Repeated success for ‘game- changing’ legal consultants

Multi-award winning TSF Consultants are thrilled to announce that they have been awarded yet again for their commitment to the legal industry ensuring that their Mental Capacity assessments are the very best in field.

Awarded with ‘Niche Legal Consultancy Firm of the Year (Mental Capacity Assessments)’ by ACQ5 Law Awards 2018, only serves to further galvanise TSF Consultants as being recognised leaders in the provision of mental capacity assessments.

Why TSF?

Established in 2011, TSF is built upon the holistic core values that every person has the right to achieve all they can mentally, physically, spiritually and culturally. Through values of empathy, compassion and empowerment TSF ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity and supported to achieve their optimum.

Founder, Tim Farmer has over 25 years’ experience of working with individuals with reduced capacity, is a multi-award-winning expert witness and best-selling author. He is the creator of the CMSL principle for setting the Threshold of Understanding when assessing mental capacity, a committed member of Baroness Finlay’s leadership team for the National Mental Capacity Forum and was a contributor to the 2017 Parliamentary Review. In conjunction with this notable win, Tim himself was also named as ACQ5’s UK Gamechanger of the Year 2018.

These values and high standards have seen TSF carry out hundreds of assessments each year across England and Wales and internationally for those clients with UK based assets. They are also the reason TSF is considered the UK’s leader in the field of mental capacity assessments.

As innovators TSF has established a number of unique processes that have enabled them to identify the threshold of understanding and associated question set for every decision they are asked to assess.

In addition, the South West based team have also established their own internal quality governance team whose sole purpose is to ensure assessments and outcomes are of the highest quality and will stand up to legal challenge, the team are passionate about providing the most robust reports in the industry.

How do they do it?

TSF Consultants have a network of expert assessors across the UK, all of whom are health or social care professionals, who are recognised by the Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian. As professionals in their field they adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensure they keep abreast of case law innovations and legislative guidance. All the team are dedicated to upholding the rights of the individual, ensuring clients remain at the centre of the process using our robust referral procedure, tailored communication methods and home visits.