement is a newer concept in retail, developed to take advantage of the human instinct of spotting products on shelves. Of course, you’ll have to acquire some retail shelves for this purpose and make sure almost every inch of the store not intended for walking is covered by some sort of product. There are shelves that sit at 90-degree angles and cover the “blind spots” of the store, or pegboard shelves, which are perfect to display smaller products at a larger number as they can hang from the shelf.

Of course, they know how to place the products on the shelves. At the top are smaller and local products, which will rarely be in your sight (unless you’re five feet tall), because that way they won’t threaten stronger competition. On the second and third shelves from the top, which is also popularly called the “bull’s-eye zone,” there are the best-selling products, which you will also notice first, while at the bottom there are products that can be tempting to children. No product is accidentally placed where you see it.

There is Also Something in the Arrangement of Products

How often have you gone to the market to buy bread and milk, which – what a surprise- is at the very end of the store, so you have to pass by all the other foods to get what you came for? It’s an old but still very current and effective trick. In this way, the customer will not only buy what he planned but also buy the products that caught his attention. In no time, there will be snacks, juices, and sweets in his basket, which has certainly happened to you at least once (remember standing in line at the cash register when you subtly grab a piece of gum or a bar of chocolate without even noticing it). Take advantage of this instinct and make sure to place the goods in your store in this order.

SALES and Discounts

And of course, one of the most common tricks is “discount/SALE”. Oh yeah, and we capitalised it too, because how can we resist that? The first thing we notice in the catalogues and at the entrance to the store are products marked with reduced prices. But how much cheaper are these goods? The human mind is stimulated by what catches the eye the most, and capital letters are known to be quite effective (because why would you pay more if you are already offered the opportunity to save?).


Your customers can become quite frustrated with the fact that they cannot find something and might even give up. Therefore, make sure to make it plain and visible and hang big signs with the names of categories hanging from the ceiling.

Place Smaller Products Near the Register

For small products, such as candies, chewing gum, and chocolate bars, in other words, impulse products, cash registers are the places where you have to place them. And it is not only important that one product is on the cash register, but it is also important where it is on the cash register. Leave the products near the cash register, as your customer’s impulse to buy fades away the minute he has to take a step forward or backward.


An increase in sales can also occur by exhibiting your products in the middle of the store or at the beginning of every store aisle. These are also called store islands. They are an effective way of drawing your customer’s attention without spending too much on marketing.

With these strategies, your sales should go up at least 200%, and you’ll see an increase in demand sooner than expected. Use human instinct to your advantage and make sure your products are within reach and visible.


In conclusion, the digital age has transformed the way businesses operate, emphasising the need for effective online marketing strategies. Optimising product listings, utilising visual content, implementing SEO tactics, harnessing the power of social media, investing in PPC advertising, offering enticing promotions, and leveraging customer reviews are all vital components of a successful visibility and sales enhancement strategy. By embracing these methods and staying attuned to industry developments, you’ll be better positioned to not only secure a spot on the first page of Google but also to thrive in the online marketplace.