Carlos Perez-Mesa, Jr.

Carlos Perez-Mesa is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Hawaii on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Carlos directly using the contact details listed above.

Carlos has been an active trial attorney in New Jersey and Hawaii since 1986. In Hawaii, he has tried over 20 jury and bench trials to verdict in state and federal court and participated in over 300 arbitrations and meditations. Carlos has wide ranging experience practicing in both federal and state court handling a broad range of litigation, including products liability, construction law, employment discrimination, personal injury, the Americans with Disabilities Act, environmental law, automobile and slip and fall accidents, Title VII civil rights law and workers compensation law. Carlos also handles private arbitrations and mediations involving all types of civil actions, including auto cases, sexual harassment, age discrimination, wrongful discharge, racial discrimination, UM and UIM auto cases and AOAO disputes.

Upon graduation of law school, Carlos served as a law clerk to Judge Nicholas in Mandak, Passaic County, New Jersey.

Prior to joining the firm, Carlos focused on litigation concerning personal injury, employment discrimination, products liability and condominium law. He defended AIG™ and Farmers™ Insurance insureds involved in automobile and slip and fall accidents. Carlos worked seven years as a trial attorney for AIG™’s Staff Counsel’s office in Honolulu. He also has three successful published Hawaii Supreme Court opinions.

Firm Overview:

Serving Hawaii Since 1977

Clay Chapman Iwamura Pulice & Nervell is a versatile full service law firm of highly qualified and dedicated attorneys representing a diverse international, national and local clientele in different industries, who turn to us for a wide range of legal services and resources. Our clients include major public corporations, privately held and family businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging growth companies, investors, governments, public agencies and individuals.

Mahadevan Sekaran

Mahadevan Sekaran is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Malaysia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mahadevan directly using the contact details listed above.

Advisory Excellence Digital Certificate of Excellence

Mahadevan is a Partner in Conflict Resolution Department in Jayadeep, Hari & Jamil.

He specialises in Insurance and Takaful litigation, particularly in complex, high magnitude claims at trial and all appellate levels. He is emplaced on the panel of many General Insurance and Takaful Insurance companies. He is also appointed as lead counsel by clients, to assist their panel solicitors when they are faced with complicated legal matters or as the situation arises.

Additionally, he has numerous dismissals and reported cases to his credit. He is also actively involved in mediation process and is responsible for negotiating settlements on behalf of insurance companies with the claimants.

Firm Overview:

When we formed the partnership of Messrs Jayadeep Hari & Jamil in 1997, our single most important objective was to step away from the mould of the traditional law firm; too formal, too distant and too far removed from clients’ day-to-day commercial needs.

We realise that today’s clients want today’s practical and viable solutions, not yesterday’s academic positions.

Thus, with emphasis on creating custom made solutions and practical problem solving, we grew intimately with our clients and made their business, our business. We endeavoured to learn the ins and the outs of their industries and the environment in which they exist; and of what mattered most to them.

We set out to become our clients’ Preferred Legal Partner.

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Joost Peeters

Joost Peeters is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Belgium on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Joost directly using the contact details listed above.

Joost, co-founder and partner of STUDIO | LEGALE started his Law Studies at the University of Antwerp (UA) and graduated via the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) from the University of Rome (LUISS Guido Carli, Italy) prior to being called to the Bar of Antwerp in 2001.

He is specialised in Insurance Law, Company Law (legal assistance in various takeovers and share transfers), Business Law, (Commercial) Tenancy Law, Contract Law, and Traffic Law.

He is liquidator in bankruptcy proceedings and he assist companies that are in difficulties (mainly in cases governed by the Belgian Continuity of Enterprises Act). He was sworn in as Deputy Justice of the Peace in Antwerp and is also a Legal Assessor for the Belgian Architects’ Association and Administrator. Joost is holder of the Special Training Certificate for Belgian Criminal Cassation Proceedings.

He recently obtained the DPO (Data Protection Officer) Degree concerning the new GDPR at the esteemed DPI (Data Protection Institute).

Firm Overview:

STUDIO | LEGALE was founded in 2009 and is a young and dynamic law firm with a single objective: to assist you quickly and pragmatically in your legal affairs.

STUDIO | LEGALE asserts itself in being a LEGAL ONE STOP SHOP. As it is very rare that in one case only one legal domain is concerned, STUDIO | LEGALE has the broad spectrum of expertise to truly be a full service law firm.

Through the membership of various international networks, this is even the case in cross-border matters. The service and assistance of STUDIO | LEGALE in the area of debt collection goes from the first demand for payment to the enforcement of positive judgments.

STUDIO | LEGALE represents very diverse clients: private individuals, SMEs, real estate giants and multinationals. Our office also assists governments, autonomous municipal enterprises, water companies and investment firms.

STUDIO | LEGALE has extensive expertise in many legal areas. Last year alone, STUDIO | LEGALE successfully assisted in numerous M&A deals.

STUDIO | LEGALE furthermore is very experienced in insurance law. Not only is Joost Peeters the lawyer of various Belgian insurance companies, he also delivers advice and assists the insured in and out of court proceedings.

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Paul Wordley

Paul Wordley is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Paul directly using the contact details listed above.

Paul is one of the founding Partners of Wordley Partnership, having been a partner in a major international law firm where he was a member of the Management and Strategy Boards respectively.

Paul’s expertise is geared towards advisory, complex claims, dispute resolution and coverage issues in the international insurance and reinsurance markets, acting for policyholders, insurers, brokers, intermediaries, and reinsurers.

His particular areas of expertise are in the energy, mining, aviation, industrial risks, marine, construction, leisure and TMT sectors.

Paul has been involved in a number of high-profile international insurance and reinsurance claims in recent years and has also advised on a number of recent major energy, mining, covid and aviation claims. He also has significant mediation experience having represented clients in several successful multi-million-dollar mediations. Paul has also conducted numerous arbitrations before LMAA, ICC and LCIA.

He is currently advising a number of clients on expropriation claims as a result of the invasion of Ukraine and Russia sanctions.

He is recommended by expert legal directories as ‘exceptional’ and has become a thought leader in the natural resource’s insurance world.

Firm Overview:

Launched in early 2019, Wordley Partnership is a commercial law firm with particular expertise in all aspects of the dispute resolution, commercial problem solving and insurance / reinsurance / coverage.

The Partners have many years of experience working on some of the largest and most complex disputes across the globe whilst at an international firm based in the City of London. With proven track records they have consolidated that expertise into their own firm.

They are often instructed to advise boards and directors of companies on legal liability, asset recovery and preservation as well as advising on strategies to resolve disputes and limit liability, whether that be working in the background or openly in arbitrations and litigation. Their expertise extends to prosecuting claims where required and they have a strong track record of success.

In addition to disputes, the firm has significant non contentious capability.

For more information, please contact us.

Jesper Hjetting

Jesper Hjetting is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Jesper directly using the contact details listed above.

Jesper has been appointed Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Denmark in 2019. Jesper heads Lundgrens’ Insurance and Torts Team. For more than 25 years, Jesper has specialised in insurance and torts law and advised on contractual and regulatory issues, insurance claims, reassurance, and compliance. He also has vast experience with the establishment of insurance companies and the drafting of insurance terms and conditions, articles of association, business procedures, etc.

Jesper’s knowledge of pension return taxation is extensive, and he also advises on general business law. He is entitled to appear before the Supreme Court and has conducted a large number of cases before the courts and arbitration tribunals. He is a certified arbitrator and has been appointed as arbitrator in cases before the Danish Institute of Arbitration and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as well as ad hoc arbitration tribunals.

In 2019, Jesper Hjetting was named ‘Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Denmark’ by International Advisory Experts.

Firm Overview:

We take your business personally

The person with the most knowledge about you and your business is also the one best suited to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. Therefore, you will see the same advisor throughout your working relationship with Lundgrens.

Mohamed Ibrahim Adam

Mohamed Ibrahim Adam is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Sudan on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mohamed directly using the contact details listed above.

Mohamed admitted to bar in 1976. Education: LL.B University of Khartoum, 1974; Ph.D. University of Aberdeen 1992. Author of “The Perceived Problems in the Utilisation of Letters of Credits, A Comparative Study,” doctoral thesis. The law firm was founded in 1982 by Mohamed. Mohamed brings a varied and very successful background to his legal practice.

Prior to forming his own law firm, Mohamed served in the Sudan as a judge and legal counsel at the Attorney General Chambers. Mohamed worked as senior legal counsel at the Commercial Registrar General Office through which all applications for patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright and other intellectual property matters used to proceed to the stage of securing a grant, and hence registration. He also served as general counsel to a number of major domestic and multi-national companies in Saudi Arabia, including Alsalam Aircraft Company a joint venture between Boeing group and Saudi Airlines and other partners.

He served as legal counsel for ISCOSA, a subsidiary of SIMENS WESHINGHOUSE. He served as legal counsel for Al Baraka Dallah Group, one of the major banking and investment institutions and NIC, a joint stock company having international activities with about forty subsidiaries.

Mohamed also acted as consultant for leading Saudi law offices and is a member of the Sudanese Bar and the International Bar Association.

Firm Overview:

Dr. Adam & Associates LLP was founded with the mission of helping clients achieve their business goals. Given this philosophy in mind, we are dedicated to understanding our client’s objectives and finding the right approach to achieve those objectives.

Our goal is to provide high calibre counselling and representation that satisfies each client’s unique position. Counselling and representation that is efficient tailored to meet our client’s needs and designed to achieve the best possible results.

Counselling is viewed as a most important legal task by our firm. Our firm has extensive experience in providing opinions relating to all aspect of business and commercial law including intellectual property legal matters.

We strive to handle legal issues in a competent, diligent manner in compliance with universally accepted ethics and the highest standards of the law profession. We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our client’s cause, and ensure the requisite capability to provide him with an objective and independent advice, apt to achieve client’s objectives in business transactions and litigation, as expeditiously and economically as possible.

We prefer the role of a proactive partner in our client’s business and not just a reactive advisor. Our focus is the considerate support of our client’s overall business objectives. We strive to cultivate an effective client relationship based on trust. However, we always observe that the client must be kept well informed and involved in making the decisions that affect him.

To this end in the event that mediation, arbitration and alternative methods of resolving a dispute are feasible, the client will be advised against pursuing litigation.