Rachel Coleman

Rachel Coleman is one of the two founder members of ALM Translations. Bringing quality assurance and language skills to the business from the offset, her role has evolved to incorporate several keys areas of the business. Rachel’s understanding of the quality requirements required by end customers led the business to employ its first reviewer, which has now developed into the review team ALM Translations employs today. Rachel’s language skills have meant that she now actively blogs, tweets, reviews client legal documentation and writes content and documentation for our website.

Rachel’s extensive industry experience means that she has watched the translation industry evolve over 3 decades. However, Rachel will be the first to agree that despite technology advances, quality is one of the leaders of repeat business. Rachel also likes to organise team events to add a bit of fun to working at ALM.

Professional Skills:

Quality assurance, arbitration, marketing, legal know-how, and research. Final selection of translator teams for large quality driven projects. Content creation projects for high end customers.

What sets us apart from other translation companies?

Some agencies are highly tech-orientated, but are lacking in actual language skills. They focus on productivity and cost savings, but not quality – not ideal for the end customer.

Others are linguists and are not the most commercially aware, even though the language quality will usually be good.

ALM Translations bridges the gap between the two, with a mix of in-house linguists, some of the best translators in the industry and a high-tech IT department, offering customers the ultimate in translation and language solutions.

The result = happy customers, customer loyalty, trust and lots of repeat business.

We love what we do, but understand that for many of our clients, translation is a sales tool, a lead generator or a legal requirement and they’re not interested in all the stuff in between. We don’t always get a lot of praise for what we do, but that’s because we’re doing a great job!

Behind the scenes, we have a team of linguists, translation reviewers, talent recruiters, a technical team, a creative team and two highly skilled company directors, keeping it all going so the process of getting a translation done is simple. We make it look easy, but really, it isn’t!