Sofia Monge

Sofia Monge is our exclusively recommended Inheritance Law expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Sofia directly using the contact details listed above.

The usefulness of the practice of Advocacy and the added value of legal services lies in the prompt response, in the anticipation of problems, in the prevention of risks, in the usefulness of advice, in the minimisation of damages, in the proactiveness of the advice, in the quality of the sponsorship and in the effectiveness of the defence.

The work or activity of a Lawyer or a Lawyer is also a difficult and complex task, not only legal, but of vision, strategy and management, always rich, innovative, attractive, unique and unrepeatable, because it generates more significant capital gains or minimisation of non-negligible risks.

Principles & Values:

The legal profession is a profession of social interest. It is an indispensable and highly personal activity and the lawyer’s intervention goes beyond defending of personal interests, but equally he cannot possibly disregard them.

There is a demand for a special relationship between a lawyer and his client, that relationship is one of confidentiality, trust, comfort and proximity. This is the ultimate reason for the existence of this noble profession.

The lawyer is an independent professional. He uses the enacted legislation and the law as his tools of trade in order to achieve his clients’ legitimate and fair claims. Regardless of the difficulty of the case and obstacles and the costs involved in study and research and preparation and complete monitoring of the proceedings.

We do not compromise and we never give up.

Advisory Excellence Appoints Sofia Monge and Carlos Pinto de Abreu e Associados in Portugal (

Ruth Dayan Wolfner

Ruth Dayan Wolfner is our exclusively recommended Inheritance Law expert in Israel on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ruth directly using the contact details above.

Ruth Dayan Law Firm is one of Israel’s leading firms specialising in family law. Our practice includes managing procedures and legal representation in cases of divorce, wills, and inheritances, and various aspects of family law as well as mediation. The firm was established in 1998 by Ruth Dayan Wolfner and has grown rapidly due to the sensitive approach, comprehensive understanding of the complex aspects of all areas of family law and effective results achieved in the various courts or through mediation. We offer the highest standard of legal representation in divorce cases, contesting wills, challenging inheritance, providing legal documents of all kinds, mediating, drawing up legal agreements, taking statements and investigating witnesses.

Firm Overview:

The law firm specialises in all aspects of family law and has expertise in managing procedures in the Family Matters Courts including:

  • Division of Property: This specialisation includes an equitable balance of resources, liquidating partnerships in assets and family companies, protecting rights and locating concealed assets.
  • Support Claims: The firm has extensive experience in claims for alimony and support for women and children, including claims for decreasing or increasing payments, verifying amounts of salary and income, and standard of living.
  • Child Custody: The Firm handles custody arrangements including claims for joint custody, changes in custody arrangements, protecting the rights of children regarding their relations to both parents and the extended family, and claims relating to abduction of children.
  • Abduction of Children: The firm handles legal procedures, as dictated by The Hague Convention, concerning the abduction of children to and from Israel.
  • Rabbinical Courts: The Firm is highly experienced in appearing before the Rabbinical Courts including an understanding of relevant Hebrew Law and matters related to receiving a Jewish divorce (“get”), obtaining alimony and child support payments, and the division of property according to Jewish Law (“Halacha”).
  • Drawing up Financial and Divorce Agreements including Mediation: Until reaching an agreement that is acceptable for both parties, the firm has special expertise in carrying out short and effective mediation procedures.
  • Wills and Inheritances: The firm’s expertise includes drawing up wills, contesting wills, drawing up requests for inheritance court orders, and submitting claims on various issues relating to bequests, acting as executors of inheritances and other issues concerning this field.
  • Common Law Marriage: Claims and protecting legal rights of cohabiting couples. These claims include property claims, inheritance rights, support payments, and recognition by various institutions and organisations.

Sabrina Waser-Mäder

Sabrina Waser-Mäder is our exclusively recommended Inheritance Law expert in Switzerland on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Sabrina directly using the contact details above.

We have advised notable clients for years – also in international cases.

Streichenberg is a team of committed lawyers, each with their own special field. Our lawyers are among the best in their field.

We usually work in a direct relationship with our clients and are not dependent upon big law firms. By doing this we know your needs precisely and are able to provide tailor-made solutions: efficiently, without communication errors and for a wide range of matters.

We operate in Switzerland and abroad. We maintain long-standing personal contacts so that we can provide a worldwide network, even without being a member of international law firms.

Firm Overview:

Streichenberg has been dedicated to assisting companies and private individuals in Switzerland and internationally in legal matters since 1997. We have proven experience, especially in the field of commercial law. Due to our lawyers’ specialised nature, our clients benefit from first-class legal expertise, and achieve decisive advantages through our in-depth industry knowledge. We work as an exceptionally well coordinated team, always straightforward, reliable and solution-oriented, and are committed to your concerns.

Streichenberg unterstützt Valora in der Übernahme von 39 Tankstellenshops von Moveri | Streichenberg