Six Of The Best Ways To Reduce Downtime In Your Business

Downtime costs businesses billions of dollars every single year. So, if there is only one issue that you should look to combat over the coming months, this is the obvious solution.

The harsh reality is that you may not be able to eradicate downtime from your life. However, the six tips below will certainly minimise its frequency and impact.

Protect Machinery

Machinery breakages are one of the most common sources of downtime. Worse still, they can be a stop to all manufacturing productivity, including steps further down the chain. Protecting machinery with a thermal spray for coatings can help prolong the lifespan of your equipment. When combined with scheduled maintenance during out of office hours, downtime can be avoided. It’s great news for your team, as well as the business.

Get Back Up Power

Arguably the most frustrating source of downtime is when you lose power from the grid. While your company won’t be the only victim, this does little to ease the stress. You can prepare for this type of situation, though, simply by having backup power generators. They will instantly kick in when power is lost, allowing you to keep operating. It will help protect machinery and other assets too.

Prevent Accidents

Accidents can cause downtime as you will need to respond to the injuries and potentially close off the workspace. So, protecting your employees by creating a safe working environment is a business matter as well as a human responsibility. Prevention is the best form of protection, which is why you must check all potential hazards as well as safety equipment. Crucially, all employees should be trained to avoid accidents.


There are many reasons to use external services to aid business efficiency. However, one of the hidden benefits is that a problem with your workplace needn’t stop all activity. As well as outsourcing some of your duties, it may be worth allowing employees to work from home. If you are subsequently hit with downtime, the impact on your operations will be reduced. And it should be easier to restore normality.

Stop Attacks

Downtime can also be caused by attacks on the business. Whether it’s a data breach or an attack on the work premises, the fallout can be disastrous. Not least because it will take time to rectify the issues. So, having a dedicated cybersecurity system in place is essential. Preventing unauthorised access to workplaces is another key step. Otherwise, a single incident could cost you thousands in downtime.

Master Communication

Clear communication is the backbone of any successful business. Quick communication will prevent unnecessary delays while also allowing you to stay on top of situations. This results in quicker responses to a variety of incidents. Aside from minimising downtime, it will generally put your company in a far stronger position. When combined with the other steps above, you will notice immediate benefits and sustained results.

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