Vladyslav Markelov

Vladyslav Markelov is our exclusively recommended Trade & Maritime Law expert in Ukraine on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Vladyslav directly using the contact details listed above.

If you are the Shipowner, Broker, Insurer, Assured or any other person or body involved into the Shipping World or somehow linked with it you know how important proper risk management or legal advice can be for you, especially when a time limit is the key factor. That is why we are here and we do know how to assist you and your clients.

Dealing with us you can firmly expect the following:

Key Benefits:

  • Tailor-made approach to each client and his requests/problems;
  • Own world-wide survey and legal consultants agency network;
  • Claims handling syndicated and regionalised to ensure close client relationship and increase in customer awareness;
  • Professionally qualified and experienced personnel;
  • Commercial, Competitive & Cost effective charges;
  • The swift and effective protection of your interests.

Our Key Services:

  • Investigation, assessment, negotiation & settlement of claims;
  • Pursuit of indemnity / recovery claims against your opponents;
  • Survey services;
  • Loss prevention;
  • Brokerage;
  • Legal support.

We are expending our business into the United States and starting to promote our services to United States customers.