Arthur J. Chiu

Arthur Chiu is our exclusively recommended Legal Affairs expert in China on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Arthur directly using the contact details listed above.

Arthur is Cyan’s Project Partner and Senior Consultant (specialising in international and U.S. legal affairs) and has diverse international legal experience, including representing U.S./China based companies in comprehensive civil and business law matters, managing legal affairs, regulation and policy compliance, contract negotiations and drafting, equity and investment structure, project structure and financing, corporate structure and business development. Mr. Chiu’s core professional strengths include: Facilitating business projects, finance investments and other business transactions to successful conclusions; Well-versed at identifying legal issues, research, analysis and dispute resolution of legal and business issues; Adept at minimising and resolving potential legal risks for clients; and Focused on handling legal and business matters efficiently and effectively with strong organisational management and communication. Mr. Chiu is a native English speaker and also speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese.

Arthur was born, educated and practiced law in the U.S. He is a recipient of the Ray Kroc Academic and Leadership Scholarship and also the Enos Hook Scholarship in Law. He received a B.A. in Psychology, a B.A. in East Asian Philosophy and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kansas School of Law. Professional and legal experience in the U.S. and China include: Director of an NGO; judge clerkship in U.S. District Court; Attorney in a top-tier and also a boutique U.S. law firms; General Counsel and Assistant to the CEO of a U.S. energy company; Business Legal Senior Consultant (to U.S., China and other international companies); and teaches international legal courses at a top-tier China University Law School.

Arthur Chiu is an established and proven senior lawyer with international legal experience: He has a U.S. law license from the State of Kansas and Federal 10th Circuit Court. He is a member of or associated with various international legal organisations (e.g., American Bar Association, Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, Beijing Lawyers Association). He has received the Foreign Expert (law) Certification from the Beijing and Shandong Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs. He has given speeches and seminars to SOEs, companies, national conferences and legal organisations on various international business legal subject matters.