Rima Mrad Featured in List of Influential Women

Attorney Rima Mrad was recognised as one of The 50 Most Influential Women in the Middle Eastern Financial sector by a leading international finance publication.

Founded in 2001, this is a law firm that reflects the energy and ambition of the Middle East. The law firm is deeply rooted in the region, offering a competitive advantage to clients seeking advice that works in the real world and is truly in tune with the market.

Throughout its history, the law firm has demonstrated an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Its clients include a number of public and private sector companies, as well as local and international businesses from various industries.

The law firm regularly represents and collaborates with international law firms to deliver high-end legal services. Its relationships and contacts at key bodies, including regulators, mean it is able to do more than just advise; the law firm is able to go beyond the traditional law firm role to resolve commercial issues and make things happen for its clients.

The fact it has rights of audience in every country where it has an office means that the law firm can litigate all the way from the boardroom to the courtroom. The law firm has a truly multicultural team with an unrivalled depth of Arabic talent, including a high proportion of local advocates in each country where the law firm has offices.

Innovative legal minds, innate cultural understanding and local rights of audience before all courts: the law firm has the ambition, energy and talent to help your business succeed.

Its lawyers come from diverse backgrounds, with the majority dual-qualified in both regional and international jurisdictions and fluent in multiple languages including Arabic, English and French. The team is fully cognisant of regional and international legal developments and tailors its approach to specific industry sector needs.

Rima was singled out due to her expansive client list and her experience across real estate initial public offerings, insurance and investment banking mergers and acquisitions, as well as refinancing and private equity fundraising in the oil and energy sector.

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