Samih Salem El-Atrash

Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash was born in Benghazi city in 1953 and grew up in a family environment shaped by the profession of leading Libyan lawyer, Advocate Salem El-Atrash.

Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash graduated in 1977 from the Libyan University (Gharyounis) before undertaking his professional training with El-Atrash Law Firm in Benghazi.

Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash continued to practise law in the family firm until the promulgation of Law no.4/1982, when he enrolled in the People’s Advocacy under the umbrella of the Ministry of Justice, undertaking cases in the penal, civil, personal status and other fields.

After the promulgation of Law no.10/1990 amending Law no.4/1982 and reinstating the private and independent law profession, Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash resumed the operation of El-Atrash Law Office in Benghazi as an Appeal Court lawyer, before gaining the status of Supreme Court lawyer in 1990.

Throughout his career, Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash has achieved notable success in the penal sphere and is considered one of the leading Libyan lawyers. He is a well-known personality in his home city of Benghazi and has participated in several national and international conferences in Tunisia, Morocco and Luxemburg.

Firm Overview:

El-Atrash Law Office was founded in 1951, the year in which Libya took its place in the community of nations emerging as a unified state from the devastation of the Second World War, Italian colonisation and centuries of Turkish administration.

El-Atrash Law Office is proud to have served Libya from the birth of the modern nation to its position today as a key Arab, North African and Mediterranean state and it continues to put its principles, commitment and abilities at the service of the Libyan people by contributing to the legal and judicial development of the country.

Following in the tradition of loyal service embodied by the career of its founder, Advocate Salem Abd Al-Qadr Ahmed El-Atrash, our office is proud to have sustained its contribution to the Libyan nation for six decades and looks forward to welcoming the new generation of legal professionals from El-Atrash family who grew up with the guiding principle of struggle for justice and rights through law.

Our Offices in the capital city of Tripoli and Benghazi are supported by our overseas base in the Republic of Malta, a nation whose stand in recent decades as a loyal friend to the Libyan people as well as the larger Arab nation through its support for the rights of the Palestinian people encouraged our close professional and family ties with this friendly nation.

Our years of experience both in Libya and abroad ensure that our offices provide a high standard of work and service. We have experience in dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds from countries around the world in various areas of law.