Aryeh Reif

Aryeh Reif is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Israel on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Aryeh directly using the contact details listed above.

Tel Aviv, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, is marked by stark 1930s Bauhaus buildings, thousands of which are clustered in the White City architectural area.

Museums include Beit Hatfutsot, whose multimedia exhibits illustrate the history of Jewish communities worldwide.

The Eretz Israel Museum covers the country’s archaeology, folklore and crafts, and features an on-site excavation of 12th-century-B.C. ruins.

Firm Overview:

Reif & Reif is a boutique law firm that was established in 2000 by Adv. Aryeh Reif, who has practiced law for some 25 years.

Reif & Reif specialises in targeted areas of law. In those areas, we offer our clients the very highest quality of service and professionalism, as well as unparalleled response times.

Our staff is all bilingual, so you will also find it very easy to communicate with us and to review our legal drafts.

Reif & Reif is one of the fastest growing trademark practices in Israel. As well as all areas of trademark law, we also litigate for patent / design infringement, before all of the competent courts in Israel, including Israel’s Supreme Court.

Artika Prasad

Artika Prasad is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Fiji on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Artika directly using the contact details listed above.

Artika is a graduate of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and is experienced in all aspects of commercial law practice in Fiji. In January 2017 Artika accepted an invitation to become a partner of the firm and her particular areas of practice and expertise include Intellectual Property Law in the South Pacific region, Commercial Law, Property Law and Taxation. Artika is also the firm’s senior practitioner for all commercial property matters which she handles with skill, efficiency and an attention to detail and mentors other lawyers within the firm.

Artika is highly regarded internationally, and is particularly known for her thorough legal work, professional attitude and within the firm for her patience in mentoring others. Under her dedicated stewardship the firm’s intellectual property division known as the Pacific Islands IP Services has become a premier intellectual property service provider out of the Pacific region.

Artika Prasad’s professional career has had many highlights, in May 2011 Artika was selected by the United States Department of State under its International Leadership Program to attend training for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the United States. Artika gained knowledge of IP related issues faced today and new ways of protection of IP rights of owners which has assisted her in advising clients to obtained commercial advantages and protections through their IP.

Firm Overview:

We are an established law firm that provides a full range of commercial and litigation legal services to clients who are doing successful business in Fiji or the region.

Fiji presents unique and exciting opportunities for investors, commercial entities, donor bodies and individuals.

The secret to our firm’s success is identifying, employing and encouraging the right people to bind together to make a diverse and dynamic team with the relevant skill sets to provide the international standard services that our clients expect. For more information on our individual team members you can meet Our Lawyers by clicking on their profiles above.

As a firm we are committed to providing an excellent and professionally rewarding work environment that expressly aims to develop all our employees and provide them with every opportunity to develop in their chosen career. We have a modern approach to human resources that draws on proven development and leadership principles. To learn more about our firm’s HR policy, ethos and principles you can view our Office Policy Manual.

Roxana Romero de Gamero

Roxana Romero de Gamero is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in El Salvador on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Roxana directly using the contact details listed above.

Roxana is a Partner of the firm and part of Romero Pineda & Associates since 1990. She began her practice in the Intellectual Property division, managing brand portfolios for various clients.

As part of her graduate studies, Roxana has a LL.M. in International and Comparative Law, with an emphasis in International Intellectual Property Roxana was responsible for the creation of the firm’s Corporate and Banking departments. Today, these departments are run by a very professional team and have an important clientele.

Roxana has combined experience in corporate law, with an emphasis on specialised due diligence processes for foreign clients, corporate reorganisations and expert counsel on contractual issues and investment.

Her practice has taken her back to her intellectual property roots, and she is currently Co-leading Partner of the firm’s Intellectual Property department.

She is the founder of RPA & HER, a group of professional women who, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, provide legal advice and support to Salvadoran women entrepreneurs for the protection of their creations, their rights, and the compliance with their legal obligations for the proper operation of their businesses and other issues related to their operations.

She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Voces Vitales.

El Salvador:

El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is a country in Central America. It is bordered on the northeast by Honduras, on the northwest by Guatemala, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador’s capital and largest city is San Salvador.

Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales

Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Ecuador on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Rodrigo directly using the contact details listed above.

Ecuador is a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. In the Andean foothills at an elevation of 2,850m, Quito, the capital, is known for its largely intact Spanish colonial center, with decorated 16th- and 17th-century palaces and religious sites, like the ornate Compañía de Jesús Church.

With over 30 years of experience in intellectual property, Rodrigo is the head of our firm. His main practice is focused in all matters related to Intellectual Property and Corporate Practice. Rodrigo has represented many of the Global 500 companies in the prosecution of their patents and trademarks, as well as in the exploitation of their intellectual property rights through franchising, licensing, distribution agreements, or by incorporating local branches or acquiring companies.

Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales handles complex intellectual property litigation, and is often dealing with high profile cases. In Ecuador’s largest intellectual property case he was counsel for British American Tobacco against Philip Morris in the dispute for trademark Belmont. This case not only involved trademark issues such as the local ownership of the mark but also addressed issues such as free trade in the Andean Community, and required lobbying, legal reforms, and media.

Firm Overview:

In 1948, Dr. Vicente Bermeo Lañas founded “Law Offices of Dr. Vicente Bermeo” in Quito, Ecuador. The sole proprietorship consisted of two attorneys which established what would become one of the most important Intellectual Property practices in Ecuador. The firm was chosen by many international companies and law firms throughout the years. Nowadays, we are proud to represent a large number of them. Two years later, we formed a strategic alliance with “International Patents & Trademarks,” since its foundation, Mr. Manuel García Enriquez selected our Firm’s team as of counsels to assist him with the most complex cases.

In 1978, when Dr. Vicente was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court, Dr. Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales joined the practice. Six years later, upon his graduation as a Doctor in Law, the firm adopted the name “Bermeo & Bermeo.” The new partners were confident that this name would last through the upcoming generations. Rodrigo Bermeo R. brought a new approach to the firm, focusing on strengthening client relationships and building a new client base. The firm quickly became well known internationally and developed to be one of the leading intellectual property practices in Latin America.

Farah Namazie

Farah Namazie is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Singapore on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Farah directly using the contact details listed above.

Farah has worked in the field of Intellectual Property & Technology law since her call to the Singapore Bar in 1991. She left private practice to work as in house counsel for Apple Computer Inc. where she worked on a range of technology law issues, including complex software licensing and outsourcing projects. She returned to private practice and in 2001 founded Namazie & Co., where she has since been involved comprehensively in the practice of Intellectual Property & Technology law. She represents and works closely with many international clients to develop and maintain their IPR portfolios, with a particular focus on IP protection and IP transactional work.

A graduate of Oxford University, she obtained a Masters in Intellectual Property & Commercial law from the University of London, and qualified as a Barrister of Lincoln’s Inn before returning to Singapore to start a career in Intellectual Property law. Farah has published and lectured on IP & Technology law internationally. She is a member of Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), International Trademark Association (INTA), Association of Singapore Patent Attorneys (ASPA), European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) and the ASEAN IPA and is a registered Patent Agent in Singapore.

Firm Overview:

NAMAZIE & Co. is an Intellectual Property and Technology law firm. Founded in 2001, it serves clients who require specialised legal services and solutions to protect and commercialise their Intellectual Property assets in Asia.

The firm’s clientele includes a rich mix of multi-national corporations, local and foreign law firms, research institutions, technology start-ups, small and medium enterprises and individuals, both locally and internationally, across diverse industries.

NAMAZIE & Co. has earned an international reputation for providing “first-class service” and “excellent support to clients” on a range of legal issues in Intellectual Property and Technology law.

Abdelghani Benaired

Abdelghani Benaired is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Algeria on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Abdelghani directly using the contact details listed above.

Endorsed by Advisory Excellence

The law office of Abdelghani BENAIRED is located in Algeria. we operate in many areas of Algerian law. As a professional representative certified in industrial property, we take care of the trademark registration, patents, designs and domain names. We are also specialised in copyright law, family law and divorce, criminal law, commercial law and maritime law.

We followed much of our university studies in France. We have a Master 2 in intellectual property and new technology from the University Aix-Marseille III and a Master 2 in private law from the University of Perpignan.

Practice Areas:

Maître Abdelghani BENAIRED is an avocat (Algerian lawyer – attorney) at the Mostaganem Bar (Algeria), member of “Union Internationale des Avocats” et attorney certified in industrial property.

The Firm has a competence, experience and an activity mainly in:

  • Intellectual Property law (trademarks, patents, designs and copyright),
  • Family law (different types of divorce, alimony, inheritance),
  • Criminal law,
  • Company Law,
  • Administrative Law,
  • Commercial Law,
  • Banking and Finance,
  • Social law.

It also proceeds to the exequatur of the foreign legal decisions in Algeria. Our law firm is here to assist you in all matters while you are doing business in Algeria.