Anthony M. Shipman

Anthony Shipman is our exclusively recommended International Litigation expert in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Anthony directly using the contact details listed above.

Anthony is an entrepreneurial, international investigative attorney registered in both London as a barrister and New York, as a foreign legal consultant, and heads his own litigation practice.

Multi-jurisdictional Litigation

Combining rigour and tenacity, he specializes in complex multi-jurisdictional civil and human rights litigation, particularly in obtaining injunctive relief or restraining orders against sovereign assets pending the domestication of foreign or U.S. federal court judgments in Italy, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland and/or in offshore tax havens.

He has undertaken cases and/or negotiations against a series of governments designated as sponsor of terrorism in many jurisdictions, together with attorneys in European and Middle Eastern civil jurisdictions as well as in the United States.

Commercial Litigation against Sovereign States and Central Banks

He currently represents three U.S. families – Flatow, Eisenfeld and Duker – in a complex human rights European enforcement action against Iran in which he has blocked more than €1bn following domestication (exequatur) in the relevant jurisdictions. He was awarded the 2018 Finance Monthly Global Human Rights Lawyer Award.

He has represented several U.S. and European financial institutions in complex litigation including the Bank of New York v Central Bank of Iraq, in Italy, which was successfully settled. He has also represented corporations in ultimately successful recovery actions-negotiations against several emerging
markets governments.

White-collar Crime Defence

He has also represented a current Eastern European Interior Minister in complex litigation in Europe before his appointment, case-managing the defence to false accusations of fraud and murder, overturning an incarceration order based on an Interpol Red Notice in 12 days at the relevant Court of Appeal and subsequently the rejection of an extradition request.

Shipman, a fluent speaker of English, Italian, German and French, has been involved in several projects in difficult jurisdictions including Russia, several former Soviet Republics and Eastern European countries, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Colombia, Panama, Bermuda, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Firm Overview:

He is a founding partner in EMA International, an asset tracing and due diligence firm with small offices in London, Milan and associate offices in Washington D.C., Rome and Lisbon.

EMA is a project-based research group that specializes in asset tracing in Europe, the Middle East and offshore tax havens and in gathering admissible evidence and intelligence internationally in complex corporate, legal and financial matters.

EMA’s uncompromising aim is to place our clients in the dominant position of any negotiation or contested situation, by legal means.

EMA’s multilingual consultants are qualified in law, accounting, financial services, intelligence, investigation and business management.

Formed in 1992, EMA has its own offices in London and Milan and associate offices in Washington D.C., Rome and Lisbon.

Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma is the Founding Partner of Metis and Head of Dispute Resolution. He worked for STAR – News Corporation, in Legal & Communications, advising the Vice President of International Business Operations before qualification as a solicitor in commercial litigation. He is a Solicitor-Advocate being one of a minority of solicitors who are qualified with the same rights of audience as barristers in High Court proceedings.

Rajat worked for a number of regional and international law firms before founding Metis in 2009.

Rajat advises parties on complex disputes that arise when relationships breakdown across industrial, commercial, property and media sectors. His technically robust and aggressive style has earned him a unique reputation as the “go-to guy” for help when dispute resolution has snowballed or stalled, confidence has been lost, and results are needed. He is regularly instructed in preference to national or London ‘magic’ firms. In some cases, Rajat has been specifically brought in by companies to oversee dispute resolution currently being conducted on their behalf by city firms.

He is widely known being the lawyer regularly instructed by new clients after having first acted against them.

Firm Overview:

One of the fastest growing law firms in Yorkshire, based in the heart of Leeds. We provide robust commercial and strategic legal advice with practical relevance. We are proactive and committed to understanding your business and solving your legal problems. We pride ourselves on our relationships, specialist sector knowledge and flexibility.