Stephen Kitts

Stephen Kitts is the Managing Partner for Eversheds Sutherland in Asia. He is responsible for the offices in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Stephen also is a member of Eversheds Sutherland’s Global Board and its International Leadership team. Key to Stephen’s responsibilities is the development of the firm’s strategy in Asia with particular reference to client development and alignment with the global business.

Stephen has over 30 years of corporate finance expertise in providing advice to a diverse group of clients from entrepreneurs to financial institutions to international corporate. He has a particular specialism in international M&A transactions where he has successfully acted for clients on cross border acquisitions and disposals. Stephen uses his project management skills to ensure that his clients get the best deal done on the best terms – on time and on budget.

Stephen also focuses on private equity work acting for institutions on new investments, portfolio work and exits. He also has wide experience of acting for management teams as they work with private equity houses on new investment opportunities.

Recent deals include:

  • CKI on its bid to acquire London City Airport
  • Joy Global Inc, the NYSE list mining equipment manufacturer, in its US$1.1 billion acquisition of LeTourneau Technologies Inc
  • Rolls-Royce plc, the world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air, in its $160m joint venture with Temasek to establish Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems to carry out research and development into hi-tech fuel cell technology
  • Caudwell Group, the Phones4U mobile telephone retail and distribution business, in its £1.46 billion sale to Providence Equity Partners and Doughty Hanson
  • Management on £180m MBO of Wiggle funded by Bridgepoint Capital

Stephen is recognised as a leading corporate lawyer by Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. He is renowned for delivering pragmatic and commercial advice. Chambers describes him as “tenacious, good at solving problems and possesses tons of commercial nous” and “leads the team from the front”.

Paris M. Spanos

Paris M. Spanos was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 7 August 1963.

He graduated from the University Of East Anglia (LL.B) in 1987. He then obtained his Masters Degree (LL.M) in International Law at the University of Cambridge, England in 1988. He has been a member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 1989.

Paris M. Spanos was also a member of the Committee of the Cyprus Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Association (1991- 93). During the same period he also served as a Prosecutor in the Sports Tribunal of the Cyprus Football Association.

He was also member of the Sports Tribunal of the Cyprus Handball Association and of the Nicosia Amateurs Football Association (1992 – 95). Furthermore he served as Assistant. Gen. Secretary and Spokesman (1994 – 96) and as Vice President and Spokesman of APOEL Football Club, of Nicosia (1998 – 2000).

He was also at one period appointed by the Government as a member of the Committee of Loan Commissioners (1998-2001). He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors in EUROCYPRIA AIRLINES (2001 – 2003), Cyprus Airways (Duty-Free Shops) Ltd (2004 -2005), Cyprus Development Bank (2005 – 2008).

He is the legal Adviser of the Cyprus Olympic Committee since 1991.

Paris M. Spanos is also the Honorary Consul of the Sultanate of Oman in Cyprus since the 4th of March 2004. 

He specializes in the formation of companies and corporate law. During his professional career he dealt with many cases involving re-organization of companies, relocation of companies, mergers, acquisitions and various other complicated corporate matters.”  

Markos Spanos & Co:

We are a modern and progressive firm which nonetheless honours and respects the foundations and traditions of the legal profession.

Our firm’s philosophy is to constantly strive for excellence in our work, maintain the highest professional standards, treat our clients with the utmost respect and loyalty, communicate with them on a human and personal level and exercise maximum effort in assisting them to achieve their individual goals and objectives in a prompt and cost effective way.

We believe that our firm’s greatest asset lies in our human resources. All our lawyers have excellent academic qualifications. They keep up with the developments of the law in their chosen field of specialisation.

Their high standard of knowledge, technical capability, professional integrity and dedication to their work, make them extremely capable professionals who can successfully complete any work they undertake.

Edith N. Nordmann

Edith Nordmann is managing partner at ACG International. Prior to that she has worked for more than fifteen years as an attorney for international clients. In this interview we meet her.

Managing Partner at ACG International. What is your specialization?

I practice employment law as well as commercial and corporate law and litigation. I have built up fifteen years of expertise in cross-border business transactions. People often think that cross border business transactions only apply to transactions with business partners far away from home, but any transaction involving parties that are not located in the same country is a “cross-border” transaction. Therefore also transactions with countries nearby, such as Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom need utmost diligence and attention in order to avoid unexpected expensive mistakes.

I focus on long-term relationships with clients. Building and maintaining a relationship is important for best serving the interests of a client. In practice, I find that clients appreciate this and I feel very lucky to have been working for many of them for a long time. Particularly in Asian countries, earning the trust of your potential business partner comes before engaging in actual business.

It is important to realize that not only regulations are different in each country, there is often also a significant difference in mentality and expectations. For example, in France, everybody knows that a tenant cannot be removed from his house between October and April. Not even if the tenant does not pay his rent. As of April tenants may be evicted, which means that in France April and May is generally a busy time with a lot of evictions. Here in the Netherlands we do not know this principle, but in France, every child knows this figuratively speaking. If you consider to invest in residential property in France, this is important to know. Another example: in the Netherlands we love conviviality and a joke, even during business transactions. The German business partner however, is very serious in his approach and sees the jokes of the Dutch as rude and as a sign of not being serious about the transaction at hand. If you are not aware of this, closing your deal will be at serious danger. I once witnessed his looming situation and could luckily intervene on both sides on time.

ACG International positions itself as a modern and cost-effective law firm. How does ACG differ from the competitors?

The ‘billable hour’ in law is outdated and does no longer fit the client’s needs and expectations. The entrepreneur wants to know where he stands, including the budget for his legal costs.

The traditional lawyer sells time. A lawyer at a conventional big law firm must make 1600 billable hours per year. These are hours to be paid by clients. Large offices employ dozens of lawyers who all have to make sure that they reach the amount of billable hours according to the firm’s targets. At ACG we keep the fixed core small for a purpose. We look at the current needs of the client and look for the appropriate solution. We add specialists to the team where they are needed. Entrepreneurs are well aware that the complexity of regulations in international transactions is increasing. That’s why they want a trusted legal advisor who helps them avoid pitfalls and shows them the legal challenges without slowing down their business. ACG provides their clients with those trusted legal advisors. ACG does not employ dozens of lawyers who all have to turn their sales. Instead we provide tailor made solutions to fit the needs of the client. This means that our clients can concentrate on their core business while being assured that ACG’s specialists cover their legal challenges and pitfalls. In addition, we not only focus on specialization but also on complexity and costs. In some cases a super specialist – or even multiple – is needed and sometimes a cheap simple solution is enough or even preferable. We discuss these options with our clients. As we don’t have to sell the hours of dozens of lawyers, ACG can adapt quickly to deliver the perfect fit to the differing needs of our clients. We know all the specialists that we engage personally and know how they work, both nationally and internationally.

Do you notice that clients appreciate this approach? And how do you notice this?

They appreciate that for several reasons: budgets are considered in advance, so the invoice is never a surprise. In addition, they appreciate that they get a specialist for their problem and not someone who happens to work with us. We do however always remain the direct contact point for the convenience of our clients.

Why do other offices not use the same approach? Is this solely due to the earnings? Or is a culture change what is mostly necessary?

Both; All employees at a large law firm need to earn themselves back.

In addition, culture plays a major role. Until 2008 charging clients based on billable hours was normal in the legal profession. Because this was known to and accepted by most companies, there was no need for adjustment. However, nowadays companies are critically considering their expenses, including the costs of their lawyer. And they are absolutely right in doing so! In the past, companies sent anything that was somewhat legal to their lawyer. As of 2008, companies took care of their legal matters themselves as far as possible; due to the financial crisis it was important to take heed of costs. Since the financial crisis has lasted a considerable time, this changed approach has currently been adapted by many companies. Clients want to know upfront how much the legal service is going to cost. At ACG we give that clarity.

Apart from the clarity of costs, how do I know if ACG International’s work brings added value to my company?

A good (personal) match between the client and his legal service provider is very important. Therefore I hereby gladly invite entrepreneurs locally and abroad to present their challenges to us by means of a short (telephone) conversation without any obligation. This allows them to assess whether ACG International can offer what they are looking for. We can be reached on +31 20 800 64 00 or [email protected].

ACG International: A Full Service Law Firm

Attorney Consulting Group International (ACG International) is a full-service law firm focused on companies that are engaged in international trade and innovation. ACG International is based in Amsterdam, and active around the globe. ACG’s attorneys are known for being individual experts in their fields and for their ability to join forces across practice areas and borders, to get deals done and to find solutions that achieve the best results for our clients’ needs.

How we best serve your needs and get the results you want to achieve:

We believe that clients today are looking for a legal adviser who is quick, efficient, down to earth, proactive and cost-aware. We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients mitigate risks and navigate the pitfalls. We share our deep-seated local knowledge and (international) networks, a spirit of collaboration and the drive to exceed client expectations in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

Our clients work internationally, and so do we.

Our services:

  • Corporate Law and Business Structuring
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Contracts
  • International Private Law
  • Litigation

Our specialists also assist (you) in:

  • Cross-border business transactions, using our experience with different national mentalities involved and the exact wording in your contracts in order to avoid expensive misunderstanding and mistakes.
  • International clients in entering and penetrating the EU-market with a perfectly tailor-fitted legal structure.
  • Obtaining the right working papers when your company has been commissioned for work to be performed in Switzerland.
  • Litigating your case in the Dutch courts.
  • Last but not least we assist Dutch businesses on the Dutch market and abroad with a wide range of services.

Clarence Antony Nigel Hughes

Hughes, Fields & Stoby is one of the largest law firm in Guyana and was established in 1972 by founder Clarence Albert Fitzgerald Hughes.

We strive to provide our clients, local or international, corporate, or individual with the highest quality legal services available. We focus on the unique needs of each client.

The firm has been consistently ranked as #1 law firm in Guyana by Chambers and Partners Global.

Our clients are the driving force behind our long-term success!

Jean-Philippe Heim

During his postgraduate studies, Jean-Philippe Heim worked for just under a year at Findinter SA, where he had the opportunity to develop specific knowledge of accounting and auditing. After his admission to the Bar (brevet d’avocat), he spent six months working at the London law firm Addleshaw Goddard LLP, followed by two months at the New York law firm Moynahan & Minella LLP to perfect his mastery of the English language and get to know the foundations of Anglo-Saxon law. Subsequently, as part of an exchange programme with the law firm, he spent three months working in Tax and Legal Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers SA in Lausanne and Geneva. He has since continued to work closely with said company, with a particular focus on the appointment of Directors.


The T&CO Group is composed of a law firm in Switzerland (Lausanne and Geneva) and a law firm in the United States of America (Austin, Texas). Its advises businesses, public authorities and individuals  in the achievement of their national and international projects.


Because each client is different, T&CO offers a personalised service tailored to the situation and issues specific to each individual case.

T&CO believes in innovation, interaction and freedom. It fosters professionalism, an entrepreneurial mind-set, and team spirit.