Roger Flaxman

Roger Flaxman is our exclusively recommended Insurance Services expert in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Roger directly using the contact details listed above.

With nearly 50 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Roger is the Chairman at Flaxman’s and is their principal consultant. Roger is a member of the Academy of Experts and ACII Chartered Insurance Practitioner. He has more than a decade’s experience serving as an expert witness in matters of insurance practice, broker’s duty of care and insurance market procedure and twenty years’ experience as an advocate in the resolution of disputed insurance claims.

“Insurance claims are not just about insurance. They are first and foremost about the business that is insured. Keeping a balance in mind between commercial objectives and legal niceties is a crucial aspect of our advocacy work.”

Over the years Flaxmans has continued to grow in meeting the demand for insurance claims advocacy and insurance dispute resolution. The company now consists of advisory commercial solicitor’s, specialist advocates, expert witness support teams and insurance professionals.

Firm Overview:

Flaxmans as a firm consists of insurance experts from varied backgrounds and insurance careers, many of whom also have a proven track record as experts to the courts.

We know the insurance industry and its markets exceptionally well, and if one of our team is not the right expert for your case we have at our fingertips an extensive network of insurance contacts we know where to find experts and we will try to help you find the right one.

We are able to field experts in the following areas and some more unusual classes of insurance:

  • Underwriting and broking of General insurances
  • Commercial Property
  • General (and specialist) Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Financial Lines
  • Professional Indemnity and D&O
  • Motor Private, Commercial and Fleet
  • Marine
  • Aviation

Flaxmans are the recognised #1 insurance dispute advocates in the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit their website

Elena Nakhratova

Elena Nakhratova is our exclusively recommended Insurance Services expert in Cyprus on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Elena directly using the contact details above.

Insurance experience of Elena Nakhratova started as of 2000 where she joined the team to amend Insurance law in Republic of Kazakhstan. Elena has been very visible in the insurance industry and has been a frequent speaker at various industries and business forums. As CEO of CIS Risk Consultant Company, Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers in Kazakhstan, she has also played a key role in arranging and coordinating agreements with neighbouring countries’ insurance companies as well as servicing various accounts in these territories and contributed to the development and growth of the CIS Risk Consultant Company.

She is MBA graduate and successfully pursuing her studies in CII London. During her activities she has created few insurance companies. She is CEO of the CIS RM Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus.

Our Management philosophy is based on the following five primary principals:

  • Encourage and adopt a positive attitude towards protecting the environment, especially the fauna, flora and natural beauty of Cyprus and its diverse cultures.
  • The use of experienced professionals who have the ability to train nationals and younger entrepreneurs to understand the wider definition of insurance business, combining western techniques and innovation with local knowledge and business practices for the benefit of our clients and partners.
  • The ability to tailor insurance and reinsurance products, including sophisticated financial tools to cater for the diverse requirements of our clients and partners.
  • To keep up-dated and current with changes in the credit rating of Insurance/Reinsurance Underwriters as determined by rating organisations such as Standard & Poor’s. We believe it is essential that only financially strong and resilient Insurers/Reinsurers such as Lloyd’s of London, Munich Re, Swiss Re and similar secure markets offer continuity of professional excellence and financial security for our clients and partners.
  • To respect the confidentiality of a clients/partners business at all times and only disclose to third parties that information, with the approval of the client, essential to protect the interests of the client/partner. “Integrity and Utmost Good Faith” is the motto of the insurance profession and CIS RM Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers LTD adhere strictly to this in all business relationships.