Al Mueller

Al Mueller has provided investment advice to institutions, individuals and families of significant wealth for more than 20 years. During his career at Morgan Stanley and UBS, Mr. Mueller had responsibility for evaluating and recommending investments in virtually every asset class. His clients relied on his ability to construct and manage portfolios to achieve their investment objectives. Mr. Mueller’s professional experience on Wall Street and personal experience as a major donor and board member have prepared him to provide Excellence in Giving clients with valuable insight into the effective use of their philanthropic capital. His proven service to philanthropic families, individuals and organizations at Excellence in Giving makes him one of the most respected and sought after thought leaders in philanthropy today.

Mr. Mueller, a native of California, is a graduate of the University of Arizona and holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. He and his wife Susan have three adult children. They appreciate the challenging golf, mountain views, and ski slopes that the Rocky Mountains provide.

Professional Advisors:

Excellence in Giving believes in the power of partnership. We work closely with attorneys and financial advisors to serve families with significant philanthropic activities. Our advice is coordinated and consistent with the client’s overall financial plan and objectives. Our Giving Game Plan™ coordinates with the strategy designed by professional advisors. As a fee-only service provider, we are free from conflicts of interest.

Excellence in Giving focuses exclusively on maximizing the returns for their clients’ philanthropic portfolio, not advising clients on the best giving vehicle or tax-related plan. Our only agenda is to increase the satisfaction and impact clients gain from their philanthropic activity. By adding Excellence in Giving to your firm’s portfolio of services, you can create a comprehensive, single-source solution for achieving your high-capacity clients’ financial and philanthropic goals. To learn how Excellence in Giving can best work with you to serve you and your clients, please contact us.

Firm Overview:

Excellence in Giving is a full-service philanthropic advisory firm designed to increase the joy of the high-capacity donor through a personalized process of discovery, evaluation, participation, and celebration.

Through the Excellence in Giving process philanthropists are able to give confidently and maximize the impact of their philanthropy. This model provides superior value for clients as the Excellence in Giving team partners with them to transform the burden of wealth into the joy of generosity.