Alan Nlawi Kileo

Alan Nlawi Kileo is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Tanzania on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Alan directly using the contact details listed above.

Alan has a passion for tax. After graduating from the University of Dar es Salaam in 2007, Alan joined PwC as an Associate Tax Consultant, a position that exposed him into a wide range of tax matters and saw him promoted to a Senior Tax Consultant in short period of time.

In pursuing his dream as Tax Consultant and Tax Litigant, Alan later joined Ako Law in 2011, a law firm affiliated with Clyde&Co. where he was involved in handling high-profile tax advisory and complex litigation matters in Banking, Mining, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Insurance to name but few.

With Ako Law, Alan rose from a Legal officer to a Legal Director and later to Managing Partner. Among other writings and presentations, Alan has also co-authored a book titled “Tax Dispute Resolution – Manual for Tax Practitioners”. When it comes to tax advisory, consultation and representation, Alan is unmatched and greatly acknowledged by local and multinational companies as well as his peers.

Firm Overview:

B &E Ako Law is a dynamic and evolving full-fledged law firm providing full range of legal services. We have a team of 20 young and ambitious lawyers who work round the clock not only to deliver but also add value because our clients matter. The young lawyers in the Firm have solid and sound experience in handling complex legal matters. We continue to benefit from the guidance and legacy of our late Chairman Dr. Kibuta Ongwamuhana.

With three offices in Tanzania – Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza and the dedicated youthful experienced team, we boast profound knowledge of the market and our areas of practice.

Cecilie Aasprong Dyrnes

Cecilie Aasprong Dyrnes is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Norway on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Cecilie directly using the contact details listed above.

Committed and curious with a strong focus on competence development. Also writes textbooks and tweets about VAT. Loves being out at sea and on mountain tops, both in summer and in winter.

Cecilie is a Tax and Law partner in Oslo. She is a lawyer with the right of audience to appear in front of the Norwegian Supreme Court and works with VAT. Cecilie began at EY in 2018 and has previously worked at other law firms and as a lawyer at the Norwegian Tax Administration and at Norwegian Customs.

Cecilie Dyrnes works comprehensively with VAT and has solid knowledge of many industries, including finance, real property, media, cross-border businesses, and the public sector. She is highly involved in technological development and the opportunities this provides with respect to fee and analysis reporting.

Firm Overview:

The EY Blockchain and TMT team has advised more than 50 Norwegian and international clients on how to scale blockchain, AI and gaming within a tax & legal framework. The team offers a “one stop solution”, including core blockchain tech solutions, token economy, Decentralized Finance and NFTs.

Clients include a global EL-car producer, gas terminal builder, real estate developer, social platform players, global mining companies, crypto exchanges, solar panels producers, digital payment operators, crypto fund managers, decentralised data storage, fashion industry, food producers, individuals reporting cryptocurrencies, etc. Work include taxation, VAT, compliance, law and regulatory issues, sustainability, government and EU grants, GDPR, IP-rights, Consumer Rights, Royalty, personal taxation, accounting and audit, valuation and Integrity Due Diligence.

The team work closely with the global EY Blockchain team which has more than 300 core blockchain developers, 14 Blockchain Hubs and has developed 9 blockchain platforms.

Yusuf Penezoğlu

Yusuf Penezoğlu is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Turkey on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Yusuf directly using the contact details listed above.

Yusuf has mainly focused his career on the field of tax law, and with his experience in this field of more than 20 years, he produces ingenious and result-oriented solutions to all kinds of tax problems of domestic and foreign companies that are in dominant positions in their own markets, with a tax lawyer perspective. Through his career journey, he gained extensive experience with the collaborations he established with international consultancy companies and assumed managerial and partnership positions in these companies for more than ten years.

In addition to tax law, he has carried out pioneering works in the fields of company restructuring, capital markets law, and real estate law. With the law firm he has founded, he offers his experiences to his clients under an independent roof and aims to add value to his clients, especially with his proactive approach.

Firm Overview:

Penezoğlu Law Firm is a specialist law firm providing tax and legal services:

  • Tax Controversy Services
  • Tax Inspection Management Services
  • International Tax Services
  • Restructuring Services (Tax Free Mergers / Spin Offs)
  • Real Estate Law
  • Company Law
  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Capital Markets and Banking Law

With its young and active population, dynamic free market economy as well as its economy’s strong performance over the  past decade and future growth potential, Turkey offers abundant business opportunities for global firms across diverse sectors.

Turkey has achieved a much better investment climate in recent years, as a result of effective economic and social policies, growth-friendly monetary and fiscal policies, the new Turkish commercial code, new incentive program, and a solid financial industry.

Advisory Excellence Appoints Yusuf Gokhan Penezoglu and Penezoglu Law Firm in Turkey (

Jan Christian Brewer Davila

Jan Christian Brewer is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Panama on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Jan directly using the contact listed above.

Has been part of MAB since 1998, became a partner in 2009. With 20+ years of legal experience, Jan offers counselling for the establishment of companies in Panama with an approach on strategic planning and complying with local regulations.

In the same way, he can guide your running business by optimising its operations so it complies and takes advantage of legal trends and applicable laws.

In 1998, Jan obtained the degree in Law and Political Science from Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua (Panama). He earned his degree as Specialist in Financial and Securities Law from Universidad Externado de Colombia, in Bogota, Colombia. While there, he also earned a Certification in Electronic Commerce in the same University. In 2009, Brewer graduated with honours as Specialist in Taxation from UNESCPA (Panama) and also completed with honours the Masters in Taxation.

He is a member of the National Attorneys Association and the International Bar Association, Brewer has an exclusive membership for  a network of professional firms in the legal, accounting and financial fields, including firms and professional individuals in more than 150 jurisdictions.

Besides his native Spanish language, Jan speaks English fluently.

Firm Overview:

We are a law firm with experience

Moreno & Arjona – Bureau (MAB) was founded in 1979 with the partnership of Cecilio Roberto Moreno Arosemena and Laurentino Arjona Ocaña, two renowned Panamanian attorneys with a clear legal and business vision. Thirty-Five years later, they have positioned the firm as one of the country’s leading law firms, currently integrated by its partners and a qualified team of associated attorneys and support team.

All MAB members share a common vision of being leaders in providing full and personalised legal services with the highest standards of quality, adding value to our clients and offering ongoing support from the legal standpoint.

Clifford John Frank

Clifford John Frank is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Clifford directly using the contact details listed above.

He has 40 years’ experience as a specialist in international and UK taxation, delivering customised solutions for high complexity client portfolios in the UK, USA and Europe. As a tax mediator and International arbitrator, he advises clients on the merits of arbitrating before ICSID and ICC, and on resolving cross-border tax conflicts via mediation.

Clifford also advises on capital raising, preparation of investment memorandum pre IPO, and on complex civil and corporate litigation arising from the Insolvency Act 1986.

Other fields of practice include property disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes, commercial contract claims, banking disputes, leasehold and landlord and tenant disputes, and Intellectual Property.

He has acted as a tax attorney before the First-tier Tribunal in a complex MITIC case, and is an accredited court, business disputes, workplace and family mediator.

When he’s not practising law, Clifford John Frank practises his golf strokes. He’s also interested in healthy eating, travelling, training, chess and politics.

Firm Overview:

Based in London’s Mayfair, LEXeFISCAL is a tax law firm that provides legal and fiscal solutions to individuals and enterprises in the UK, Europe, Belarus, America and Africa.

We practise the art and craft of tax. Thinking outside the box is our art, and expertise and experience is our craft. The combination of our art and craft enables us to provide tailored solutions to individuals and companies on domestic and international fiscal issues.

All of our clients are unique, and therefore require a personal approach to their specific enquiries. We see each of their concerns as challenges to make them compliant and enable them to prosper and preserve wealth for the next generation.

Mauricio Cisternas López

Mauricio Cisternas López is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Chile on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mauricio directly using the contact details listed above.

Lawyer from the University of the Andes, with postgraduate studies in Tax Law from the University of Santiago; Master in Tax Planning and Management from the University of Santiago (2004); Diploma in Real Estate Law from the University of the Andes (2011), and Continuing Education Program in Calgary University, Alberta, Canada (2007).

His professional experience has been cantered in the area of corporate tax consulting to national and foreign clients, preferentially in company reorganisations, merger and acquisition processes; legal reports in tax law; family asset management and/or inheritance; and, fiscal judicial and administrative defences. He has developed his career in diverse law firms and auditing and consulting companies.

Firm Overview:

A Chilean law firm created in the year 2000 with the purpose of dealing with the resolution of conflicts in business. It is formed by professionals specialised in negotiation, litigation and other areas related to business activity.

Our work is focused on the prevention and resolution of conflicts. To this purpose, we have prepared by carefully selecting the specialties, skills and experience of our professionals.