Kaushal Kumar Sharma

Kaushal Kumar Sharma, the Architect of Indian Merger Review Format, is our exclusively recommended Merger Control Law expert in India on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact KK Sharma Law Offices (‘Firm’), a strategic consulting group, founded by Kaushal Kumar Sharma, directly using the contact details listed above.

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Mr. Sharma, better known as ‘The Father of Indian Competition Law’ is the very first Director General & Head of Antitrust & Combination Divisions, Competition Commission of India and a Commissioner of Income Tax, Government of India. This Firm specialises in Competition Law, Economic Laws, Environmental Laws, International Affairs, Regulatory Risk Management and Public Policy Advisory, worldwide, and is run through a network of international partners and affiliates.

The group brings together eminent names to create a multi-lateral consulting platform on Competition Law, Tax, Environment, Public Affairs and Policy.

Firm Overview:

The Firm believes that legal services essentially have to be in conjunction with socio-economic and political realities of nations. With this belief, it offers a team with a global vision specialising in Economic Laws, Tax, Environment, Enforcement & Investigations and Government Regulations & Public Policy while local in approach factoring ground realities. The strength of the Firm lies in its understanding of these realities in both developed and emerging economies.

Though handling wide spectrum of legal issues, the understanding of competition law and its evolution across different jurisdictions, gives the Firm an insight which is unparalleled. The solutions of the Firm are based on rigorous economic analysis, socio-political research and global regulatory best practices, making the competition law advisory of the Firm well rounded. The Firm sees itself as partner in its clients’ growth. The outcome driven custom solutions for the partner companies provide a competitive advantage.

The Firm offers the Client companies a one-stop solution to all their legal dilemmas with a well-informed, practical and effective guidance with complete litigation support and more so in all issues on Competition Law. The clientele of the Firm covers the top public and private sector enterprises including the Fortune 500 Companies.

In a brief period of time, the Firm has emerged as the ‘Antitrust Law Firm of the Last Resort in India’.