Raghav Malik

The Indian subcontinent or South Asia, extends from south of the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean. It consists of 7 countries, housing almost 17% of the world population. It is perhaps the most culturally diverse 4.4 million square kilometres land mass in the world. India, the largest country in the region, consists of 28 States divided on lingual basis. Hence, people of each state speak different languages, wear different clothes and eat different kinds of food. Add to this mix, countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives, which is a cultural conundrum waiting to be explored.

We at Lall & Sethi understand this cultural diversity and respect. We also respect the fact that our friends who may not be completely familiar with the region do not completely understand the legal and practical nuances of this diversity. We get the picture and bridge the gap, by constantly developing strategies relevant to the local situation and aligning it to clients’ needs.

We Hear You:

Lall & Sethi, as an organization of professionals, is passionately dedicated to the IP laws including trade-marks, copyrights, designs, patents, confidential information & trade secrets, entertainment and sports laws, information technology laws. We provide a complete range of services including filing and prosecution of applications, oppositions and cancellation proceedings, searching and watching services, renewals, licensing and registered users, franchising, IP audits and enforcement of rights through civil, criminal or administrative measures.

We ensure that our attorneys and staff are trained with best practices followed across the globe and understand and respect client needs. Training is also imparted on local practices of courts and IP offices in the region. Such training and knowledge has resulted in some of the path breaking decisions in the region, with intellectual property having taken birth on the desks of Lall & Sethi offices, be it decisions on well-known and famous marks, version recordings in music, unique region specific John Doe and Anton Pillar type search and seizure orders. All litigation including drafting and court appearances are handled by in-house experienced litigators.

We Give You The Edge:

We pride ourselves for having the best IT systems in the world. Our IP Management Software, developed in-house, ensures that timely responses are sent and deadlines are strictly adhered to. The docketing systems have minimal manual interface, virtually eliminating human errors. On other fronts, an assembly-line approach ensures that each task is undertaken by a member of staff who is thoroughly familiar with the task having undertaken it multiple times after being imparted top level training. On client reporting, it is possible for a client to monitor the work on real time basis by requesting password protected access to the database. The files are completely electronic and digital. An optional fixed fee schedule ensures that the cost benefits of repetitive services on bulk files and use of efficient systems is passed on to the client. The client has full knowledge of, and access to, the administrative staff, and often communicates with them on a first name basis.

The accounting is completely transparent internally and to the client, with each advise and its corresponding transaction recorded electronically. We have a policy of zero tolerance to bribery or graft at all levels.

MAATOUG Nour-Essaid

MAATOUG Nour-Essaid is our exclusively recommended IP Law expert in Tunisia. MAATOUG’s activities include: Trademarks, Designs and Patent Search licensed patent and trademark and drafting license agreement Search franchisors and franchisees on trademarks payment of annuities support action lawsuits.

Practice Overview:

Intellectual property law (commonly known as IP) governs the ownership and accessibility of ideas and inventions on tangible and intangible concepts. … There are many different ways to protect the ownership of ideas, products or concepts, but these usually come in the form of patents, trademarks or copyrights.

Nina Moshynska

Nina Moshynska is a Ukrainian patent and trademark attorney and a managing partner in Ukraine of Gorodissky & Partners.

Ms. Moshynska has an extensive practice, covering all aspects of IP rights protection, including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, copyrights and has a history of successful protection of clients’ rights in courts of law.

Nina Moshynska graduated from Kiev Polytechnic University and Central Institute of Intellectual Property (Moscow). While working as a deputy director of the Ukrainian Patent Office Research Centre from 1992 to 1995, she contributed to the establishment of the patent system and drafting of the legislative framework for the protection of IP rights in Ukraine.

Ms. Moshynska received training at the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and in 1994 she was a member of the Ukrainian government delegation which signed the Trademark Law Treaty in Geneva.

Nina Moshynska was certified and began her activity as a patent attorney in 1996. During this period, she established the Ukrainian Patent Attorney Association and became its first president.

Ms. Moshynska is a co-founder and a managing partner in Ukraine of Gorodissky & Partners.

Ms. Moshynska has many awards from the Ukrainian Patent Office. She contributed to numerous foreign specialised publications, with regard to the IP rights protection.

Ms. Moshynska is a co-founder, the first President and a member of the Ukrainian Patent Attorney Association, as well as a member of AIPPI, INTA, LESI and MARQUES.

Gorodissky and Partners Ukraine:

Gorodissky and Partners is one of the leading IP law firms in Ukraine.

According to the results of international surveys held annually by the British magazine «Managing Intellectual Property» among IP specialists from more than 100 countries around the world, Gorodissky and Partners Ukraine is recognized as one of the best firms in Ukraine in the field of intellectual property rights registration, as well as protection of IP  rights in courts and during pre-trial procedures.

Patent attorneys and lawyers of Gorodissky and Partners Ukraine provide a full range of services in the field of intellectual property, including: filing applications for titles of protection on industrial property objects, applying for copyright registration, conducting application paperwork, preparing drafts of license agreements and assignment agreements as well as filing them for registration in the patent office, keeping titles of protection in force, representing clients’ interests in prejudicial settlement of disputes, before courts and other competent authorities.

Advanced system of partnerships with foreign law firms, extensive experience and modern means of communication allow handling matters of national and international clients quickly and efficiently, both in Ukraine and in any other country in the world.

Patent attorneys and lawyers of Gorodissky and Partners are members of Ukrainian Association of Patent Attorneys, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), International Trademark Association (INTA), Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), and Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MARQUES).

Humphrey R. Schurman

Humphrey Schurman completed his studies at the Law Faculty of the University of Suriname in 1978. He started the Law firm Schurman, now Schurman Advocaten, in 1988. The next step was the start of Schurman Incasso (Collection Agency Schurman). The collection agency, although a separate company, is integrated in the office of Schurman Advocaten.

Schurman supports and advises several Surinamese and foreign companies in all legal, organizational and social matters. In 2005 he set up the Foundation for Advocacy of Intellectual Property in Suriname. Through this foundation, the intellectual property of individuals, companies and organizations is legally protected.

Schurman is permanently trying to apply new technology. In this age of communication it is almost self-evident, says Schurman, that the client who so wishes, can track and adjust his business over the Internet.

Except “boss” at Schurman Advocaten and Schurman Incasso (Collection Agency) and a busy lawyer, Humphrey Schurman is also active in Suriname’s social life. He is the Chief Commissioner of the Boy Scouts in Suriname and International Commissioner of Caribbean Scouting Movement. He is also Chairman of Stichting Projekten, an organization developing educational projects for children. Since many years he is Chairman of the Stichting Suriname Crematorium.

Humphrey Schurman is especially busy in the Surinamese business world. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation of St. Vincent Hospital and commissioner of a number of other companies.

He is also the founder and President Commissioner of Network Star Suriname (NSS), a media company based on the universally accepted Human Rights, including the right of free speech.

Sports is his hobby and not just in practice but also on the management side. He was 2x 4-year board member of the Suriname Olympic Committee.

Contact Us:

Schurman Advocaten gua­ran­tees pro­fes­sio­­nal ad­vice. Be­cause we most­ly com­mu­ni­cate over the inter­net, your ques­tions are ans­wered on the shor­test pos­sible no­tice.

Dr. María-José Bendaña

B.B.A., Universidad Centroamericana; Attorney at Law, Universidad de Nicaragua; Post-baccalaureate in the Legal Aspects of International Business, Georgetown University / INCAE.

Areas of practice. Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Regulatory Affairs, Litigation.

Firm Overview:

Even though the Bendaña family legal tradition goes back to the last decade of the 19th century, Bendaña & Bendaña has its origin in the incorporation in 1950 of our founder and Director, Dr. Julián Bendaña-Silva, to the Law Firm of Dr. Vicente Navas Arana, his friend, colleague and former University Professor. Dr. Julián Bendaña Silva had graduated in 1948 with a Doctorate in Law from Universidad Nacional de Nicaragua. Dr. Navas Arana (1900-1985) was one of the most prominent attorneys in Nicaragua.

At Bendaña & Bendaña our objective is to combine our experience and legal tradition with innovation. As a result, we aim to the efficient use of information technology, and our members keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of Law. Bendaña & Bendaña’s experience and tradition have been built up over 50 years of practice.

Our team of professionals is devoted to providing efficient and quality service to our clients, by protecting and defending their interests with fidelity and professional ethics.

The clients of the firm range from large international corporations from very diverse industries to small and medium size domestic businesses.

Aryeh Reif

Education: LL.B., Bar Ilan University, 1994.

Admitted to Bar: 1995.

Licence No. 17567.

Bilingual: English and Hebrew.

Practice Areas: IP and Commercial Law.

Firm Overview:

Reif & Reif is a boutique law firm that was established in 2000 by Adv. Aryeh Reif, who has practiced law for some 25 years.

Reif & Reif specializes in targeted areas of law (Intellectual Property and Commercial/Corporate Law). In those areas, we offer our clients the very highest quality of service and professionalism, as well as unparalleled response times.

Our staff is all bilingual, so you will also find it very easy to communicate with us and to review our legal drafts.

Reif & Reif is one of the fastest growing trademark practices in Israel. As well as all areas of trademark law, we also litigate for patent/design infringement, before all of the competent courts in Israel, including Israel’s Supreme Court.

We hope to have the opportunity of assisting you with your legal needs in Israel.